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  1. No matter how you slice it the world is most definitely full of wonder!! Surely we can all agree on that!!
  2. Thx my friend. I replied to ya but the quotes went rogue on me. I'm gonna ck these links out, it just boggles my mind that people back then understood these things so well. How did they build those pyramids the way they did?? So many questions!!!
  3. That place is incredible!! The site I went to only had a couple pics, but I bookmarked a couple more. Thx, really amazing!!
  4. You sure about the spelling on that one?? Looks like alphabet soup???
  5. When I was young a friend's Thanks, it's nice to be able to have an opinion that someone else may not agree with and not be berated for it. Adults should be able to discuss adult things??
  6. And if fe got you all that then I wouldn't go messing that up, thats for sure!! The world needs all the loving families it can get right about now!!!
  7. I will say this tho, I've heard convincing arguments on both sides.
  8. (Quietly backs out of fe room, and shuts door behind him)
  9. Wow!! That is a great video!! The stone work at that temple is amazing!! The fact that they were able to accomplish this tells me we are all wrong about ancient people's abilities!!
  10. Wow, that does sound amazing!! Thank goodness for the internet, because that's the only way I'll ever see something as wonderful as this!! They are blowing planes up everyday anymore!! Seeing some of the technology available to long past civilizations makes me think about how long we've been on this planet. I think humans have been here much longer than we think. And have destroyed each other, and a small, remote few have repopulated, many times. Billions of years of lost history would be hard to piece together. The destruction of the Library of Alexandria was a tragic loss.
  11. I just watched a couple videos and nothing too good. Idk, the last thing I need in my life is more conundrums. I was just thinking that I had never read, In all the fe threads I've read, about a sundial. Seems to me that the sundial can prove this, one way or another, but I'm only of marginal intelligence. People fat smarter than me get paid to figure these things out for us, lol
  12. Enjoy your day, it's truly beautiful here on the east coast!! I hope it's the same for you!!
  13. Let me ask you this then, if the sun has been rising and setting in different places recently, as I've been reading, would a sun dials that was accurate say 10 years ago, and has not been moved, still be accurate today?? Or are people having to read adjust sun dials as we go??
  14. I have a legit question. I'm a round earther, but would never put it past our governments to lie to us. I replied in a fe thread and it got a little heated the other day. I was wrong about the water vapor and crepuscular cloud thing. By no means am I trying to argue. Just curious, as I am no astronomer or physicist. How do sun dials fit into the equation?? Seems like the kind of thing that would help explain this, but the physics of this is beyond me. Sorry if this has already been discussed here, I'm not gonna read thru 489 pages to look.