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  1. Saudi Arabia Just Bought President Trump

    Yeah. The three top US oil refineries are now owned by the Saudi Oil company. But that deal was done before Trump was Pres. The final handover was done during his first 100 days, but the deal was done under Obama.
  2. Hey it will always be the WWF to me with Jesse the body Ventura in the box with Vince Mcmahon in the other commentator's seat with Mean Jean Oakland at ringside. Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades Mcmahon. - Jesse Ventura, actor.
  3. friction! Is it related to gravity?

    Do you know what a Particle is and what it is made of? Do you know what Fundamental particles are and what they are made of? Show us how clever you are without looking it up or quoting another source. If you did you would understand the foolishness of what you just said.
  4. friction! Is it related to gravity?

    Sorry that isn't going to fly with me. if you want to diss orthodox physics like I do you have to know what it and what it is about before you see all the holes. My friends paid over 100K for those qualifications. I pad nothing because I wanted the education not the qualifications. Physics, particle physics, Quantum physics is what I learned followed by vibrational physics which is not taught in Orthodox science. When my orthodox education was complete I could see what they have not yet explained which is able to be explored. Some years after that I found it wasn't they didn't know, it was the information was censored and restricted to Government research programs which scientists are invited to joining of they show enough knowledge. Very few people get to know and all of them have to be contracted to keep their silence for reasons of national security. But I blab because I am not under contract to anyone. I gave the orthodox explanation because that was the question asked. To date the orthodox answer has yet to be disproved. Until it is it still stands. I can hardly answer a question not asked of me. Just because you haven't read all the books I have doesn't mean I will let you off for being flippant over facts which are able to be proved and have been proved and can be proved anywhere the experiments are conducted in the world. That is what science does. It shows demonstrable proof which can be replicated. If it can't be replicated it is not considered as valid. This divides physics into two areas. That which can be proved and that which is theory which hasn't been proved or disproved yet. Theories and Proofs are what science is made of today. Proofs are indisputable. Orthodox science it not entirely settled. Many theories are being disproved right now and science has found new things they have yet to report to the general public. My buddy is in Texas right now are part of the project which predicted data to be gathered off two black holes colliding. They did not predict what happened, in fact everything previous had suggested nothing would result but it did and it blew their minds as previously no gravitational effects had been witnessed as the result of electromagnetic fields colliding. It has created new Axioms and what they told the public was not all of the data, only a fraction which they themselves don't fully understand all the implications of. Summary, "Tell me I don't know what I am talking about again and I will pay you out even worse." People who know me in the flesh no better than to dis me without hard evidence. I don't back down to bullies. I was beaten black and blue by bullies as kid and when I became a man...you get the idea. I bow to no one.
  5. I never throw anything away, but I don't have to run when it goes down. I did love the minimalist lifestyle in the 1990s. Very liberating. You are not a prisoner of your desires for more stuff you don't need. I was a devout Christian who believed the rapture would occur just before 2000. It was a big buzz in CT at the time, the end was coming and those left behind would face the NWO and die painfully or be subjugated under Lucifer. I was more devout than any church going Christian I had ever met, I didn't have a job just as Jesus recommended nor did I seek possessions. They used to make me sick, Sunday Christians.
  6. Yup. Even the CT scene. I was a long time reader of a CT magazine called Nexus. An older friend told me it was a controlled source, he was urging me to read New Dawn instead. What he pointed out was a 6 year cycle in the magazine. After 6 years they would recycle items under different titles with slightly different themes but all the same in the end. That was 10 years ago. We are in a psychological washing machine being put through a process which will cause people to leave CT forever after they have been processed. Interested people get crunched and turned off disillusioned after they find out they have been conned. We have just witnessed one cycle where AJ was the betrayer this time and many will leave CT and never look back because of him. Just one of many in the line up. Bait and switch, clif high is good at it, David Icke, Wilcox, Noam Chomsky, Mike Quinsey who claims to channel the galactic federation of Light (or who he works for), Poof, Zap and others of the Rumor Mill News team with their NESARA scam along with Gordan Duff who backed the obvious fake story dropping his long time ally Duncan Roads right in it blowing his cover. They say soon, next week they say soon, there have been some delays but Ben Fulford's Chinese dragon pink Ninjas will kill all of the Dark Cabal, but next week after everyone has donated to the site. Here we are just one piece of the CT spectrum. You should check out the crap they sell the targeted Christians with the Sananda material along with exerts form Kyron and the old crew of Light workers and channeled material etc. My buddy pointed it out to me last month on a trip to my hometown how that sector of CT is being heavily manipulated and distorted well out of line with the traditional light worker narratives (he is from a traditional bloodline who teaches their kids all the lore). We don't see many of those people in our sector of CT as they are virtual prisoners of sites like Abundanthope and other similar sites. Under the grip of people who use names like Lotus Feet and Mighty Maggie who lead these people around by the nose.
  7. Ask my family what I do during the evening news. They will tell you I abuse the TV for about an hour and rip the presenters a new one. I can't watch it in front of the uninitiated, it freaks them out when i say the news is wrong or 4 days out of date. I watch to see what they are trying to get everyone else to think. The Media is the weakest link in their chain. Of all the points to attack that is the one to hit first because of it's power over people and because their instruments are weak people themselves, easily broken. 10 minutes water boarding and you would have the confession which changes the world.
  8. friction! Is it related to gravity?

    In a physics book. Beyond that I don't know of one. Hidden Unity in Natures Laws by John C Taylor suggests Gravity is a mistake by science which has yet to be rectified. The formula for electrostatic charge and influence over distance is exactly the same as that for influence of gravity over distance. No mechanism has been found for gravity yet in orthodox physics but black level physics has it. Ask someone from Area 51 or Pine Gap.
  9. friction! Is it related to gravity?

    If you don't understand the orthodox how can you understand the difference between orthodox and unorthodox. I got both educations, it is required to explain this to people of both sides. You can't get into unorthodox physics unless you understand Orthodox physics. Did you want me to tell a lie when someone asked me a straight question? Yes objects are 99% empty space, but that empty space is moving at 5 trillion oscillations per second which makes it seem solid to us in our limited frame perspective of 12-13 frames per second. You need both educations to understand it all. Unorthodox physics is not able to be understood without knowing Orthodox physics. In my explanation I have used both, but you didn't see. You didn't want to and that stops you from being a truth seeker.
  10. Absolutely, changing the timing alters the pitch. My buddy did an audio engineering course they we told the tricks of drumming in relation to the 7 hertz frequency myth and how to achieve with drums. As a lead player I improvise as I go in tune with what my soul tells me. (all real musicians can do this) I rarely played the same lead break twice ever. I can't even recall it after I have played it. To do this and sound good you use scales and modes and Passing notes. Passing notes are not always in the scale and are the tool of Jazz musicians. I can play a note outside the scale and it won't sound right unless I alter the timing of the note long (a delay) if you get the gap right it sounds right instead of wrong. Consonant instead of dissonant. It is very cool trick I like which raises eyebrows for those who have yet to learn it. Vibrational physics is all the same. It has been hidden in music theory for any to find and relate back to vibrational physics. How notes relate, scales and modes, harmonics, virtual vibrations caused by overlapping beats of two or more fundamental vibrations (actual strings or resonating objects) which produce a audible sound. A C and G plucked simultaneously on a guitar produce a note one octave lower than the G but not quite as loud. Have you been in Drumming circles? In my home town a guy runs some. You can lose many hours in those. I can play a kit with the rudiments but as guitarist my hands don't like to leave my feet alone, enough to teach someone else to basics. Para-diddles and para-papa-diddles. Some of my friends were brass band players and pipe band players who got formal qualifications in drumming. I like showing my son this interview with Ginger Baker about drumming. Ginger and Mitch Mitchell were the gods of their day outside of Jazz drumming. My brother's drummer in his band is a fully qualified Jazz drummer.
  11. We can sell our signature for any amount we desire. It is how money creation i done currently. Every US dollar and note has a signature on it authorizing it to be what it is worth. We can all do that. In fact any one of us could pay off the entire world debt with a single signature. It really is funny money. But that is the current system, they are seeking to crate a new one. Micheal Tellinger is very famous in South Africa as an activist who campaigned against Apatite among many other activities.
  12. It is not without values as long as you know it is PR which is what Edward Bernays renamed it saying Propaganda had negative connotations. Now you know what they want us to think you can puzzle out why. Back in the 1990s they were so slack if they said black you could see it was really white so you did or thought the opposite of what they told you. It got more sophisticated after that to the point where nothing they said had any value. That is the MSM I have been watching for the last 25 years. So you hopped over the the ALT media who told it like i was, briefly before being consumed by those who own and control the MSM. The ALT media peaked in the second half of the 1990's as in 1990 itself the investigative journalists were fired in the western world replaced with flunkies. Those investigative journalists who were fired started the first real ALT media in semi revenge I feel. Now few of those remain. Once the MSM gets you to believe in one lie they build off that lie and extend until it has no relation to any truth at all and the people are living in a fictional world inside their heads. It has really been 25 years of Propaganda. This is a fear cycle directed at US and perhaps UK people. They had a go to trying to scare NZ about nuke war in our media last week, few bought into it, but in Australia next door they told them N Korea could nuke Darwin. Fear cycles are used to justify something the public normally would not approve of. Now we wait to see them see if they can make it peak and then await the suggestion, the poison pill if you like. IF enough people swallow it the controllers get their way. The only people fighting them and their Psy-ops are us. It is important to explain to people what is about to be done to them so they see through it.
  13. War is a Racket by Smedley Butler, the man credited with stopping the US business plot in 1933. He was a US general who said all he ever did was act as a strongman for the arm corporations of the USA. That was way back in the day. His book is an eye opener considering the time period it was written in. It is all about robbery of the US people. The Defense Sector's great wealth has it foundation on US taxpayers who make them rich. All you need to do is find a way and justification to plug into that taxpayer wallet. That is their longest running scam. Imagine what that money could have done to US infrastructure, US education, US research if it wasn't being stolen by stealth. They have held back the USA to make themselves rich.
  14. Iran is a very nice place. We have tourism to Iran from NZ along with the tourist travel shows promoting the experience and culture. We have B list celebrities we use on travel shows. They rave about the food and the friendly people. You don't have to stay at a hotel in Iran, people will put you up for the night in their homes. Iran was Persia, it has one of the oldest continuous cultures in the world going back 6000 and more years. Don't forget, people think Lions and Elephants roam the streets in South Africa my friend. They know no better until they go there. Same with Iran. The simplest mind control is just repeating the same thing over an over until people believe it. There is only one nation who have used nuclear weapons on another, and that other nation had been trying to surrender for 3 months. They were not allowed to surrender until after they were nuked. They didn't need to nuke Japan but they did anyway because the generals told Truman "All of our post War Strategy hinges on it." There is only one terror nation on this earth and they pretend to be everything but. That nation frightens me more than any other because they have shown they are willing to go beyond their boarders with force on a whim.
  15. The last time the US government was defeated

    Thanks for that. I knew it ended in 1865, but did know those details. I knew it was never about slavery because Lincoln owned a slave until his end. History get revised by very wealthy influential people who like to be remembered well rather than as evil people who manipulated everyone for power and money.
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