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  1. Makes me SICK..think of the more worthy recipients who had to die..oh well:-)) Can't stave it off indefinitely Davy boy..only wish i could be a fly on the wall:-)
  2. Howzit Cin,seeing this post gave me quite the chill,because 3 days ago i dreamt of a 9/11 type event. Now i realise 9/11 has become part of the mind of the collective human consciousness currently alive on this planet - BUT it is something i just about Never consciously think of. Because here in Africa we have different concerns and i have on my mind only my family,my art,my duties for my friend's online groups which i admin for them,my 2 wonderful Rottweiler puppies both died of Parvo-virus recently,we are beyond heartbroken-and some of my cats are pregnant,my daughter moved back home+started a new job in the town,ima have to start looking out for the poisonous snakes which enters our house from now ,Summer's beginning, and for the next 6 months,etc I have my plate Stacked,ya know? But yet i had this unforgettable and distinct dream of a 9/11 type event,and i see even now in front of me the cityscape where it will happen. Tell me,what city in America could be symbolic of "The Great Key"? because some years ago i had an unforgettable,extremely haunting dream of a statue,a gargantuan statue shaped like a key,falling after an attack,the sky greyish-brown with ash and dust,over a huge area,and a plane flying in the distance over some hills.I wondered in the dream if the plane had something to do with the immense destruction- it was like nuclear winter.Ash falling,and falling in the brown grey sky..it was apocalyptic.
  3. Jesus..i had 6 Heinekens before i logged on..THAT'LL teach me
  4. Flu,even? just normal flu? because for instance my daughter had about 2 years ago,a godawful Swine flu,sick unto death, but she recovered within days,she got some Tamiflu from our GP - and that took care of that.I am blessed to be in South Africa where there are no camps,FEMA or otherwise,but sometimes when these matters come up,i worry about my American friends..idk how else to say this..from the other side of the world,and having watched America since i was a wee kiddie (i was a nerdy "clever kid" who started on the adult library around 9/10yo,with my adoptive mother's permission) i can see the noose tightening. My apologies but the well-worn cliche of the frog in the pot does come to mind,like,All the time these days. And the fact of the division between ethnicities and the rise of the SJW and the PC paradigm..idk but i would advise who had the financial means to leave America. I see only worse days in your future. Ok i am not exactly Nostradamus,but from the dreams i've been having,for the past 3 years,i forsee another 9/11 but worse this time. Anyway i realise most people cannot just pack up and leave,so i have the continuous hope that my dreams are just that,Dreams,and nothing more.
  5. Because we have to do Something,idk how and what,but we gotta do Something guys..
  6. All i can think of is the fairly mighty AVAAZ organisation,and GoFundMe type set-ups,because if we normal poor citizens of the world do not look out for the stricken Venezuelans,no one else will,not the Yuppies,the Hipsters,and sure as shit not the wealthy..so if we can up with some ideas,maybe we can make a plan? I am in South Africa,and piss-poor myself,but at least we always have enough food-i just don't have access to Paypal-i want to help but i have no idea How to?
  7. If that was my child i would either be dead now,along with the offending thug,and i don't care What cockamamie guvment dept he worked for.Or i'd be incarcerated for murder. Beyond words,idk even what to say except i would have killed the m-fer. With my teeth and bare hands.
  8. They may as well try colloidal silver. If nothing else is working,i cannot see how it can hurt. It's not like they have many options.The stuffs amazing,well from what i've seen. My son had this horrible huge gash,his whole knee was just about ripped open from climbing over a fence-i doused and baptized his long,ugly ragged wound in silver,wondering if he should not get stitches-next day it was well on it's way to healing,and about 4 days later it looked like an ooold wound from years ago,the scar was thin and small,like a scar from many years ago. I was worried he would have a horrid scar,but now one can hardly see it was there.So ya,may as well. Edit to add,it can be taken orally as well,one can drink it. And it can most likely be put in an intravenous drip.Might turn you slightly blue by the time you're well again,but better blue and alive than beige/brown and dead,i reckon.
  9. Thanks for posting,but i'm well aware that every keystroke is logged-my attitude is f*** 'em. I know a lot of folks have the "But i'm not doing anything wrong" viewpoint-and i get that it's not about That-it's about the Principal- but in my personal life,if you been track+traced since wayy before the interwebz,since you were a wee kiddie,you tend to not care anymore.I never had privacy,personally speaking,so i don't even know what it is,it's kind of a foreign concept to me. I just live my life the way i want-if they get sore eyes from seeing what i'm doing,well the ball's in their court,they could always look away for a bit.Or not. I really don't care. Don't look and don't listen if what you see and hear hurts your eye and ear.
  10. Stylin'
  11. BUT..But..But..i thought most moderate Muslims hated,loathed and despised Isis,and pretty much also had the f*** Isis sentiment??? Well that's what we keep being told..so ya i find this a tad confusing:-)
  12. Thanks so very much for your kind and thoughtful replies everyone-i am very busy atm,will be back asap to reply,just helping my friends with their online groups,and my wifi is slooow atm,will be back hopefully tomorrow(Friday night) I have less to do tomorrow. Thanks again,Bless you all,Blessed Be:-) Hugsies:-)
  13. Thank you Roamer,yes Eve Lorgen is a wonderful person,i have read some of her info,will look at this too,thanks so much,Bless you. Only thing is:I am a South African citizen-these things don't happen to South Africans,surely-i don't mean the alien abductions,they could most likely go anywhere and do anything-but about the human side of it,the Milabs,although i have had some experiences that definitely point to Milabs-i cannot get past this block in my mind-I am a South African citizen-these things happens to Americans..weird i know,but there's this block,that tries to always say to me,it Can't be,you're a South African citizen.
  14. Hi Grav,ya that's a difficult one,in my life i have had encounters with also demons,where in the course a course of a normal day i would find ignoring them works out best-that is,their presence in a person. When the eyes go yellow,that type of thing,i follow the childhood method,ignore the blue heck out of it-and cut the encounter as short as possible.When i was a child growing up in a severely demon/negative spirit infested household,i could feel them so very tangible and keenly,looming over me..i remember when my adoptive mother would send me to fetch her something from the lounge for instance,down that long dim hallway,i could Feel them,it was a physical feeling,it was this Strange sensation in my throat,not a tickle,or a pain,or a scratch,the only way i can describe it,was "a hysterical sensation" in my throat - then i knew they were Right there-but always my policy was IGNORE them,NEVER let on that you can feel them so close. So i would sing little songs,and do all kinds of retarded lil-kiddie stuff all the way to the lounge and back to the comparative safety of the kitchen-so they would not know that i could sense they were right there. For some reason that seemed imperative,that they not know i knew about them. Now here is something that is painful to talk about,but a close blood-relative of mine has been demon-possessed since childhood-and we live separate lives because the person is incredibly destructive to my family-it got to the point where we sadly had to let go,and let the person out of our lives. This person was in the ER in the town hospital about 2 years ago,and the mother-in-law called us because she thought maybe it is serious,i think the person took drugs that night,and it triggered the demon into overt activity. The family member was on a drip,but writhing like a snake on the bed,and as my husband and i walked into the ER,he told me afterwards,he "saw" it immediately. I could see it from my peripheral only,i was holding the person's hands to comfort,when i looked full-on at them,i could see nothing out of the ordinary,aside from a writhing person,eyes going back in their head-but the Moment i looked away,i could see it from my peripheral (my peripheral vision is like that of a bald eagle anyway) and i could see this yellow-eyed,capering,mad spiteful diabolically gleeful thing. Very freaky.And very disturbing. But not a surprise. Anyway,demons that come on their own to try and make one miserable/upset one,i can chase away by my own will as a sovereign soul. And the ones in people i can ignore,and not associate with that person,or keep encounters very brief. But when it comes to comes to the abductions,unfortunately not much can be done. The surreal high-strange incursions from my childhood i could not stop,and even less,then and now,when they happen while one is asleep. I recall about 1+half-2 years ago,i woke one night,and there was this horrid little thing behind me that looked like a grey alien,a horrid mushroomy lil f***er.I screamed for my husband(we have separate bedrooms because of his severe snoring,sleep apnoea,and we both suffer from insomnia and sleep disturbances all our lives,it is untenable to even Try and get a night's sleep in the same bedroom) Anyway i screamed for him,but it was there was a "silencer" over the room,my scrams sounded even to myself muffled,and soft as a kitten's miaows. I recall being upright,floating upright next to my bed,and then faster,like i was being pulled very fast,away,in that upright position. I don't recall anything after that. Another time,in my sleep,i felt in and out of sleep,and as i drifted into sleep again,i found myself running through the darkness of an unfamiliar town,running away from some threat-and then i was in this house in the middle of a field, a house i did not know.I looked out of the window and this lighted vehicle came down from the sky,about the size of Cessna,a craft with flashing lights. A great fear came over me,and i knew i had to hide,i could Not encounter whoever was coming out of that craft-but i did not know the house,i didn't know Where to hide,and almost immediately they came into the room where i was. Four men,i recall only the one in front,in detail-a little old man,grey hair and glasses,a short slightly plump old man. Behind him was an average-looking tall man,and i saw two others,medium to tall height. The front one,the short old man said to me "We are doctors,and we are looking for XXX" XXX being my name and maiden surname. I said "I'm sorry,i am Mrs.ZZZ" (my current married surname) and "So sorry,idk who or where the other person is,that you are looking for" And i felt relieved,i thought i fooled them,they were turning to walk out,when the short old doctor in front gave me this evil sly look and Lunged at me,he pried one finger under my eyelid,and one under my bottom lid. I was raised to respect my elders,and it is Deeply entrenched,South Africans on this site will tell you it is such a bone-deep thing in our national culture,to have respect for one's elders,that i wanted to hit him so hard but i could not,it is like a taboo,but i did wrestle with him,to try and get loose-then the doctor who came in behind him,the tall one,grabbed me and overpowered me,and i recall nothing after that. When i woke,my eye was puffy and sore,and there was this dark circle underneath it-my bottom lip had a sore also,a broken piece of skin inside. the eye took ages to become less puffy,and to this day,there is something strange with that eye.I keep seeing strange lights from that eye only,sometimes it feels like a bionic eye,i know it sounds stupid,but only from that eye do i see strange light phenomena,idk..but ya,there is not much one can do about them,either aliens or very advanced deep-blacks,acting independently or in conjunction with aliens-i just don't know. But one Has to sleep Sometimes,and especially at night,you never know..but i think lately,they have been leaving me alone. After all,i am 51 years old,i have no more eggs,i have no more use,i think?
  15. Thanks so much for your replies everyone-so much appreciated! i have to go make dinner,but will be back on later in the evening,my daughter was home last night+today so i didn't come online.Cryptic Mole:-)))) thnks that gave me a giggle:-)