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  1. Hey Rustydog, welcome to this forum.

    Hopefully you'll be able to keep up with all of us crazy people.

    In spite of everything, though, you'll also discover that in general, we are a friendly and pretty close bunch.

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    2. Cryptic Mole

      Cryptic Mole

      Once you get to know the style of posting I do, you will see that there is no one more controversial than me. lol.

    3. Rustydog


      I can tell already we are going to get along just fine. The problem, as I see it,  is that most people don't realize the dire straits our society is in. And in such a desperate situtation sometimes radical change is what's needed. But suggesting such change to some people will get you labeled as a crazy person, when as I see it, change is the only solution. Have a nice evening, my friend

    4. Cryptic Mole

      Cryptic Mole

      Your quote: "But suggesting such change to some people will get you labeled as a crazy person."

      That above quote of your's will certainly not apply here... lol.

      You have a pleasant evening as well!

      John cm

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