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  1. Oohhhh, poor shep! the mentally ill nobody that thinks he is the nobody! No one knows about delusions as you! Poor man, poor site! No wonder there is no one here, except your insane self! Your site is pure trash!
  2. ohhhh...poor conspiracy outpost site. No wonder there is never no one here.(Not that there was ever on the beginning, anyways..) It is just shills talking to shills, pretending there i a conspiracy site running... where i saw this before?? lolol... Sad ( in a sarcastic pathetic way)
  3. Flea??? hahahahahahahahah You must be kidding. Well, at least you just exposed yourself to everybody as a shill. And a bad one... Everybody just watch it on full screen, it is obvious an spirit, and soon enough will be every like daily mail on others.
  4. A DEMON just appeared on the vatican LIVE transmission of the Sunday Angelus that happened just a few hours ago. Minute 16:42 The transmission is LIVE, and when the camera people noticed what was happening they changed the focus. The spirit comes from the window on the floor right bellow the pope and starts to fly !! The spirit is BLACK! Of course is black, after all, the pope is a demon. Everybody on the Vatican is a demon! That is the religion of SATAN!!
  5. Do you want to know how to spot when Alex Jones is lying?? Easy....Every time his mouth is moving.
  6. GREAT FOOTAGE !! Thanks OP. This is what real conspiracy forums should be made of. Things that others refuse to show. Also, don't be surprised if this video disappears in less than an hour from now. Oversensitive douchebags will waste no time to report it to youtube. For the ones saying that it is fake, no, the victims are real.This was a death ritual and that is why it was made exactly on the front of the Obelisk and of the illuminated capstone pyramid. If you guys knew what both real mean, you would really fast understand what this ritual purpose was all about. The only fake thing is the shooter. He was murdered way before the shooting even started.He is just an escape goat. This was a CIA created and illuminate orchestrate blood ritual.
  7. I also experienced something similar on first hand. One of my best friends on my earlier twenties happened to be a Muslim girl from Morocco. She was one of those "modern" Muslims that go to night clubs, wear short clothes and tops, drink alcohol and occasionally even smoked. She was very modern till the day I invited her to dinner at my home and she saw my dog. She looked at it like she was seeing Satan himself, and she looked distressed all night till she left. No surprise to say that she NEVER more dared to put a feet on my house ever again. And yes, i also noticed how the media bother to show all her academic "accomplishments", but not once they had the balls to say that her spoiled tantrum was only because she was a dog hating Muslim.
  8. Her name is Anila Daulatzai and yes, she is a MUSLIM. Here is her ugly self using the hijab. Heavy site has also a very interesting post about her with lots of pictures including her police record and everything. http://heavy.com/news/2017/09/anila-daulatzai-southwest-airlines-passenger-removed-professor-video/ Many people on social media already suspected she was a muslin even before her name was made public, because her claims were obvious false. As someone already mentioned Anaphylaxis, the type of allergic reaction that can cause death NEVER INVOLVES DOGS. Even if did, You would need to be TOUCHED by your allergen to get anaphylaxis.Being on the same room would never be enough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaphylaxis As you can see, She is a LIAR! She hates dogs, because in her stupid and barbaric religion ,dogs are considerate filthy. Humans are filthy not animals, much less dogs. She is an EVIL person, just like anyone that hates animals. Is well know that Muslims beat and kill street dogs and cats. I bet she poisons dogs and cats on her neighborhood as well. There is an special place reserved in hell for people like her.
  9. Pause the video at 11:58. The chubby white woman that is receiving Cardiopulmonary resuscitation , dressed in black and with nude underwear is Heather.

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