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  1. Oh come on, just dress up as Muslims and engage in terrorist activities, you will make them very unpopular very quickly if you did that. I mean the UK govt pretended to be the IRA many times and blew stuff up which made the IRA very unpopular. That is why they used to call up and give warning a bomb was about to go off. I know a Scottish guy in NZ nicknamed Shaft (you know him?..lol). He told me Calcium tablets wrapped in clingfilm dropped in a car's petrol tank was what they used in many of those bombings, says you can almost calculate when it will go off the minute. He was connected and said the UK govt did more IRA bombings than the IRA themselves. We were discussing explosives (as he was a blaster up one of the coal mines) and he said calcium tablets where available over the counter at chemists and they were hardly likely to ban those. All you have to do is yell out Allah Akbar a few times and everyone thinks you are a Muslim. The papers will back you, they are tasked with starting a race/religious war so westerners can wipe out Muslims and take all their Oil....without having it on their conscience. "They were bad people to a man and woman raping kids and cattle everywhere spreading their evil religion of hate and they refused to eat Pork, the bastards!" "They just were not like us, how could they do that in a free world?" I have noted in the UK papers BP would really like to have their Iranian oil fields back. But without an excuse what can you do right? Problem what the UK papers would print about Iran didn't match up with the tourist travel shows we have in NZ where we would send our b grade celebrities around the world to see what places were good for holidays and what they had to offer. Hmm Fleet Street, falls within the City of London financial district http://www.newstatesman.com/economy/2011/02/london-corporation-city https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2011/oct/31/corporation-london-city-medieval You know why I don't think every Muslim is the devil himself? Because I am not subject to the UK and US press telling me they are 24/7. Sonny Bill Williams is of NZ top Rugby stars is a Muslim, and a very nice guy. There are lots of nice Muslim people, probably the majority of them. Look at our prison populations, yeah our people are baddies too. Do we all get tarred by what our baddies do? Well if the press said so then we would. If the press shoved it down our throats 24/7 we would be. They exist to program the public with select opinions, they take money to do so. I bet if NZ had a massive military to use around the world they would bet telling us how bad all the Muslims are. But as we don't they don't seem to bother to convince the people what we should be doing with our military and who we should be wiping out as if they are not even human beings. Hitler blamed the Jews, it worked well in Germany and we think they were so stupid for falling for it. No it isn't our governments that are robbing us blind, it must be some outsiders who cause all the ills of our nation. Threatening our way of life with the interest free muslin banking loans. Yes Islamic banks don't believe in interest rates and Banking cartels and corporations run the western world and governments....but I'm sure there is no connect there. I confess...it is damn hard top watch people getting played. It frustrates me they don't see it. Even worse if I get provoked into telling them they will end up turning against me so I should just shut my mouth...but I can't. I care too much obviously. But how can I fight the Suggestions that have already been put in people's heads? People defend those Suggestions with as much force as religious extremists defend their religion. I guess all I can do is point out who put those suggestions in their heads and hope they are smart enough to see their way out of it....before something really bad happens to a lot of people on both sides who don't deserve what is going to be served up to them which ultimately benefits the biggest banking corporations and mining cartels on the planet. Pink Floyd said it is hard work banging your heart against some mad buggers wall. Good Album and film. Perhaps I will see you guys in another lifetime.
  2. Trust levels in the CT scene are at an all time low. Too many betrayals and backstabbing has gone on. Often you keep people at arms length just in case. I had noticed BP saying at times he felt tired and worn out, made me wonder if he wasn't being worked over by occultic or technological devices. Plenty of people have pointed out the psychic warfare aspect of what goes on at CT forums. BP had exposed datashack and the bots run on sites, it intrigued him. He had a desire to not expose things until he had rock solid and tight evidence...but you can't always get that and it isn't exactly at the end of he CT spectrum I worked from. I was more from the theory building end where we acknowledged some information could never be found legitimately but you could see what it was from all the other pieces you had been able to find. That is the cutting edge of CT while known information is sort of yesterday's lunch. Yesterday's lunch doesn't bring people to the table I find. Very hard to find quality theory builder to bounce ideas off these days. Once you have the theory then you look for the hard evidence. Today we see a lot of things being exposed which were theory 20 years back and now they are verified rock solid. It is hard work running a site which doesn't really grow fast, you always feel like you are walking into a strong wind for little reason after a while. That said I have no idea why CTC closed either, I was surprised.
  3. The aftershocks from the CHCH earthquakes are still on going to this day and that is years later. Occasionally you get a 4+ but people are so used to it and it takes a 6+ there to cause damage now. NZ is the Shakey Islands. Two plates meet in NZ and the really big fault line hasn't gone off in a very long time. On top of that you have active volcanoes in the North Island we have cams on them so you can look if you like http://www.geonet.org.nz/volcano And earthquake drums everywhere, they even pick up the blasts from coal mining when they are using explosives. Some stats http://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/statistics on the bigger map http://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/statistics You might be interested in Ken Ring. http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/local-papers/upper-hutt-leader/5733582/Moon-Man-predicts-big-quake-by-2016 http://www.predictweather.co.nz/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=195 http://www.predictweather.co.nz/ Ken predicts weather (and earthquakes) from the Moon and it's influences. He has a core following with farmers as he is more accurate in long range forecasting then the met service. I have seen the Moon's influence on weather while white-baiting many times. Some old fellows pointed out the big Cloud banks will hold off hitting the land until the tide changes and comes in. If the moon affects the tides why wouldn't it affect the rain clouds as well. Ken has his detractors but has successfully predicted big earthquakes several times, not always to the day but within a day or two.
  4. Google was given their start up money from a known CIA bank. So was Facebook. So at the top somewhere the CIA has an office in each where they get rights on what is allowed and what isn't allowed and Google and FB go along with it as part of their agreements to get those start up funding sum, $500USD million each is what they were paid. Google famously doesn't pay tax.
  5. Imagine the ultimate counter reaction to this. I live in NZ, but most of my ancestors we from the UK so I would be deported to the UK and never allowed to immigrate anywhere. The USA would be empty except of Indians as everybody would be removed and put back where they came from. Etc It would cause wars as some overcrowded nations would seek to take over other nations and kill all the natives to get their land (*wink*). Desperate people do desperate things, doesn't matter what race, colour or creed they are. Don't forget who is behind all this, George Soros and the Globalists. They gave Syrian refugees $6000USD and pointed them in the direction of people smugglers and rat lines to get them into Europe. If you want to blame people they are the people to blame and they knew exactly what would happen to people stranded with nowhere to go. What would you do in these people's position? People are not going to give you a job, you have a family in many cases and there is nowhere to live and you have no money. What would you do? Create your own nation and claim your ancestors used to live there? (lol) The simple answer is to end conflict in Syria by backing the Syrian government and all these people can go home and be the problem of the Syrian government. But if you want to overthrow the Syrian government then this is going to go on for years and years. A new Syrian government might not want these people back. The current Syrian government is democratically elected, and we in the west claim to support democratic elections and their right to rule. So why have we backed rebels again and not the lawful government? Oil Pipelines. Once again we see our western governments are controlled by Corporations and not the taxpayers. So who are the bad guys again? Desperate people or us who refuse to remove our corrupt governments and the corporations who seek to drive globalism so they can make money and dominate global business? The UK, US, NZ, AU and Canadian special forces have been in Syria for 5 years covertly training Syrian rebels (who behead people and murder people) to overthrow the Syrian government who didn't approve some Oil pipelines because they were not going to be given a percentage or allowed to add Syrian oil to the pipelines which would have made Syrian debt free and rich. Who are the bad guys again? Because our governments and military entered into those action there is a lot of displaced Syrians who have been living in refugee camps for years, desperate to get out and have a good life somewhere else...just like the lives we get to have. They are so desperate when representatives of G Soros offer them $6K to get out they did and when from the frying pan to the fire. If people in Europe don't like what has happened them they should sort it out at the root of the problem. Bombing Syria into dust isn't going to help, that will make it worse. If people don't like the Syrian refugees then they should make sure the support of Syrian rebels is ended and side directly with the Syrian government. The only side which has is Russia, and many think Russia is their enemy. So they only people helping you is your enemy...ironic in the extreme. The Nazi's took national tension and unrest and directed it at an external force. The USA did the same after 9/11. (no Iraqis were involved in 9/11, but US ally Saudi Arabia were) Europe is doing so right now. See how easy it is to fool angry emotional people. Put the shoe on the other foot, what if you were a Syrian refugee? Yeah suddenly it is totally different story isn't it. They are human beings too, just like you and me. You cut them and they will bleed red, you treat them like crap and they will learn to hate you. Plenty of robbing, murdering and violence in our societies, our hands are not clean and our nations and people are not perfect either. But are we judged on the actions of a minority? If you treat people like crap they will turn on you. Simple fact. You get them on your side by showing humanity....or you can just ostracize and murder them and then complain when they hate you that they are not fit human beings. You think our military's in the middle east hands out money and flowers?
  6. I they are implementing it in China they will try and implement it in the west later. Google censors the Chinese people on the internet for the Chinese government. For all out claims we don't like or support censorship or lost of freedom we in the west are more than happy to do it for $$$'s. Google censors the NZ people on the internet on behalf of the NZ govt. They didn't even tell us until they got caught. They had been doing it for 6 months and never told us. The USSR used oppressive mind control measures on their population. China sought to use less oppressive measures of mind control on their populations, but used force if required. In the Western nations they use purely psychological mind control methods which are more effective and pervasive that the USSR or china use in my opinion. People in those nations resisted because they felt the heavy hand, In the west we don't know so we don't resist. Clever. The societal controls imposed on us are just as effective and seductive, we won't to get in line and do what we are told because if we do we can get what we want...as long as we obey the rules. Given that I can see if such measures were introduced in the west they would be welcomed with open arms as it would be advertised as giving the good people what they deserved and giving the bad people what they deserve.
  7. ZH is a contributor based content site. Psychonuat used to write for them, you get paid per article submitted and you are posted under the name Tyler Durden. For all we know Pnut himself penned that article. There are many many Tylers. They also take "named" contributors and occasionally cross posted articles. They started off only being a financial based information site and have branched out somewhat as their contributor base has broadened. I just referenced it because it backed what I know about G20 and the international banking system, politicians and world leaders are not there to make decisions, they are their to be told what to do, not the other way around. It is really the meeting between the reserve bank managers of those nations. They are a cartel and this is one of their "rig the game in our favor" meetings. As they are private corporations governments don't have control over them in any capacity. Without them a nation can't do international business. That is why they are in charge and not the other way around. The managers set monetary policy and the politicians do as they are told. They decide what nations get to do business in the world and which ones don't..like N Korea for instance who refused to submit and have a reserve bank owned by the Rothschild Banking cartel to control their currency. Can't say I am patriotic myself. You won't catch me defending the corrupt idiots who run my nation. I support governance by the taxpayer, after all they pay all the bills. It isn't a new idea, they call it Democracy, but only one nation in the world has it and it is ironically Switzerland where politicians have to ask the people to pass all their proposals. In an actual democracy the Politicians have no power. All power comes from the people, who happen to be the bill payers.
  8. They have the same policy for smokers over here in NZ seeking major surgery. Not for obesity as yet. Still is it free health-care. It isn't like they turn you down for not having money or not having health insurance. If you go private health-care there are no such restrictions (which is what this is really aimed at). It is optional in NZ, if you have the money you can go for private health-care. Funny thing is many doctors work for the public and the private health-care providers according to my Doctor friend. He said the public health-care system would work better if they banned that. There would be more Doctors available. Funny thing is the UK has spent more on their military in the last 2 years than in decades...and no-one can work out what they have spent the money on...but they have funding shortfalls for health-care. That is the angle you would attack if you wanted to rectify the situation. Money for murder but not money to save lives. That is what you would have on the protest signs. Taxpayers pay for everything, they should get to decide what is a priority in spending.
  9. Here you are, it is already decided before thew politicians even turn up. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-03/obama-humiliated-leaked-g-20-draft-reveals-more-fiscal-monetary-stimulus-coming?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+zerohedge%2Ffeed+(zero+hedge+-+on+a+long+enough+timeline%2C+the+survival+rate+for+everyone+drops+to+zero) With the September G-20 meeting set to begin any moment in Hangzhou, China, a periodic, toothless event which is noting more than an opportunity for world leaders to take photos such as this one (they picked the happiest photo of the batch)...... the draft communique has already been leaked, in other words the determination of the summit has been made before it even took place.
  10. Wouldn't make the slightest difference. The G20 is the 20 heads of the top Banks under the Bank of International Settlements. World leaders have no power and little say at those meetings, they are their to follow the instructions of the G20 not the other way around. I would suggest all of the intelligence services in the world have their intel directed to the heads of the BIS, they get to know everything in every nation. The Bank of International settlements is the only bank in the world authorized to do currency exchanges. When you change money it goes through them and they take a fraction of every transaction. They run the financial world. They are also Knights of Malta..who used to be Knights of St John and previous to that were known as Templars. They were also instrumental in tobacco, sugar, alcohol and opium trading. They made another fortune off it in addition to the ones they had already made. The Templars were known as the biggest money lenders in Europe until Phillip the fair and the Pope conspired against them and drove them out of Spain. They first took refuge on the Island of St John, becoming the Knights of St John. Later they took refuge on Malta and became the Knights of Malta. All of the heads of the biggest financial banks in the world are Knights of Malta. JFK's father was a Knight of Malta. JFK married a Shriver, Jakie Shriver one of the Bloodline families...but that didn't end so well. Switzerland (where the Bank of International settlements is located) has the Templar Symbol as their flag. They have fingers in all the pies.
  11. I don't think they can on a Sunday Shep. Something to do with the Shadow Proclamation. I watch a bit of TV from time to time. I'm pretty sure every time the aliens try and invade a guy in an old school police telephone box stops them. You should keep an eye on that guy. I suspect he is the key to knowing when an Alien invasion will occur. Who? I don't know his real name.
  12. One of my friends lived in Japan for 10 years. He came back to our hometown and I was talking with him in the supermarket car park. He said it would take him a whole day to do all of his messages ( an expression for getting all his groceries and stuff from shops etc)in Japan and in our hometown it took 45 minutes he said, left him enough time to talk to people in car parks he said. I like living out in the sticks. I am 20 kms out of a town now, close enough to get what I need but far enough out to have the peace and quiet. Out here I can play my guitar however loud I like. I sleep much better as well. No street lights.
  13. Pantheism. Natures Law, the strong takes the weak and deserves to do so according to nature. Sociopaths follow this, so do many occultists and people like Al Gore and the other nature worshippers. The weak are just fodder to them, undeserving of a place at the table. Humanity is the opposite of natures laws. We defend the weak. We took ourselves out of natures order. When you join Freemasonry you choose to elevate and set yourself ahead of the rest of the population. This reeks of Pantheism. Those who are prepared to do what it takes to get ahead rise to the top very quickly.
  14. Spiritually raised food has a positive impact on people I believe, the stuff you grew and put your positive and caring vibes into. Industrially raise food is the opposite, it has no spirit, it is dead or even worse. Buddhists put good vibes into their food as they are cooking it one of my Buddhist friends told me. Today people are becoming more barbaric. I often wonder how much of it comes down to food lacking in good spirit along with putting people in crowded areas no better than pens and filling them up with hormones, fear and unhealthy lifestyles. The energy in cities is very "muddy" I find. Bad vibes, power-lines and Wifi everywhere. Makes it hard to connect at times. Collecting that energy doesn't make you feel good, but for many it is exciting if ultimately deadening long term. When I go up to the mountains and in the forests and bush you can feel the energy pouring into you and all around you, peaceful and enlightening. Makes it easy to connect. You just mentally expand your magnetic fields and "collect" and then you are more balanced energywise and you think a lot more clearly and feel positive. I would never live in dense communities again. Makes you think a bit more about why they are hard core polluting the world. Kill the good vibes, make people more barbaric.
  15. I am good with BBQ's, but milking cows are not the best eating. The two theories seem to be :The stolen ones were used to replace old cows in someone's herd by swapping ear tags. Meat-works are required to know where every cow comes from before slaughter. Every cow and animal is tagged so they have complete records and NZ only has 4.7 million people, so finding records of all meat-works is easy. All have been asked to keep an eye open. The diary collection companies have also been asked to see if any farm has an extra 500 cows coming on line. They would produce an extra 20 * 500 liters per milking so it would be a significant increase (two milkings a day) and nothing has shown up. There is a big black market for meat...but that is centered in the north island around Auckland, a different island. I think they have gone to a dodgy pet-food food company myself. Not a lot of dead cattle over winter, but a lot comes in at spring with calving. The pet food companies are not under the same constraints as the meat-works, they take anything no questions asked. Most rustled cattle in NZ never turns up, so the cops have no idea what is going on. Normally it is only 10 or so but there have been cases of over 100 going missing at once. Some cases trucks have been seen leaving the paddocks late at night, but not close enough to get a plate number or make. The farm complex (two farms) my wife works on now have 2200 cows, 1200 on one farm and 1000 on the other. Some of the farms down here have 4000 cows on them. The average is running just under 1000. Before 1987 when they cut the farming subsidies it used to be 70-100 cows on a farm. All pasture feed, we don't do penned cow farming over here, very much considered to be a dirty business. Sort of thing they do in Europe or even the USA. That means a lot of NZ dairy farming is pasture management. My wife literally calculates the amount of grass in a paddock, and knows how much dry matter must be feed to each cow of each type of cow (a Jersey needs less than a Frisian) and runs electric fences to the size of each days (and nights) grazing. Grass growth is measured weekly. When it grows fast some paddocks are locked up to cut the grass off to feed the cows over winter after it has been preserved. Typically it takes 40 days to graze the same paddock twice but sometimes the grass grows so fast it is 24 days. If you stuff this up your cows go hungry and you lose production and go out of business. So you need fertilizer regimes, irrigation schedules. Supplementary feeds are also used when grass growth is low (start of the milking season), these can be Palm Kernel, sugar beets, kale, Silage, bailage, maize (grass won't grow where maize has been feed out). It is more complicated than running any other business, so many factors which change throughout and not always consistently.