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  1. What was his situational awareness during the campaign trail? I was not paying attention to him at all then.
  2. Did his most recent brain-programming fail during its update? Kinda...not his usual.... wahooo I'm a liberal...nonsense...
  3. How will we know when money is being sent to their home countries?
  4. when was it decided that they needed to fight for more rights? were they being discriminated against before this rights movement began?
  5. The only mention of LSD specifically in this article was in the title. Misleading. They're talking about mushrooms in the article, not LSD. They're at least a little different. ~ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybin
  6. But I don't really understand the point of needing to copy/paste text from the article. I'm giving my thoughts on a subject, and the link for people to review, and enough information to give an idea of what's going on. It's really not the end of the world if I'm only taking out 1 part for discussion, to not put in the other 3 parts when they aren't part of the topic I specifically want to discuss. Non-sequitur as it were.
  7. my sister dated a 24 year old when she was 15. *I don't even know anymore* also, this was her choice as much as the guy's. My mom put a restraining order on the guy and had my dad move in so she could deploy and my sister would still get babysat. The point is: if the "child" aka post-pubescent makes a choice, that's one thing entirely. I'm not saying they're of the right mind to make that choice, but they may just have preferences and interests beyond what they are able to find in their own age group. This doesn't explain away rape, etc, where one of the parties don't consent. I'm not saying 13 is of the mind to make a decision like that smartly. I also didn't have sex until after I turned 18, so it's beyond me why someone would need to have sex that young. But we're humans and before this 18+ bs, people were married younger (happily, or at least agreeably/sensibly, ie-arranged marriages to benefit both families). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marriageable_age#History_and_social_attitudes There's the ability to make choices starting a certain age. If one can choose to bleep with someone their age, they can also likewise choose to bleep with someone older than them. Parents will be pissed off just the same that the bleeping is even going on. It just further will offend their sensibilities to see their child involved with someone older because it might be more blatantly obvious what's going on, which is absurd because it's probably going on _anyway_ regardless of the age of his/her pick of bf/gf. Pizzagate was something entirely different, encompassing not just pre-pubescent children, but toddlers and possibly infants---those whom cannot give consent or understand completely what is even going on. I wouldn't be so quick to jump up and down and claim pedo to someone that isn't advocating literal child-love. It's actually fairly normal in pre-modern times for people to be attracted to anyone that is post-pubescent. Are we really that special to think it's different for so many humans now? The issue is at this point acting on these thoughts, and the social mores involved won't change what thoughts cross peoples minds. Of all the men out there, do you recall how many people were anxious for the Olsen twins to come of age? Doesn't that show something? It was _normal_ to say things like that about them, despite their being underage. It started after they reached puberty and it was OKAY to talk about jokingly, which to me signifies what people are really thinking about en masse (at least men) despite what social mores dictate.
  8. Well, that explains what's going on in my apartment. Things move randomly all the time, and there are other issues as well. Aside from that, randomly there's a smell, but it's not a stable smell. I'll walk past a spot, smell it, and be like..what is that...walk back and i can't locate the smell anymore. I wouldn't say fml though about it. It has seemed rather normal for me for a while.
  9. that might not be a UFO if it's something else. are there two objects there? That looks like a gateway or basically a portal, not a ufo. There's no reason for a ufo to be transparent while equipped with lights. lmfao
  10. I'm not even sure it would need to be income or just everyone has unlimited access to being lent things, and food is plentiful enough because of farming robots, basically everyone that has enough room would own as many as needed to feed those nearest to them. Ie: hey, I want to play such and such. Drive over to the community center, pick up the technology, check it out for a week, bring it back after a week. Something like that. Be lent out something else, etc. Phones would be the newest around, easily recycled and replaced...so you turn in your old phone and get the newest model. I don't see how this would need to cost anything if everyone gets the same. Corporations, as was mentioned above, aren't a huge issue. I think in this, there will be less incentive for corporations to exist unless they're getting a kickback. Without money, there's no incentive...however, without the continuation of production, their items would no longer be on the market, and for some, that might be worse than the lack of the extra perks. People that actually want to become doctors and healers would, and people that only want to be a doctor for the money would quit. I think it'd solve a lot of issues with jobs and careers of "I do this because I want all this money." People would work in order to feel like they have given their life meaning, and it probably won't be work like we see it today. I definitely agree with @Martin There needs to be some change in order for us to work on our spiritual needs.
  11. Now, if anyone has followed me in the past, and despite my not being liberal, there is something I consider quite fact: the eventuality that not everyone will need jobs in order for the world to keep turning. Certain jobs will still be needed, but not nearly to the extent as is needed at present. While this might make way for more jobs, the number of jobs getting phased out will be more than those jobs being created, compared to population growth. We're already starting to see some of that issue, though the jobs being sent overseas will be replaced (number wise) with jobs performed by robots. The next issue is how would a person survive? Well, currently there are robots to grow food. Open source robots. There are a lot of things that don't require much human interaction for survival. The next issue becomes how people would be able to survive if the jobs aren't plentiful...Well...would it be communism or something else? My theory is it will need to be something else (open society vs. a restricted society). I'm interested in seeing how that plays out, but this current situation that Obama created, brainwashing all the little millennials, that is a different animal altogether (restricted). This sort of system would need to be completely passive (open, not referring to borders). It won't happen so long as religions are at war against the world, politics, etc. It also won't happen while politics are at war against religions. It's something that needs to be considered with great urgency as the matter is that this is arriving sooner that we might like. Liberalism is about equal rights to do stuff they don't actually want to do, and then complain they aren't making enough money doing the things they want to do, meanwhile forgetting to press for a raise. (As an aside to the above paragraph...I have more moderate friends that are pushy females and they do work their way up the ladders. It can and does happen. If the numbers are skewed to the men's favor, it is simply because women aren't making themselves heard to their employers, not the government. Leave that out. If it's that much of an issue, each incident should result in a lawsuit, otherwise shut the front door. ) In any event, I had very much thought this was an interesting thing to consider and think about, long before I heard of Elon Musk. But here he is, stating what to me is the obvious: https://www.rawstory.com/2017/02/elon-musk-just-made-4-predictions-about-the-future-of-humanity/ I would love an honest discussion about this, but not one bashing the idea of not needing jobs. I think employment will mostly become something entirely different with many many more people just working for themselves and not for bosses. Sorry if I say anything to offend anyone here, I'm exhausted. I know it might seem way off for me to bring this stuff up, but it's something I've thought about for a long while. It's not news, but I never gave it much thought to try to discuss it beyond any past attempts some years ago.
  12. The military right now is so backward. One of my friends is like...E-7...she's not even sure she's going to make it to her 20 years and only has 4 years left...not because she wants to quit, but she's scared of saying the wrong thing. She literally has to filter what she wants to say through someone that isn't out to have her kicked out of the military. If you don't like something, you don't get to say anything against that something. You must simply be understanding and pandering and ask, "Are you feeling ok? Is there any way I can help you feel better?" etc. This is just ridiculous. Damn PC bs.
  13. I'm going to try to get more info. It's been well over a decade since these beings would visit me in my dreams. Shep had posted something about frequency changes, and that might be related to the dreaming.
  14. I'm digging this up. I don't know a "when" just the urgency. I had a dream this morning, and in the dream I met a guy. The guy had a paper and on the paper it was basically (in code) "I was looking for someone and I think you might be that person" or something to that extent. So I was talking and meeting up with this guy, and then it got weird because he was _always_ there, so I started running, but he always kept up. Fast forward a bit. I felt the note in my pocket again and this time looked on both sides of the paper. The back side had something written backwards, so I held it up to a mirror. It said something about rapture. Now for an intermission real quick 1) I know the bible doesn't specify the word "rapture" but it does discuss similar. 2) this guy's appearance never faltered or changed. There was no "melting" in his appearance. Throughout the dream, I wouldn't even be able to maintain my fingers. The ring finger on my right hand managed to get chopped to pretty short, but his appearance never changed. So then he and I were engaged in a conversation about sign language. I showed him all the words I knew, and he showed me he knew many more, but the one I remember him saying was "boy" and it was a version of it I'd never seen before (in reality). There's no way I could've known it, and I was looking for the specific gesture online, so it's not a confirmation bias. Many I saw, I was like "similar but not it"...This might be a more informal form of it. But it was real. This sign language gesture was legit. It exists. So now I'm wondering what was going on. To me, it seems like the rapture is going to happen. But in the Bible, it basically says those "sleeping in christ" or whatever, which probably indicates that those that are already dead will be "reaped" (where the actual word isn't rapture)... It's basically taking at the time of harvest. We might not even notice. If anyone has any thoughts on this dream, feel free to speak up.