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  1. It will be dark in Milwaukee in a few hours

    Only a 40% chance of precip tonight. That doesn't mean much around here. But Saturday night kinda made me feel uneasy on Sunday. A little bit about myself and Milwaukee. I am a 45 year old white male living in ''the hood''. The reason is I and my housemate pay $450.00 rent. Can't beat that for a three bedroom duplex in 2016. In exchange we cut the grass and shovel the front sidewalks for our and three other properties the landlord owns on the block. He's a friend of my boss's so it all worked out. There's a lady two houses down that says we don't know it but she has our backs. I think her kids are gang related and let the hood know we are there to help so don't f with the white boys. But there was no way in hell I was going to mow the lawns Sunday. I had no desire to get a bullet to the back while cutting grass. I live about five miles from where the ''unrest'' as they're calling it took place. Everyday I see how these ''people'' live. I see how they act. I see how they drive. I see how they dress. I hear how they talk. For some reason the male seems to have some sort of shirt allergy. They also think everybody wants t hear their annoying noise coming from their car rattling my windows and shaking my walls. It's really not pretty. Milwaukee is completely out of control. From what I understand the Chief of police and the mayor of Milwaukee are completely OK with it because if you think otherwise you're a racist. No more K-9 units. Those are racist. No more spike strips. Those are racist. Now Milwaukee county Sheriff David Clarke, he's a different story. He doesn't f around. He is very willing to crack sculls. And he does. If you're protesting and step one foot on county property, BOOM, off to jail you go. I kinda like him. In this city I never, NEVER leave home without my little buddy on my hip. Glock 23, 40 cal. Kinda big for everyday concealed carry so I'm looking to get a smaller buddy in the near future. Very near future. Don't even go out to the garage without him. And my sunglasses that record both audio and video. I was threatened in the parking lot of my grocery store about five months ago. Too bad I didn't have my shades yet. Woulda had that mf-er taken downtown. Never lived anywhere before that I felt the need to be that protected. I even lived outside Chicago most of my life. Call me a racist if you will but you have to be human for me to be one. I don't care what scientists say. They don't even know how many sexes there are. Two. There's two. How can I trust them? I never felt this way about the blacks until I moved to Milwaukee. It's truly unreal how crazy it is around here. This is my first post but I have been a faithful member since the beginning. Even before the reset glitch Shep had shortly after starting the site. I'm more of a reader than a poster. Since I've made my first post maybe I will be making more. Who knows. We'll see. One more thing. There's a lawyer group here called Canon and Dunphy. If you close your eyes during the commercial when Dunphy talks I swear you will visualize Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. It's eerily strange. It almost creeps me out. YouTube has videos if you wanna verify. Tell me I'm wrong. Alright. Gotta fulfill my contractual agreement with my cigarettes so I gotta go. Smell ya later.
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