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  1. Delightfull! Guess i rocked up just in time! Tavistock is low grade pysops, yall aint seen NUTHIN yet
  2. stuff like "what is funnier than 50 dead sons of belial, in a ahrimanic temple?" not much. -.-
  3. excuse me, "jedi" are you NOT a fan of aleister crowley? you like him or what?
  4. Yes. Correct, and i seem to have picked up my first warning, how amusing. Did you know? Complacency with SODOMY, is just as bad as the crime itself. .. Its very late in the game to side with the sons of belial, and i seem to have found a nest here. Glad to see you Aus, on this site, i shall be FAR nicer to you, as i am not playing the same game i did on that other site, there i was teaching a lesson, and getting people used to my, way, of enunciating things, and see how effective i was, you recognized me, immediately. mwhahahaa, that, is a very very good sign, This site, is far better, and is NOT financed by the CIA, but instead by well meaning individuals. this i like. i am here, to fill my Book of Names, i seek gaylords, and their leaders, and all i need, is them to look upon my words, and the crows are off, the markers set, and the game afoot. i have placed some "trap" comments, and have already recieved a "warning" xD delightful, and o so, cute, this whole IN YOUR FACE incognito thing is working great! i really am what my picture says! they just dont know yet xD anyway, i hope yer spec.ops here, shoots plenny skinnys, we got zillions.
  5. I found Wormwood on World Wide Telescope

    i see. i shall share my treasures too, here, i been watching the black sun since, well, long,it will come when the time is right an not a moment before, it just chills there. southern hemis, 2012, now i think, its on way back past, soon the fun, Father lets me see all the spoilers
  6. Ah yes, those who do not know yet, this, is greatly pleasing. Thank you dear friend grav for your well wishes, but, we, are looking forward to this, "us" being the remnant of House of Knut and other associated Houses which came here in 1650. As one knows, "white" people, are made up of many tribes, the goyim, are mostly moab and ammon, which are white people born out of incest, the "round heads" i call em, the others are made up of the 12 Tribes, Benyamin, my Tribe is quite prominent down here in south africa, we are the truckers, the bikers, the hitmen, the bodygaurds, the enforcers and so on. Judah is here too, but they have chosen baal, so w watch with baited breath, as 2/3 of the whites here in south africa are marked or the cull. the skraeling, will rape, kill, and eat them. please find associated video, from 2010 already, you think you lot are into doooom? oh no, the Benyaminic Boers, LIVE DOOM. i think, this will "illuminate" the subject for those in the know. one, does not simply "choose baal" ,, and live. so i think, south africa, is in for a phat cull. and im VERY involved. will post pics. youll see. aaah,. the future, the smell of the gore, an carnage, far greater than any war.
  7. Well, i think i like this site, i was removed from my old one, and moved here, and i have already found, that which i was not looking for. i believe, the fun starts here, and spreads worldwide. the brexit, was no choice of the people, it is excuse for war. the iles have always been a rebellious state, and now rome will act, and use the mohammedans/ and, very interesting comment by raxoxane, how did you know head on pike is favorite method of this here gang i belong to? very very interesting, pre-cognitive id say.
  8. That is all that is required. i am beyond overjoyed to find eyes that will look upon True Treasure. i believe, what those Books say, with my heart mind an soul, and, i am certain, the Earth and Moon Book will blow your mind, and when you get to the moon bit.. youll understand why they never went back.. and wont.. xD and, the EXACT same description is in Swedenborgs Writings, my wife an i read it just last month, and that was the BIG link i needed, an did not even have to search. Blessed Sabbath enjoy the Book, it is, after all, according to Isaiah 8:20, "Bible"
  9. Yes, Jakob Lorber and Emmanuel Swedenborg are in COMPLETE and PERFECT harmony. They same the same things about the moon,. that i will not write here, and they never ever had any contact. Bertha Duddes Writings are also, in Perfect Harmony. i have read them all and they are One.. and when we speak of the contents, please use allegory, as to preserve the Set Apartness, if people want to know, they must go read, we answer questions to best of ability, but NO SPOILERS. :D Bless you Brother, i glad to have found you, expect to see ravens, they will say "CAW" unto thee.
  10. WHOA. That's a paradoxial question! YES i serve The Wisdom, YES i serve The Daughter of the Most High, how you know?? AND NO> iam not essene gnostic, i am biryonim zealot. Your question betrays knowledge of the veil an more, you have, staggered me with your question. i am a slave of She who must be Obeyed. and im not a follower of the sons of Sophia, i AM , her son. To be, exact, i am a thrall of Danu, ONLY Daughter of Most High Elohey YaHWeH Almighty, the Supreme Spirit, Tuaatha de Danaan. and i search for prey. the sons of belial. the sons of perdition. "gaylords"
  11. Yes, i know, the tune i sing, does not harmonise with the sons of belial, i am, anathema to you.
  12. Yes infact, i can, a option, neither flat nor round, nor the hollow one , i believe, what i read in a very old Book, The Arcana Coelestia, and the entire explanation of what i believe and why, is therin, http://www.jakoblorberbooks.com/e-books/Earth-and-Moon/ for the "TLDR" people, dont even bother. In this book, the Earth reveals herself as a cosmic body which contains nothing dead or inanimate. She is a pulsating, living organism, all of whose organs are precisely analogous to those of the physical human body: an inner world of wonders, where immense elemental powers express a planned and inspired process of development in which all natural occurrences take part. The first part of this volume, “The Natural Earth,” discloses much of the naturo-spiritual purpose behind the material or physical description of our terrestrial globe. The second part, “The Spiritual Earth,” describes the spiritual spheres which belong to the world of this Earth. Although this description begins in the physical world, it becomes a flash of the highest spiritual knowledge. Much more satisfying than the standard drivel that is out there.
  13. David cameron quits

    and the iron an clay shall not cleave unto each other.
  14. For quite a while now, the "protests" have been getting , greater, please compare the looting and riots here, with the food riots in Venezuela, here, its a lot funnier and crazier, as interesting things are looted. Sigh, Existence 2.0 looms, and it is wonderful, i can practically smell the burning hair an flesh, i hear the screams and my dreams are horror beyond, all this pleases me.
  15. pfft. the entire purpose of the flat earth lie, is to promote the adage of "nothing is real, everything is permitted" am ancient occult principle, aleister crowley also believed the earth was flat, therefore, all flat earthers are crowleyites.
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