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  1. What is true..it is one's own self,one's own character,it is taking responsibility for Everything one does,or do Not do..it is a myriad of factors..but it should Never involve an imaginary friend who will take the blame,or the onus of forgiving you..for what You have done. To try and find peace in some religion or cult is a cop-out,imo. Religions have been put in place as a tool of diversion,division and control.The human race would have been so much less divided,had they not bought into the scheme.It is a sad and despairing thing to see.
  2. Let's ask Kate Steinle what she thinks of this..oh wait we Can't..
  3. Hii i'm back

    I know. I remember as a child,around5/6 yo my dream was to be American,especially to live in Louisiana,in the swamps. Now one does not want to be Anywhere else in the world. This is what my clairvoyant husband meant all the years when he said: "Mr Apocalypse is coming" Well it does not mean the end of the world. That would be Armageddon. Apocalypse means "Unveiling" And look how things are being exposed lately. Doesn't mean Armageddon is off the table,au contraire. But he is here now, Mr. Apocalypse.And he is guiding the unveiling of many deep hidden secrets,if people will pay attention.
  4. Hii i'm back

    Hiiii Cinns:-)! ya you know i have not been paying close attention to local developments-that is the husband's chore. My chore is to keep an eye on global/American developments. Cuz i said to the hubby back in the day: "If i have to watch this f**kin freakshow,i shall have to be as high as a kite 24/7'"which is..i guess counterproductive as a parent who homeshools:-))))
  5. Hii i'm back

    My apologies to UKShep and Cinnamon,i did get your emails,but i have been really busy. With that i mean really busy homeschooling my son,cooking,sorting out my animals,doing art,helping my friends on other sites with their groups,and refraining from murdering my best friend's husband. Hope to contribute again,but seeing i'm South African,and the current topic on every imaginable (and unimaginable) site is Trump,idk..i'll see i guess. Anyway,here's a good thing,no matter which side of the political spectrum one's on; Life is about Love, good friends,Family,Great Danes,Rottweilers and Cats,good food and Zydeco:
  6. Well hurricane/cyclone Dineo brought some nice rain to my garden,here down in Africa.Although it totally f**ked up the city of Inhambane,where it made landfall,in the neighbouring country Mozambique. Never heard of storm Lucifer. I obsessively avoid religions,so maybe that would explain. Either way,stay dry homies.
  7. Makes me SICK..think of the more worthy recipients who had to die..oh well:-)) Can't stave it off indefinitely Davy boy..only wish i could be a fly on the wall:-)
  8. 9/11 is coming in 3 days

    Howzit Cin,seeing this post gave me quite the chill,because 3 days ago i dreamt of a 9/11 type event. Now i realise 9/11 has become part of the mind of the collective human consciousness currently alive on this planet - BUT it is something i just about Never consciously think of. Because here in Africa we have different concerns and i have on my mind only my family,my art,my duties for my friend's online groups which i admin for them,my 2 wonderful Rottweiler puppies both died of Parvo-virus recently,we are beyond heartbroken-and some of my cats are pregnant,my daughter moved back home+started a new job in the town,ima have to start looking out for the poisonous snakes which enters our house from now ,Summer's beginning, and for the next 6 months,etc I have my plate Stacked,ya know? But yet i had this unforgettable and distinct dream of a 9/11 type event,and i see even now in front of me the cityscape where it will happen. Tell me,what city in America could be symbolic of "The Great Key"? because some years ago i had an unforgettable,extremely haunting dream of a statue,a gargantuan statue shaped like a key,falling after an attack,the sky greyish-brown with ash and dust,over a huge area,and a plane flying in the distance over some hills.I wondered in the dream if the plane had something to do with the immense destruction- it was like nuclear winter.Ash falling,and falling in the brown grey sky..it was apocalyptic.
  9. Jesus..i had 6 Heinekens before i logged on..THAT'LL teach me
  10. See ya in a FEMA camp!

    Flu,even? just normal flu? because for instance my daughter had about 2 years ago,a godawful Swine flu,sick unto death, but she recovered within days,she got some Tamiflu from our GP - and that took care of that.I am blessed to be in South Africa where there are no camps,FEMA or otherwise,but sometimes when these matters come up,i worry about my American friends..idk how else to say this..from the other side of the world,and having watched America since i was a wee kiddie (i was a nerdy "clever kid" who started on the adult library around 9/10yo,with my adoptive mother's permission) i can see the noose tightening. My apologies but the well-worn cliche of the frog in the pot does come to mind,like,All the time these days. And the fact of the division between ethnicities and the rise of the SJW and the PC paradigm..idk but i would advise who had the financial means to leave America. I see only worse days in your future. Ok i am not exactly Nostradamus,but from the dreams i've been having,for the past 3 years,i forsee another 9/11 but worse this time. Anyway i realise most people cannot just pack up and leave,so i have the continuous hope that my dreams are just that,Dreams,and nothing more.
  11. Because we have to do Something,idk how and what,but we gotta do Something guys..
  12. All i can think of is the fairly mighty AVAAZ organisation,and GoFundMe type set-ups,because if we normal poor citizens of the world do not look out for the stricken Venezuelans,no one else will,not the Yuppies,the Hipsters,and sure as shit not the wealthy..so if we can up with some ideas,maybe we can make a plan? I am in South Africa,and piss-poor myself,but at least we always have enough food-i just don't have access to Paypal-i want to help but i have no idea How to?
  13. If that was my child i would either be dead now,along with the offending thug,and i don't care What cockamamie guvment dept he worked for.Or i'd be incarcerated for murder. Beyond words,idk even what to say except i would have killed the m-fer. With my teeth and bare hands.
  14. New Superbug in North America

    They may as well try colloidal silver. If nothing else is working,i cannot see how it can hurt. It's not like they have many options.The stuffs amazing,well from what i've seen. My son had this horrible huge gash,his whole knee was just about ripped open from climbing over a fence-i doused and baptized his long,ugly ragged wound in silver,wondering if he should not get stitches-next day it was well on it's way to healing,and about 4 days later it looked like an ooold wound from years ago,the scar was thin and small,like a scar from many years ago. I was worried he would have a horrid scar,but now one can hardly see it was there.So ya,may as well. Edit to add,it can be taken orally as well,one can drink it. And it can most likely be put in an intravenous drip.Might turn you slightly blue by the time you're well again,but better blue and alive than beige/brown and dead,i reckon.
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