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  1. Of course, he was part of advancing the previous attempts of the Dream Act along with Kennedy and Lieberman. The voters defeated their efforts. He is completely antagonistic in regards to this effort Joe ARPAIO PUT FORTH.
  2. The part of this dealing with Tavistock that always eluded me is better 'they' should NOT have occulted it but, instead, controlled the narrative of it.
  3. Mollyblue

    Signs of Possible DEW Testing

    Go back further than that, Senator Wellstone.
  4. Mollyblue

    Poking the Bear

    Yes, definitely a shadow of him lurking but you really can given the overall situation go further into history. I have been alerted that I have given my 6 allocated 'likes' but have not since yesterday so I am surmising my time zone is considerably off from the home port????????? My apologies for my error.
  5. Mollyblue

    Poking the Bear

    Brzezinski's wet dream.

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