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  1. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Thanks dear Rachel, I will check it out! :) Please do not forget to check my other thread.Just google "Astraea and the supernova event". Is more up to date, and as I have so many graphics, i usually post them there for i can embedded pictures, which I unfortunately cant do here.. Please, send a personal message to Daniel for me, telling him about the other thread.I like him .He has a very similar thought pattern like mine. I found some informations about bees that he was talking about a few days ago,and how they are connected with hathor, that he may be interested. I will post later. After all ,the muse video, is about today. The shoes behind the girls are not stars but the shoes of Gemini. and Venus is transiting right over it today. Also remember the video about the SUMMER EVENT. well, today is already summer, so we are already on the right season ;) I have many things to post tonight! See you later ! :)
  2. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Rachel, The countdown just started. Mercury is at this moment at 29°44' in Taurus. Tomorrow (june 13) it will officially enter Gemini, like showed on the doodle. Now, from tomorrow till the 17 of June, mercury and Venus will be astrologically on Gemini, so something must happen around then. Also mercury looks like to be making an conjunction with the Pleiades already. it started today and will remain for several days, for again, it dependes of the angle of the observer. On the car add , Mercury enters a room with the chandeliers (Pleiades) and on the muse video it shows mercury conjunction with the Pleiades, plus the doodle showing mercury entering Gemini, in resume all 3 pointing to something that starts today till the next days. I also ijust discovered this; " Today it was announced that Pope Francis would deliver a video message to help unite Christians in the “Next Great Awakening” at Together 2016, joining in the ecumaniacal gathering. Together 2016, also known as The Reset Movement, bringing together different religions in an effort to erase the lines of doctrinal divisions. " This gathering will happen on June 16. http://www.hagmannreport.com/did-you-see-this/the-pope-and-hillsong-will-unite-together-2016-in-washington-d-c/ Now look at the so called site of the event. https://reset2016.com/ They wrote "Moments of historic change are often marked by historic gatherings." They talk like they know something is coming Rachel! Weird messages in there. Too much talk about CHANGE as well.
  3. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Since whoever made the Kate video, made it with so much attention to detail ( ans also knowledge) I could not help to notice that when the light appears, there is no bed, but only flowers on that spot. The doodle was also about flowers. The flowers on the video is almost certainly purple carnations. This is the meaning of that flower; The name "carnation" comes from "coronation" or "corone," meaning flower garlands. This is because carnations were often used in Greek ceremonial crowns. See, again the all crown thing.
  4. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Now, this is very important new information i just found it out!! yesterday i posted this photo.. http://i.imgur.com/RwLUWLg.jpg Well, it was half right after all. Now, look at it better !They put the 2 Gemini guys one in each side of the bed and not together as they should be!. The bed is right in between them and no, the bed is not Orion hands, the bed is on GEMINI! Now look at this here! I decoded it. It is not June 18. That scene is the exact representation of the sky on JULY 4 ,2016! The chandeliers are Venus and mercury transiting on Gemini, while the sun is right on the middle of them, and the moon right bellow the sun with each Gemini guy looking at it, happening right on the middle of them! It is just perfect!! http://i.imgur.com/vNCBg6p.jpg Also see here, how all the people in there represent in perfection all the constellations ,on the bottom right and on the bottom left of Gemini constellation. The 2 little spots of light that you can see above the room are the star Pollux and castor, the 2 major star on Gemini Do not forget to zoom the image.. http://i.imgur.com/ECrEwVU.jpg All this is also very funnily connected with the doodle I posted before. They showed Venus and mercury inside the glyph of Gemini.If we consider astrological calculations, such represents the 12 till the 15 of June as I already explained before , but if we consider astronomical calculations, it represents the first of July till the 9, when Venus finally leaves Gemini. http://i.imgur.com/JtRyp1q.jpg The bed on fire scene represents as i said before not the supernova, but an event that will happen after it, related to the sacred marriage thing. Tammuz is the consort of Ishtar, so such event happening around the beginning of the month that has the same name is weird. (Tammuz month start on the sundown of day 5. Rachel is better than anyone to explain to us if that day in particular has any special meaning.:)
  5. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Rachel, thanks a lot for the all Shavuot and Omer explanation! I am fascinated by the Omer 50 counting days calendar and how each day has a very particular meaning.Tomorrow is the 49 th, and the all Malkhut she'beMalkhut Majesty within Majesty. All connected to this queenly aspect of the Shekhinah. The next day Shavuot,corresponds to the Shekhinah descends on Mount Sinai to grant revelation to the people. in my humble comprehension of this Jewish celebration is like the feminine face of God finally receives some kind of crown(make me remember the crown chackra thing that when illuminated glows like on the saints and represent godhood) on the day before the Shavuot ,after 48 days that for the Jewish represent some kind of suffering, for they were in exile, and on the following day (Shavuot/ 12 June) happiness comes, when the Shekhinah , with her crown and in queenly aspect gives to the people some kind of revelation that on the texts is the torah. The only thing I did not understand very well, is why the connection of Shavuot(the delivery of the torah) with the sacred marriage thing. I believe there will be a sacred marriage, for such is also told on the Christians texts, but I think it will be a little later ,and i guess i even have the exact date, that I will explain next...;)
  6. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    They know, the day, and probable the hour/minute as well. The elite/ Illuminati are not just a bunch of perverts with occult knowledge. Alien races and forces beyond people comprehension are on the top of the pyramid. These are the ones you cant see. For these alien( that have enough technology to build a time travel/portal opening machine non Earth), to know when a supernova that already exploded several light years ago will finally hit Earth is just a matter of a few mathematical calculations. ;)
  7. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Now, i have another video that shows some evidences that the event may happen around the 12 of June as well. The video is about Ishtar struggle( her good and not so good self) to see who wins when the light arrives.The lyric is self explanatory and shows an almost annoying lack of knowledge of whom this entity really is... " i will love you unconditionally"...LOLOLOL laughable! Anyways, the point is, this video shows a detailed display of constellations, but not just that, it shows the exact location of the sun, when one of the events happen giving us a clear date to look for. First, pause on 2.15 minutes, and now look at this; http://i.imgur.com/fo9JUSP.jpg Than pause on 2:17 minutes , and see this; http://i.imgur.com/8RHyexQ.jpg As you can see, every single person on certain frames correspond to a constellation.Now, pause on minute 1:45. They show a bed in a very peculiar position, in between 2 big chandeliers. The bed is clearly the hand/stick part of Orion. Look here and confirm that the people around it match exactly the constellations around that particular place http://i.imgur.com/RwLUWLg.jpg Now, here comes the interesting part.They show the bed on fire which represents the sun transiting exactly over that particular part on the sky. This year, it will happen around the 18 of June! Pay attention that this scene, also represents a sexual union( in between these god like beings) .On the video, they show this scene before the scene when the light arrives, only for plot reasons, for In reality, this union happens only AFTER the supernova event. If the union is show around 18 of June, the supernova must to happen earlier. There is not much on the video that gives a clue of the exact date, except the scene on minute 2:34. It is the scene where she is hit by the light. Look at her hands and body posture.I have seen that body posture before. It represents the constellation Leo.! http://i.imgur.com/JpLR5Li.jpg But why are they showing Leo, if the supernova do not come from there ??. Well, they show Leo illuminated right before the impact, so it must mean that the light of the sun or the light of the moon will be over that constellation right before the supernova arrives. The sun only arrives there by August, and remember they show the bed on fire by 18 of June, so it cannot be the sun! Now go look when the moon will be on Leo.. On June 11/12, the same date that i have been talking about. In the night of the 11, wee hours of the 12, the moon will even make a conjunction with Jupiter, the king planet, transiting Leo the king constellation. I
  8. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Another video showing the gravitational wave ( the colorful wavering light) and also the supernova.
  9. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    On this doodle that I already analyzed before i just discovered 2 extra things. First, the weird furniture on the first scene has FEMALE NAME hidden on it. Can you guys discover which ? In case you don't, here is the answer.. http://i.imgur.com/FDidipB.jpg Cute :) Now, the second find is huge..The scene i just thought showed Ishtar meeting Mercury is way more than that.. The pillars are the Gemini Glyph after all! The scene shows Mercury and Venus on Gemini, when the old woman (most likely the Gama ray/ gravitational wave) passes by. But when such will happen ? According to astrological calculations, Venus entered Gemini on May 27 and will leave June 17. and Mercury will enter Gemini June 12 and leave on June 29,which gives only from 12 till the 17 of June, 5 days total, when both planets will be on Gemini at the same time. Now, See this; http://i.imgur.com/JtRyp1q.jpg It is interesting to notice that as Mercury enters the house of Gemini (0 degrees) on June 12 , Venus is on the opposite side of the house, almost leaving it at (24 degrees,) just like on the doodle where each planet is near a pillar! Also notice that on June 12, Venus sextile Uranus. Uranus is the planet of suddenly, overwhelming events. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, and its job is to break rules and demolish established patterns or structures, creating sudden-even radical-change. Uranus always works in sudden ways, and is called the Great Awakener. yup, i think we finally have the right date, around 12/13 of june.. Also the meaning of the doodle is very clear and in case someone still do not understand , see what one of the women responsible for the creation of this doodle said on minute 2:59, "The characters come in to frame and thank her, they have their flowers back." Change the word "flowers" for powers. They are even confirming what i said above that the old woman represents the wave, the wave that gives people their powers back , just like the woman gives their flowers back. Also note that the child, give back to her the rose(power ) she got. The same old Lucifer concept of giving to the world the light she will going to receive. One thing i still have doubts is if this child and Ishtar are the same being, or if the goddess of love and the goddess of purity and innocence are 2 totally different beings...
  10. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Astraea, thank you so much for the new info. I will definitely share it. Are you aware as well that the night of June 11 to June 12 is when Jews stay up all night adorning the shekhinah or feminine aspect of God by dwelling on the mystical secrets? In other words it is the night of Jewish Pentecost which lasts through sunset on June 12 which also marks 50 days since their Passover 4/22 marked by Prince's passing and the queen's birthday. Thank you Rachel! :) Glad you remembered me about the Jewish Pentecosts on the 12- 13 of June. It is funny, because i was all the time saying that the Jewish holidays this year should match the christian ones , and after all, i guess it was the Jewish calendar the right one all the time. I did not know this celebration has anything to do with the feminine aspect of god. Very interesting. Another crop circle seems to draw attention to the grand cross but maybe you will see more. It appeared 6/6 so maybe it foreshadows something yet to come into alignment. It seems to highlight two quadrants of the grand cross that have more than one planet, concentric circles. The quadrant in the bull/pleaides seems to show Venus, the sun and the new crescent of Ramadan nearby. The quadrant of the scorpion shows Mars, Saturn, Antares the heart of the Scorpio and the claws of the scorpion (is that the new crescent, the claws of the scorpion, or both!? What is the scorpion seeking to devour? Is this anything new?) I just analyzed the crop and this is what I saw.... It looks like the sky on the 6 of June and not any further date, for it shows the sun and Venus conjunction, and there will be no other planetary conjunction anytime soon except Venus and mercury on July 14. To me the diamond shape with the open balls, is the 4 constellations in between the crescent moon and the conjunction that day , that happened to be the 4 ones that surround the Silver Gate, I made a sketch here. http://i.imgur.com/m86WgDX.jpg This gate is the gate by which entities COME into this world from the heavens realm. the golden gate is the opposite. It is the gate by which entities from here(underworld) can go to the heavens realm.both gates are locked by keys, that are represented on the Vatican symbol.The golden gate is the one whose only Ishtar has the key. In case the balls represent stars, i noticed that the diamond shape remains when you connect the 4 most important stars from each of the 4 constellations above, with the crescent moon and the conjunction right on the middle. http://i.imgur.com/LVJv93a.jpg and of course as you know June 13th is the date in heroes reborn of the big event that forever changes the relationship between evolved humans and the rest of humanity. You'll see it says June 13 2014 but the last season which followed the events after that fateful day aired 2015-6 and ended in January 2016. Yes, and also the June 13 from heroes reborn.One more thing leading to that date! I also just found OUT another clue leading to the 12 / 13 as well. It is the follow...
  11. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Now, what all this has to do with the supernova ?? The scene shows a very peculiar number of constellations and they are all looking forward , while awaiting for the light! This means that the light is certainly not coming from none of the constellations represented there, but from the constellations right in front of them. The fact that Gaga, the central piece, was chosen to represent Auriga, tells us exactly from where the light comes from. Look at the sky and see what is the constellation right in front of Auriga, or better saying, the constellation that opposes Auriga. It is Ophiuchus! Now, right bellow Ophiuchus, we find Sagittarius , the same constellation I already spoke about, from where the 2 blacks holes collision and subsequent gravitational wave/ gamma rays would come from. Now, lets suppose that , Gaga in Auriga represents someone in that constellation watching not just the supernova arriving, but the supernova hitting earth... In order for it to be , the Earth would need to be exactly in front (facing)Auriga, otherwise another constellations would have been chosen to represent the marker. Now, look here where Earth will be exactly on June 12.; http://i.imgur.com/dwWXV5i.jpg Auriga, the sun, and Earth are almost in perfect conjunction. Earth is physically located in between Scorpius and Sagittarius right now, and exactly because of it, it is facing Auriga on the opposite side ! In resume, Gaga video confirms what I already knew, that something is coming from Sagittarius and also adds another point of interest over June 12.
  12. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    And now, another video that also shows not just the supernova, but astronomical signs that can help us figure it out where and when the supernova will happen. The supernova happens at 0:12 seconds and it shows Gaga with strange glasses waiting with other people for it. The all scene looks weird and without a meaning, until you realize that every single person in that room , including the dog, represents a different constellation. You can see it here, http://i.imgur.com/KYe5dzE.jpg Notice Gaga legs, notice her arms, that is without a doubt the constellation Auriga. And now here; http://i.imgur.com/8B3GTka.jpg The woman laid down,on the bath tube is Virgo. Her feet reaches the guy whose body shape shows without doubt the constellation Boots. The dog is Lynx right beside the guys with the strange giraffe mask, that represents Camelo pardalis. The guy behind her has some metallic mask, that together with his body and arm posture reveals that he is Perseus. Now, in front of Gaga, there are 2 woman. http://i.imgur.com/RCA4Rkw.jpg One of them together with the other woman on the bath tube makes the constellation Gemini.Look at each woman arms and you know which is each.part of Gemini, Now the other woman on the front is Taurus. Her arms make the shape of 2 horns and the 2 majors stars Alnath and Zeta Tauri are represented by the beer cans. The other 4 beer cans represent the stick on the Orion hand. In resume , Gaga, the 2 woman in front of her and the beer cans represent the 4 constellations Auriga/Taurus/ Orion and Gemini that surround the famous silver Gate.
  13. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Dear Rachel, Glad to see you here! :) Thanks for the new informations. Please don't forget to warn Daniel and the others on your GLP thread that the event is happening soon.Most of them must be feeling discouraged by now , since we are waiting for this since march, but as i showed above, (except if the guys that made the car ad and the muse video were mocking us) what is showed there happened very recently or will happen on the next days, so we still on time! A few days ago Mercedes released another ad very suspicious... It says; " you wished upon it all year, and now is finally here!" And they say it while showing 2 fallen stars that turns in 2 cars. We all know who are those 2 fallen stars .Also note the name SUMMER EVENT ! The word Event on it is self explanatory.What worries me is that is not summer yet, and wont be until June 21. Are they saying the event will only happen on summer ?? I hope they are wrong and the muse video right, and it happens on the next days. Anyways, it is coming! ;)
  14. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Ok guys, now that the 3 and 4 had past without any event I re watched the few videos i have that show any kind of astronomical sign to when the event shall happen and I think I finally got the right date. Sometimes we are so eager that something happen as soon as possible that we ignore some signs and don't see the all picture correctly. As i already said before Ishtar is not suppose to wake up before the event. for some kind of radiation coming from a supernova is necessary to make a regular human body enters in apotheosis ( the elevation of someone to divine status). The newborn video from Muse is one of those videos that show with an huge amount of detail astronomical events related to the upcoming awakening. Pause on 0:16 seconds. The girl is Venus. Note her ponytails, like horns, just like Hathor( the Egyptian correspondent to Ishtar, not Isis) that is commonly represented as a cow. Now, see this;, http://i.imgur.com/cgKvmhL.jpg The Mercury glyph is over a pear shape half illuminated. I used to think that was the sun, but no, the sun is on the girl`s left(lampshade). The pear is the Pleiades cluster that is commonly represented as grapes, but if you notice has the shape of a Pear as well. Note that on the video , the tip of the pear, is exactly like some stars on the lower part of the cluster. There is no doubt that the pear is the Pleiades.Mercury transiting over it represents a conjunction. The conjunction will happen around the 12 of June or even earlier depending of what is the angle of the observer, since mercury never really crosses right above the Pleiades, but many degrees bellow. The 2 red skates represent be Aldebaran and Epsilon Tauri stars. Both are red giants an that represent each an eye of the bull, and that is why they say that Taurus the bull has red eyes. Now, Venus appears a little ahead of the sun, which will just start to happen by tomorrow June 7.Today June 6 is the day Venus conjunct the sun, Since last august till today, Venus was an morning star , appearing on the morning sky and transiting behind the sun. From Tomorrow forward, Venus becomes a evening star transiting ahead of the sun instead of behind and appearing on the evening sky. It will only be visible by naked eye from July 13, because the glare of the sun is such that it becomes invisible. Also note the V shaped, water droplets pattern on the walls. To me they represents the Hyades .The name Hyades comes from the ancient Greek and means "the rainy ones". Hyades are always represented on the media by the letter V. Nasa logo shows the hyades V, like many others.See it here; http://i.imgur.com/xfmgzPZ.jpg En resume, mercury conjunction the Pleiades, while Venus is slightly ahead of the sun(evening star), is only happening on the next. days. This also matches the scene on the car add, for the woman that is in a room full of chandeliers (Pleiades) is awaiting for the man(mercury) to arrive in there, like awaiting for mercury to arrive to the Pleiades. By the end of this week , beginning of the next something will definitely happen. It is too many signs that already got fulfilled, like the eclipse, the comets, meteor shower, mercury transiting the sun, Venus reaching the Pleiades, and also conjunction with the sun, that the only sign that still missing is mercury reaching the Pleiades.
  15. Ishtar and the supernova Event

    Now, Arches are , specially in masonry, representations of the Ecliptic plane. The ecliptic is an imaginary line on the sky that marks the annual path of the sun.It define the path of the sun and it marks the line along which eclipses occur, and also the moon and planets and asteroids wander along the Zodiac. As such It looks like to me that the last scene arch represents the ecliptic while each character is one constellation. See it here; .http://i.imgur.com/OeZxUGW.jpg The chandelier to me is Scutum, the fairy , Capricornus( see her scale like skirt, just like the half goat/ half fish being). The peacock is Pavo ,the child is Tucana and the princess is Indus( see her veil, just like the Indus headdress). Now, the old woman that appears from the beginning till the end, walking trough the many scenes like a gravitational wave across the universe, to me represents the wave itself or just the constellation of Sagittarius from where the wave came. Also note that she meets a little girl, with also a crown on her head. Yes, this girl is the one that never grows old, goddess of purity and innocence that to me is also Ishtar, despite the fact that many times , I wondered if they were not ,2 distinct entities. Now the time thing. They show like in many videos I already posted the clock hitting the 12 o clock. There is even a mention of Zenith in some video( Zenith is another name to midday) but I think the meaning is something else. http://i.imgur.com/F5ZRZA1.jpg I don't think it represents the exact hour the wave will arrive, since different places have different Time zones. To me the real meaning is connected with the "john gesture" sign as well.They say that gesture represents Sirius. If such was true this would mean that it was Sirius the star that exploded, which would be the same to say everybody is already DEAD since Sirius is only 8 light years from Earth. In resume, the doodle do not show any supernova exploding, but shows, the goddess that I have been talking about, meeting mercury like on the car add, and also the little girl meeting this old woman that to me is the event that will cause this entity to finally awaken and regain her powers.Funny that Tammuz, do not appears on the video.
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