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  1. @JostlerThank you ^_^ I think it could be plenty of different things: as long as they improve the welfare of their tribe/village, not just bringing in money, but actually improving the standard of living, it would be allowed.
  2. I wouldn't mind my most recent post being pinned again. Didn't see any replies to it and it got unpinned with the quickness D:
  3. Hilarious! but CNN is known to be fake news.
  4. Destruction? Are we at war if objects are unidentified? Kinda only makes sense to attack only if they know something/someone is an enemy, which would just be aliens' craftr, identifiable but only a ufo to us peons.
  5. Women in side profile do not appear to have flat feet. The front where their feet dangle, the feet look fairly normal to me, normal toe counts. I met a German man with webbed feet, 6 toes, genetic anomaly. Anyone running barefoot and climbing trees without proper footwear will have gnarly feet, and the women's look quite normal. Correlation vs causation issue here and some sad attempt to "prove" evolution instead of adaptation, something entirely different.
  6. How does one do everything against the societal grain and still survive. Even being a survivalist or minimalist can feed ego. How would one be able to do something and he himself need not pat himself on the back, let alone anyone else doing so? What about the monk that eats tons of veggies and doesn't need to drink water. How does one not kill himself with his own willful starvation to "fast" to prove he has no strings attached to this world, when such an act requires ego, though he expects renown, not fame. How can one starve to death in the name of avoiding ego when suicide and purposeful death can cause pain to those around them. In "The Path To Enlightenment," the Dalai Lama says it's impossible to attain full enlightenment, and to admit full enlightenment is to feed ego. There's even now contention that the Buddha wasn't fully enlightened because he abandoned, and never then returned to his child. If someone were that enlightened, while they would not hold attachment, they also would not willfully cause suffering either. These are my small thoughts.
  7. She became a nurse or something. I don't remember her complaining about taxes.
  8. Open society makes sense if and only if people aren't murdering others due to religion and politics. That isn't something that can be prevented.
  9. I'd like to at least read the story, believable or not. I've had some weird stuff going on like i've been switching/hopping dimensions.
  10. How racist and mysoginist Right wing people are. When Bush was on his way out, he pardoned i think 9 women that murdered their abusers. Obama's worried about his own pals. Priorities.
  11. They raised an entire generation on those commercials with the starving kids overseas and made us feel responsible for teaching them common core instead of those old enough to work, teaching them how to survive and thrive with what they got. They finish school and realize they are not able to advance in their village. Instead of helping to improve the standard of living and chance of survival of their tribes and villages. They send these people to all of the pre-conditioned Western world. There's a mini side-story in a Tom Robbins book that discusses a type of monkey that lived on two islands separated by a certain distance to where neither colony has access to know what the other is doing. Despite this, when one colony figured out something to improve their life, the other colony discovered it as well without coaching or input. I'm not advocating complete segregation, i just think letting or making people stay within their "state" to improve it, allowing travel and internships outside to bring home that info. They then must make one substantial improvement to their village/tribe, ie teaching how to and bldg X# of homes that are durable, and must stay home doing such improvements for a probationary period of a number of yrs and must teach 3 from their village before they can move to a western country for work. I think this at least helps improve the health and welfare of those they leave behind and also improves the village to where less want to leave over time. I feel this should not conflict with the UN's list of human rights. I think that refugee status should remain on hold for everyone in the world until the terrorism issue is pacified. My thoughts. PS-people of all religions and locations should be allowed to drink on NYE.