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  1. if it's less than 10% of all rape reports that are false, there's no reason to assume that all rape accusations and reports are false. Many women don't even report the rape, which puts the % sort of quite a bit lower. It's like an ice berg. The number of rapes is something like 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 women. https://qz.com/980766/the-truth-about-false-rape-accusations/ So for every 100 women that report their rapes >90 are telling the truth, but those 90 should be screwed because of the <10. There are always bad seeds in every lot, it doesn't matter what that lot is. To punish those that will have damage that is typically irreparable for life because of a 10% or less bunch of liars, well...men lie too. Nearly 1 in 5 women has been raped, and of those, not so many even report it, and of those that is where 2-10% are false. Which means that it's probably closer to 2% of all known and unknown rape situations turns out to be a false allegation. 34.8% report. 34.8% of 100 is 34.8 women that reported. of those 100, 10% of those reported are false...10% is 3.48 So of 100 women that are raped and/or say they are, only 3.48 women will falsely accuse/file a false report. But let's protect the men. There are shit circumstances in every angle of life. There are always deviations from the mean and things that go completely opposite expectations. I dated a guy for a while that had a child because his ex-wife had raped him while he was asleep. http://time.com/3393442/cdc-rape-numbers/ 1 in 5 women are raped in their lives. Those are your family members, your friends. They might not have reported it. They might've hidden it and had lifelong issues from it. There's no reason to say "ok, because I know of this one guy...or these two guys..." that that makes it okay for the rest of these women to have to be ignored or treated like scum. So yeah, shit happens, shitty people. shitty women, shitty men. How many men are rapists? 6%...above that 3.48% false accusation though, hm.
  2. this forum. Okay. men. Rape women, enjoy yourselves. Obviously women's bodies don't belong to them. Dude, you did say that due to false accusations women shouldn't even get men in trouble for rape. So maybe women should just cut off the dongs of their rapists and call it a day? I think that works best because then they don't have to worry about reporting the rape and the men will never rape them again. That I can agree with.
  3. we're talking about a teenager here, not a veteran sex addict.
  4. a show of force during sex can turn sex into rape. If someone says hey, want to have sex? and then almost murders a person...that is rape. Rape because who consented to _that_ type of sex. Sex is just sex. Violent possibly deadly sex where a person rescinds consent should be considered rape. If a man kills a woman that consented to sex and not murder should be considered a rapist. The end. Anything that close or that violent is not bdsm. It's not spanking and that sort of play, it's something else, and after rescinding consent, it should be called rape if he doesn't leave her be. The way this was written actually gives the man permission to do whatever as long as she consented to vanilla sex and he doesn't murder her.
  5. What is okay and normal for you isn't for the next guy/gal. What constitutes continued demands? He was violent and she asked him to stop. We don't know how many times she told him to stop, but let's go out on a limb here and say more than once. Enough that she felt it important enough to report it. "not stopping immediately is not rape" but "continues to continue"??? how long does he have to continue for it to finally be considered rape? If someone is telling you no. nonono, at what point, how many milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours later? is it rape?
  6. This isn't about the law, it's about her saying the sex (sex) got violent (assault) and she said no (thus rape). The issue is the assault during the rape, you're saying she has to take the fall and deal with it and the guy is able to get off the hook because we basically need some sort of person to show as an example of how women should always be treated because no men should take the fall for a woman being raped. Are you into sharia law by chance? This is real close to that.
  7. No, I think there is a huge issue. If someone proved their was violence upon their person: bruises, marks, scratches, bite marks, imprints, etc, and they prove a struggle, that is enough to be considered rape. That is it. Not only that, no does mean no, it doesn't matter when. If I consent and the guy pulls his pants down and I say ohhhh hell no, and he's not inside me, there's no reason for him to think he's entitled to my pussy. No means no, always. The minute someone says no, it's psychologically damaging when the person ignores them. Sex for a woman is something completely different than a man. There are some unconscionable beasts out there, but that doesn't mean that all women deserve to be treated like the very very low % of women that cry wolf. I guarantee if it was your daughter, you'd raise hell. tbh, this sort of thought process is why I don't like sites like this. No offence, but this okaying rape thing is not okay. You aren't behind those doors but you're saying the woman can't at any point say no. What if he's fkn her and his bro shows up? have him go at her too, right? she already consented after all. This is damned near the slippiest slope that ever slopped. You don't have the right to say "when someone says no, that doesn't always mean no" especially in the face of violence. Violence is violence, and they're basically saying it was okay, because sex was happening.
  8. No, it's not the right call. This is about more than just rape but actual assault during the rape. They're basically not leveling the playing field but doing the opposite--they're telling men as long as the women initially consented, they can do anything up to the point of nearly killing her to stay inside. re: strangulation, etc. This isn't just about rape, it's about violence. It's okaying _that_. ETA: You aren't allowed to beat a woman up just because she wants you to pull out. Men don't have that right. In fact, tbh, nobody has that right to treat someone like that. It's a form of entitlement. Assault is basically being said to be okay, as long as she consented to penetration, she consented to being assaulted? no. And the minute a person assaults someone, they should be completely within their grounds to get the fk away and that is more than assault. If you are inside someone that consented only to sex and not to violence, that is rape because those two shouldn't be mixed without express permission. Saying yes to sex has nothing to do with premeditated discussion and agreement of bdsm, safe words, etc. This clearly wasn't that.
  9. Are they really that confused? xD Didn't they just say there's no planet, but now there might be? or is it just further away than they anticipated?
  10. PrincessButtercup

    Uranium over the limit in water supply

    This is something mentioned in Connecticut, but probably same premise anywhere else. Source: https://www.hopewelltwp.org/uranium_in_drinking_water.pdf
  11. PrincessButtercup

    Google 666 Symbolism Homepage 6/23/2017

    I love it
  12. PrincessButtercup

    Google 666 Symbolism Homepage 6/23/2017

    This thread is so funny xD Really...fear it all.
  13. So he thinks we are their prisoners? is that what he's saying?......Or we are prisoners to our lifestyles because we won't conform to theirs? And how are they not prisoners in that sense? mreh.
  14. There's someone I know of (not really friends with or even acquaintances, but we attend a gathering once a year). She has insisted on being called an "it" and not "she" or "he" and has asked everyone to agree to it. Some people were like oh wtf, fk off. A lot of them are very conservative. I shouldn't have to know out of 1500 people who not to call he/she. How is anyone supposed to keep that sh*t straight.
  15. PrincessButtercup

    Wow! WOW! WOW! WTF! Muslim busted with Arsenal.

    It may just be an issue with grammar usage and the [possible] idiot that wrote the article. ie "he has in the past left the country" or "prior to this, he had left the country, but officials now say he is in custody" etc etc...there are plenty of ways to put those two together (and not separate) in a way that is grammatically correct and not confusing.

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