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  1. Ethereum is the ONE?

    Good post. I learned about modern bar codes from the bar code hackers of Germany on Hackaday. They were hacking them to get free coffees because when you recycle your bottles you got a bar code chit. They worked out how they worked. Then they hacked card readers to get free train rides. But they got caught because they could match up the cameras with them getting the unauthorised passes. So what you do is put a IR LED on your hat and illuminate it. People can't see it and it makes bright orb covering your face on Camera. Then they hacked RFID chips and cloned them. They cloned a guys EU passport and used to to cross a border to prove a point. Those German hackers a good at bypassing everyday real life stuff. Finger print scanner (might as well be useless) even facial recognition can be spoofed using paper mache and a bit of make-up. Once you understand how the technology works you can make it work for you. The Internet of Things is going to cause havoc in the next decade or two I feel.
  2. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    I have been on the move a lot of late. I have a month before I am without internet again so I have to make the most of it while I can. I have spent a lot of late hours observing the US news channels. Wild stuff. So much travelling.
  3. Q is... a dis-info distraction!

    I have thought so as well on my brief internet journeys in the last few months. Winston Churchill suggested the Q boats. It was his idea and it made the War Bloody as no longer did the Germans allow the people off the ships before sinking them. He was in charge of the UK Navy at the time. Instead Churchill forced them to sink them from afar with great loss of life. He was also the person who suggested the UK government buy 50% of BP as a way of insuring the UK navy would not run out of Oil for their new Oil powered vessels of the day. Thatcher sold the BP shares off. But the Crown corp always owned the rest anyway as one of teh UK Queens investments. In the UK no-one is allowed to question the Queens business, not even the UK govt which is why no-one to this day outside of the shareholders knows who owns The Bank of England. Another of the hidden hand people if you look at some of his pictures. Major Q distraction. And why...for the same reason all those narratives exist. To stop people from taking things into their own hands. That is how edgy the US intel people think the US is right now. When you have someone saying an agency or authority is going to do the right thing people who might have done it for them relax thinking it is all being handled. I know who writes those narratives, the Office of Script’s which is a US military agency. They are never written by one person, they are the work of a team. The Sananda Material is also their work along with the channellings of Mike Quincy, the Galactic Federation of Light is another along with the Light Workers and the NESARA material. All those Psy-ops are directed at the same end, stopping people from helping themselves and solving their problem with their own two hands.
  4. Ethereum is the ONE?

    Logos are very interesting. Symbolism. Luciferians have to show they are to all who can read the symbols. Many corporations show who they are affiliated to as part of the rules of the game. RAND corp HQ is a big Eye of RA. The Swizz Company Holcim is the horned one turned120 degrees so it doesn't look like what it really is. If you are a Cyrpto currency miner Ethereum is good business right now. All the established currencies pay you a lot less once more miners are on board. What about the old 666 in every Bar code? Has that gone out fashion or did is get secretly censored away? Every Bar code had 666 built into it. You know the supermarket store ones on all the products. A big deal was made on this by the end of the world in 2000 people as a sign the Mark of the Beast was already here. Nothing can be bought or sold without the Mark says the Book of Revaluations lol Revelations. The first 6 tells the bar code scanner the code is about to start, the second is halfway through and the final 6 is at the end of the bar code to let the code reader know the code is over. Bar code readers read the gaps not the bars in case you did not know. The Beast of revelation was said to be Money. Money also has symbols on it. In occultic magic a Talisman is anything you can draw something on. Money is addictive because it is a talisman and is imbued with "attractive properties" shall we say. These crypto currencies seem very attractive do they not?
  5. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    So do you know how you do it or is it more intuitive? Maybe I am asking if it happens by itself or you have to do something to get it to happen? All my defying of reality has all happened under extreme circumstances. I have has a lot less results by simply willing it because I wanted it. Dice however I am good at influencing. I think it because they are random already so squeezing them to one outcome over another is easy. I learned it from reading a book of short stories when I was 12 called Henry Sugar which was written so well I thought it to be real....real enough to produce a result which gives you the acceptance into believing you can do it which opens the door further. That is why I am interested in what you can do and if it is conscious or unconscious. There are underlying mechanisms of reality I believe. I demystified crystal work describing it as tuned electromagnetic resonance and energy conduction using sympathetic resonance. In doing so I think the underlying mechanisms of the physical reality are purely electromagnetic in nature. I known some Hermetics who believe the electromagnetics are controlled by consciousnesses. They believe we are living in a conscious universe. I am just one of those people who have to know how everything works. The unknown fascinates me far more than the known I think.
  6. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    Were you ever in the gifted education programs? I have heard people in the USA talking about these and some people were surprised they had forgotten they were in them. I have been told gifted children in the USA are groomed into sectors controlled by MJ-12. They are known to look for highly intelligent and psychic kids. One theory was if they couldn't use yo they made sure to keep you shut down as much as possible.
  7. The Hidden Easter Eggs of Reality

    That is cool. I understand a lot of the stuff that got us thinking differently is often unable to be proved. I find this frustrating at times because I know what I believe is real is a result of many of these experiences. I also know someone who can affect weather on a small scale. I used to be fascinated by spoon bending as well. Even more so when I did some research and found the people said when of the right mindset the metal went like rubber but trying too hard always made it fail to work. (How could they lock up if you can bend the bars!!) My friend was raised by a family of traditional "magic" practises. Took me few years to really listen to what he had been telling me an understand it was real. His mother was crystal worker and knew a lot of interesting knowledge their family had preserved over a long time I gathered. I think we have more power over our reality than most people suspect. Most of us are just affecting our environment below our conscious level. Experiments seem to indicate the more people you can get involved in thinking the same thing at once the greater the affect you can produce. Sports matches produce this when the stadiums are packed. Players report when the crowd is behind you you can do feats beyond your normal endurance and physical capacity. Also being in the crowd can be intoxicating if you team has a big victory, no drugs required. This is part of a theory of mine. By influencing us the people into accepting what our media is telling us we are affecting reality in the directions the media controllers want and desire. If we buy into their story we start to make what was not real more solid than it should be. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I have been a keen observer of the information sphere known as the CT scene and the dispersal networks for longer than the WWW. existed. At first I did not notice what should wholly apparent to anyone today with a keen eye. I refer to the distribution of created narratives and directed narratives created for the purpose of disinformation and psychological adjustment. Of recent months many have exposed themselves rather badly. When you are contracted to print narratives you no longer have cover as you end up exposing yourself because you have to roll with the entire narrative whether you want to or not. Until then as a covert agent of psychological adjustment many personalities get to push and then withdraw to cover which extends their career as a “credible” Alternative Media spokesperson or personality. There is more than one network but when big operations are on they all host the same material and variations on the theme to make it look as if it is not all produced from a central point. Unfortunately anyone of intellect can see it all is. You can see it is co-ordinated. You can see the big networks and the smaller ones operating within the framework. My first exposure to this was in 1991, the Gulf War in fact. My parents had just got Satellite TV. I could see BBC CNN SKY NEWS Australia and several more international News Channels. I was interested to see who much their news varied from NZ news. I was a little shocked. First the BBC showed their reporter, claiming to be in one location and a Scud Missile was being fired in the background. They gave a report. 15 minutes later I see the same background on CNN, the same missile being fired yet the reporter claimed to be in a different place from the BBC reporter and the story was about something different from the BBC. 10 minutes after that I saw SKY AU and they had the same background, same missile being fired and claimed to being another place neither the BBC or CNN said they were. That was the day in 1991 as an 18 year old I found out The News is Fake as Required and when Required. The US military has control of the US media during any conflict when it comes to reporting on any military matter as a matter of national security. 99.99% of US citizens are unaware of this. They are one of the big networks and their influences extends beyond the boarders of the USA. US allies are also subject to US military propaganda masquerading as genuine news in their media. There are networks set up in all the US ally nations to facilitate the US military intelligence narratives as part of those nation’s defence agreements with the USA. But they are not the network I would like to discuss and expose here today. We have traitors among us. What, you are shocked? You are shocked the US military and intelligence community infiltrated THE ONLY SPHERE RELATING RESTRICTED UNCENSORED TRUTH? Of course they did, they had to for purposes of national security and anyone who served in the military will tell you there is no more paranoid mind in the world than a ranked General. Maybe a good defence contractor, they are good at playing the part to get more funding. It should be noted while Fox News is a defender of Trump and present themselves as all round good guys they are also selling you on upping the US defence spending contracts and promote joining the US military so they are clearly receiving US military money. The Parent Company was listed as a Hillary Donor. Which draws us to the Network pushing one particular agenda, attacking Trump. [I will make it clear what my opinion of DJT is, how can you trust anyone who’s father was with the CIA Mafia who built Vegas for the purpose of laundering illegal money for the CIA and US Mafia including the US Business Mafia today known as Deep State!!!!] -Doc. We see an agenda at play which is one side of an entwined business and political community (entwined because the business community owns the political community in the USA and has done for 100 years) who is at war with another with many playing both sides. We see pawns getting picked off as the bigger players sacrifice pieces to keep a step ahead. People are burning assets as distractions. This is typical in gaining leverage until you have control then you call the war off. Who runs Trump’s Numbers? The Tax policy of DJT is the tax policy of Goldman Sachs, the media commentators could never say that because GS is a big player in Deep State and owns kings and queens on both sides. They can’t lose so this is nothing more than amusement for them. None of their CEO’s are going down for sexual harassment. In all of this we see who the sides really are, a huge polarization and they are waking up to the fact they got played by the people they were desperate to play themselves. Nothing f#cks off Real Established Players more than power seeking money grubbing thugs like the Clinton’s and their Ilk climbing the ladder where genuine mouldy money that stinks of blood and war lives. They despise those who seek to rise beyond their pedigree because that is how they obtained theirs and they know what a threat that is if not dealt with. So the game has been about exerting extreme pressure to see how fun it is the break the people who didn’t align with them and act like puppy dogs on command. Watch them run and hide and try and get their own networks going while everything is in flames...unless the Real Masters decide it is over and that is going to take more than grovelling. I suspect some people are being made an example of for a reason. Perhaps they made them ask twice. All of which plays into our hands as observers of patterns leading to the uncovering of data previously occluded. What do we see? Newsblok shows part of it. You can see the independent The Guardian is biased or simply a tool of a network. Drudge...oops, why would they expose themselves like that? Because when you are owned you have no choice. Right now you can see one side of The Big Disinformation Network clear as day across the Alternative Media. Sites who are paid to play. People who are paid to play on forums. It doesn’t take a genius to see it. People know the MSM is fake on demand. People often overlook on behalf of whom and on orders on whom. The US military has an office in every US Media agency in the USA where news is vetted. When the Chief Editor of the New York Post was asked in the Wikileaks Documentary why he leaked the information existed to the US government before anyone could print them his exact words were, “In the USA you have to run the news passed the Government.” Google also has a contract to censor and restrict material to US IP addresses with the US government. Facebook has a contract with the US government to censor and restrict material to US citizens and many extended users. Those are open Media services, then we have the other services you don’t know about. These are companies and people who place material in the Media and in the Alternative Media. Sanctioned Narratives and Narrative saturation to adjust public and user opinion in all possible Media Spheres. We should call them Mind Control Services, Opinion Creation Division. PR firms specialized in this in Newspapers. They could mind control readers using advertising. Not everyone is affected but enough to improve business. however they are in the business of making money. What about when you are creating opinions for people who are not intending to use the result to make money? We might call this Psy-op services. Also a speciality of PR firms like those of Edward Bernays who sold an illegal invasion of Guatamala to restore the United Fruit Corp to power as liberation from communist rulers. A bit like how Gulf War One was the Liberation of BP’s oil from the Iraqi army was sold as driving back an illegal invasion of Bad Iraqi’s who will probably be attacking the USA next. A bit like how Invading Syria with a multi national task force to secure the nation so the Saudi Oil Pipeline can go through to Europe is sold as a Civil war between Syrian loyalists and Syrian rebels. A bit like how they sold Vietnam as saving the nation from communists rather than saying they were securing the golden triangle for the CIA to manufacture drugs and export back to the USA causing the biggest drug problems of all time in one nation over the decades following to break down US society and weakened it so Military Corporatism (you haven’t seen that yet but it is where the Military take over and everyone has to join the army and like it) can take over and rule. The USA actually won that war but could never tell anyone outside of the gang about it. Nothing is as the Media and even Alternative Media tells it because they are owned by the people creating the reality we are told is real and correct. They paint the picture of the reality we don’t witness with our own eyes and if they play upon the prejudices they created over years we are fooled because we have been programmed to accept a response without thinking. That is all they really care about, creating a response they can use against you to get you to buy into their BS and give it your full support. In the USA if you back Trump you will buy into what he is selling or anything which shows him in a positive light because you have been programmed to be biased. Likewise so have the Hillary supporters, the Left, BLM, ANTFIA. So easy to manipulate LGBT or any minority group by saying you support them, then pointing the big finger at the people you want them to attack for you. Everyone is getting manipulated by a very small group of people using a network we can all now see .
  9. Am I an Anomaly!

    I agree with that. If you do not and you do mange to tap in you will be consumed by the experience and power. Intuition....... can be calculation by the subconscious I believe. My wife is highly intuitive. In women the nerve which links the right side of the brain with the left. She said in Maths she could write the answer to long calculus equations and get it correct but not know how. Her subconscious worked it out and rather than confuse the limited consciousness which is very slow by comparison (about .23 second back from the breaking wave of reality). I have road intuition. I know when cops are on the road and when I will come across a vehicle even though there is no view previously. I think there is a form of conscious connected to us which dwell beyond the physical form simultaneous. Some call this the higher self or unconscious self, but is knowing and it knows things we cannot with our front-end consciousness. The more you think the more you disconnect from your higher mind it could be. In extreme circumstances I have had reality slow down and pause and I ran mental simulations on what to do next to save my life. Sometimes thousands of them until I hit a possibility and explored it until I got a successful outcome and applied it. During some of those experiences time slowed down to zero, the quantum barrier or reality where things have not happened yet are are happening on the very edge. Reality is flexible at this point because things have not happened yet are are occurring. Normally your consciousness is set back .23 seconds from when things did occur so trying to alter reality is like trying to lift the entire universe at once. Not so when you are at Time =Zero where things are occurring. That said I believe what I believe because of a series of experiences which I suspect most people don't experience. Sometimes this make what I say a bridge too far mentally.
  10. Many reading this be here in this sphere of “able to be accepted reality” or expanded reality or perhaps unrestricted reality will be here for the same reason as I. You saw something or experienced something which could not be explained by orthodox science. For many this snapped you out of a programmed restricted reality which was restricted by mentality. More accurately lack of information which gives understanding and expands what you know about the limits of apparent reality. Reality has two distinct parts, the hard part we all see as apparent and a mental part which exists in our minds. The hard part has one perspective and is inflexible. The mental part is multifaceted and a multitude of perspectives are applicable. Throughout the ages well have explored the mental side of reality as well as the apparent hard part. The tool invented was called philosophy and it rules are very simple, logic and reason are the only tools we can use to delve the mental space because they remain consistent no matter what. Then what is taught is what is a bad argument and faulty logic. What can be produced is a person who knows how to argue and explore reality logically and obtain a result anybody can understand if they follow your chain of logic. In practise this works by a person making a proposition or postulation on how something works. Their fellow debaters try and make it fail using logic and reason in their arguments. In the process the person who made the postulation has to expand and flesh out the details to those seeking to see if the argument is at fault or uses faulty logic. It is through this we developed the hard sciences to test postulations proposed by Philosophy to see if the thinking and logic chains were correct and if not be able to alter them to be correct. Through Philosophy we have invented the modern world. It is based on logical testable arguments which result in new knowledge being discovered. The application of new knowledge brought the Age of Innovation following the age of Enlightenment (when the churches doctrines were finally rejected after the dark ages and people once again decided to follow logic and reason) So to sum that up when we want to find out the answers to thinks we don’t know about or are just discovering we have to use the most advanced philosophy techniques. We explore mentally then see if real life testing is possible as yet with our current technology. Even if what we postulate is not able to be defeated by logical argument it does not mean it is the truth. It does mean it has to be considered seriously until otherwise disproved thus creating The Scientific Method; That which cannot be proved must be taken as a genuine possibility no matter how outlandish until otherwise disproved. In every debate or argument one must first define your terms. If you do not bother doing this people end up arguing over definitions rather than understanding what the postulation is really about. That said now we get to Easter Eggs hidden in reality. Glitches in the Matrix some people call them. Things that happen which cannot happen but did happen, sometimes only with one witness who is rarely believed by anyone else. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Many people know me and know I grew up in New Zealand. In NZ we only had 2 TV channels and where I lived we only had one of them until they expanded the repeater network and finally we had 2 TV channels. In NZ we got UK TV shows and US TV shows. One of those shows inspired many people to not be locked into limited reality. It was a US TV show called That’s Incredible. Many pieces on the show featured unexplainable “miracles”. Today we would call these Glitches in the Matrix or the Hidden Easter Eggs as I like to think of them. This is one. A lady lifted the Trailer Unit of a rolled truck with one arm on the side of the highway after it left the road and landed on her child. She pulled her son out with the other arm. It is an impossible act, witness by more than one person. Her arm cannot have held or lifted that weight, it is physically impossible. She should have sunk into the ground while doing so and no-one can lift huge trailer units let alone with one arm. She said she didn’t think about it, she just did it. This is common when people defy apparent reality with their minds and achieve an in the flesh result. Suspension of disbelief is required. People have to believe 100% or believe it can’t be done. In most cases the time factors were so critical people failed to think of anything except producing the result they desired. You could indeed say They Used The Force. Sceptics can always find a way to suggest it was not a alteration of reality, that is how their minds work. They look with biased minds that are closed. To explore reality fully you need to use belief and doubt as your tools just like in Philosophical arguments. You can’t use just one or you might only get half the answer. An example of this is people to try an alter reality on purpose rather than by happen-stance. If you do not believe you have these abilities you will not be able to use them. This is critical and why we have to use belief and doubt to explore mentally and get the full answers. I would like to ask people to share their experiences of glitches in the matrix and suggest how they think it worked or went down before going on too much further. I have done a lot of work on this over the years looking for answers and I guess sometimes you are looking for validation by having someone else reach the same conclusions independently. Have you witnesses or done something impossible? Unable to be explained by orthodox science? One thing I have noticed discussing this with many people over the years is how people tend to forget or over time get sucked into thinking that can’t have really happened and they often forget until something prompts them into remembering.
  11. The book is good. It was Earnest Clines first novel. An easy read for anyone and hard to put down. He has only written 2 so far and the second one has only just been printed. I read it on a recommendation. Only took a day to read and of you grew up in the 1980's you will love and laugh the whole time you are reading it. People can still read books can't they? If you are knowledgeable with 1980's culture you will enjoy it to the max. Fellow Author Patrick Rothfess said is felt like it was written just for him. I felt the same way. I was not surprised to see it picked up as a film immediately given the block buster story line. They have been covering up the Spielberg pedogate connections until this is released. Epstein, Weinstein Speilberg, all Hollywood Jews. The book tells of virtual reality created by a couple of geeks who didn't want corporations to control it. As Energy ran out in the USA people fled to the cities on their last tank...and never left living in trailers stacked on top of each other. Living in James Haliday's online Oasis. Halliday decided perhaps it was not such a good thing before he died... As he was a child of the 1980's he told the story of the first Easter Egg hidden in an Atari Game (this is a hint as the reality we live in also is full of Easter Eggs if you know where to look.) which was the game creators name as Atari we real aceholes who didn't even put the game makers name on the game. He loved it so when he died he said who can find the Easter eggs and solve the puzzles will win control of the Oasis. He leaves his ex-partner to covertly guard the integrity of the game, but no-one knows this. The clues are in 80's culture people think...5 years later no-one has found even one egg. People form clans etc like in other MMO games bet real Gunters (egghunters) work it alone. A corporation, IOI (on off on, perhaps symbolising IBM , -Evil Corp- was my feeling whole reading, but a corporation who likes to play God) pays people to help them in their "clan" promising to share the prise with the hunters as ong as they hand over control to IOI. These IOI hunters become faceless anonymous in the Oasis.Strom Trooper looking. Haliday's partner had formed free online schools as a humanitarian effort. This is where our protagonist enters the story. At school you can look like what you want to look like. You have levels, and teleports are expensive limiting kids with no money to home planets or free transport planets like the school planet. Virtual real estate is sold online and added on the growing universe, the star-wars parts and star trek parts meeting at boundaries . The Wet dreams of scifi geeks made real in virtual reality. Very epic. Just remember, no-one looks like their avatar in the flesh. It is a scifi story, a love story ,an action film and mystery film rolled into one with the protagonist being the kid you wished you were or perhaps the kid you were back in the 80's. The battle scene at the end will be epic as it is all the independents taking a run at the corporation who has decided to cheat using a unique artefact (there are all sorts of cool ideas in the book) which blocks all another players from having an attempt at the Final Gate thus reducing the notion of fairness which provokes all the independent Gunters to take a run at them. Bit like the suicide run on the Death star with epic battle mechs which transform like some Japanese fighting robot cartoons. In the Game if your character dies you have to start from level one again. I liked the schools where you could mute people you didn't like to listen to, and they could see you had muted them. As an aside Sony Corp patented the technology to make VR online in 1997. I predict once rolled out it will be the most addictive thing ever invented and people will work their lives so they can spend minutes or hours online fulfilling every fantasy they every had. It requires a lot of AI to run, (think of all the billionaires trying to get AI shut down because of how much money this will make the people who perfect the system. They will be God within the system)at least one per user. Your Silicon Valley God could indeed make all of your fantasises come true in this sort of environment...and humanity would be lost forever never finding our way our of the VR we are already playing back to where our real reality is. To date the Sony project has killed a host of test users. They keep it as quiet as possible. The most addictive thing ever made, a VR environment where you could defeat the Maxim described In Fight Club. Tyler Durden suggested everyone was going to be upset when they grew up and found out we aren't all going to be rockstars etc. Those boundaries will be removed and those who become addicted.....nothing will make them feel as important as the VR world and they will worship it because it gives them everything they every wanted.....except a real life and a way out back home. There is a good chance this will be considered the best film of the decade.
  12. That is way cool Shep! Very Awesome. You can't see it but I am giving you a standing ovation.
  13. That is very cool feature. Occasionally out here in the sticks in farming land the power goes off in the night and when I get up my IP has changed. Can you give me an example of what would happen if (and when ) this occurs? Thanks. Just occured to me I might possibly get locked out if my IP changed depending one what sort of setting you might have on this feature.
  14. The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    Yeah, that is Bannon's playbook(Former Naval officer Steve Bannon, don't forget that detail). Leak something you know they have done but in the leak you make out it was one of your team who is compromised so they leap on it and give it some air, inflate it. Then you allow the initial fake accuse to be cleared and in the high drama of name calling and accusations pin the tail on the other side for doing exactly what they were complaining about. 60 minutes might have just destroyed themselves by accident. They clear the guy who next week gets nailed publicly with info out of the Wiener incriminating him for exactly what 60 minutes seemed to clear him of. In doing so 60 minutes is destroyed, Bannon and Rupert Murdoch collect another scalp on their way to clearing out the opposition and taking their higher seats at the US media table. Another classic Machiavellian move is is to support someone so close and get them to put themselves out there a bit more...then withdraw all support and you were their biggest supporter until then which makes them look real bad and they lose their other supporter base as well as they feel if the big backers have gone then they are vulnerable. But what is this all about? Thanks for the Memories (a book) details the life of an MK ultra sex slave. Her account shows this ring has been in existence for a long time in the USA. She fingered Bob Hope as the US Jimmy Saville and links it right into Ed Sullivan and the whole TV and Hollywood scene. She said she saw the Jackson 5 raped minutes before they went on the Ed Sullivan Show. The whole "Rock stars and film stars service the elite on request." would seem to be legit. It is your ticket to fame and wealth, just let them use you when they want. Laurel Cannon productions has shot more films than any other film company in the USA and none of their films are for the public, but they are known to feature many celebrities and film stars. Then you have the whole MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave aspect. I know how it is done. There are plenty of ways. I know a former US soldier who was a specialist who was trained to go behind enemy lines as one of the locals (Muslims are pretty dumb to allow women to be covered up, how can you tell, who is a US spy and who is a Muslim women?). She told me she couldn't remember most of her special training, they did it to them on purpose so if tortured they would go into an Alter who knew nothing and could watch themselves being tortured to dead. She said many times she woke up on a gurney and was told she died and they brought her back. (Submerged in drums of ice water until they entered near death states) They would stress them out to deep stages of mental trauma (another reason why some many kill themselves and another cause of PTSD, some soldiers get PTSD and they never saw a front line or fired a gun ever wonder how that happens?) where you can have mental insertions and programming which you can't resist. To this day she cannot type the number 0 on a keyboard. Her finger will not press it, she can't make her finger press it. That is how they check the programming worked. She also witnessed mind control weapons being tested in Iraq on the people. She told me in the military they are called Novel weapons. She served 20 years ago. 20 years ago they were putting specialists through mind control programs to improve performance in the field. Under pressure (and programmed command) their created Alters would come out and soldiers would lose all fear enabling them to perform better and kill on command without crying about it. Right now Iraq is an ongoing series of massive mind control experiments. Prisons like Abu grabi were programing centers where people were broken and then they tried to see if they could get them to be suicide bombers etc. That is why there are no objectives over there, no war to be won. They are experimenting on US personal as well. Trying to make that perfect cold blooded killer and they do. Those guys end up as Military contractors who can break all the rules of warfare. They will be the people shooting US resistors when the time comes because they will pull the trigger on anyone without a care. This whole thing is so dirty and all connected. Who were the programmers of the MK Ultra slaves? Who were the programmers of the Military specials? I guess you would call them Black Level psychologists, but that is their profession, psychologists. The same profession which makes up 50% of PR firms. The same profession who experiments with people on GuLP. Many of them are occultists because of the tools available to mess with people's minds. Power is gained by being the provider of something others cannot supply, sex slaves, drugs, and status is what rules the pawns of the elite. These people must realize it is Goldman Sachs doing this to them not Trump, he is just the tool. If Goldman gets the concessions they desire the people will walk. Goldman probably has them freaking out, telling them stuff like "Well we will try but Trump is such a loose cannon who knows if we can bring him around." to rack up the pressure. (I would have done that in their place to get what I want. I am a nice guy but I have b*st*rd's mind and the b*st*rd's mind makes all things valid and dam laws, consequences and morals, all that matters is results. In having a mind like that I can see how ruthless aceholes would do things. Nothing is beyond people like that, all they care about is getting what they want and getting away with it. No options are off the table for them.) I'm going to do a bit more homework on the people at Goldman and the owners. That should help us predict their objectives. They seem to be critical in the Trump presidency, the power behind the throne. Obama was easy, all you had to know what projects Chase Manhattan had backed and those business partners spheres of business and industry. Small wonder the Russians always seemed to run rings around them. Not hard to see what is going on if you know what your opponent's desires are and who they are. AJ got burned today. He must think the pay-off is going to be worth it.
  15. The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    Good reasoning. I know things like pizzagate are happening because we were told that 25 years ago repeatedly. It was a huge theme and the one which turned me from a passive CTer into an activist. Couldn't bare to stand what was being done to men women and children and do nothing. The number that are tortured to death in ritual workings as well as life long abuse until they are dead is not able to be accurately calculated but I will give you a rough minimum number for the USA. 450,000 people per year. That is how many go missing each to never be seen again in the USA. That is how out of control it is and doesn't count the breeding houses and pits where people are born and die unrecorded by our system. People breed by scumbags to be abused and used. Old school CT said you didn't get to top of politics of the military without killing a kid and raping one in front of witnesses. It is the insurance they have on you which allows them to trust you and work with you. Sociopaths can't trust someone they can't destroy. You get sociopaths to work together by having shared secrets which would be destructive to all of them. That is what Pizza-gate is to them, the thing if pursued which leads to an mass unraveling of occultism, politics and the Judiciary. In ritual occultism if you can break the mind of a person with reality they can access things which allow them to manipulate reality. They often do this to their own children. The people they do this too are useless in the real work, you would think them intellectually handicapped. They are always looking for talent to use, breaking kids is just one of their tricks to gain power, to develop a slave to your will who can do things you cannot. The power structure is littered with these people.