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  1. The End / Goodbye

    Just about to pack up the PC. Thanks you for all the kind words, nearly had a tearful moment, must be the dust from cleaning. One last thing. I hope people realize how good this site is. Great modding, the best on the CT forums I would say, by a wide margin. Between all the people here you can see a lot of dots and a lot of people making connections between them. If you were a noob to CT you could read this site and see the big patterns and small patterns and work it out all by yourself. I cannot say that for the so called big CT forums, you could read them for years and still not see what is really going on. This is the one of the few adult CT sites going. There is a level of maturity here that does not exist at the other places. People feel free to disagree with out blood flying. Right I have to go. I was a blast as always. Later.
  2. The End / Goodbye

    (mods, bin this later and thanks for responsible sensible modding, you don't get that everywhere) I will be without internet for some time. It may be months. That said I might never be back depending on what takes me in the mean times as is often the case. I have several options, hands on jobs that could keep me busy 24/7. A different life from the one I have now. Only an hours drive from my closest friends. They are pretty intelligent people also. I guess I am saying we are splitting up and it was me and not you, maybe… In the case of my demise or non return to internet life I thought I might say what I know that I might not have said already. #1 There are hidden portals on the internet. In 20 years I have found several but never successfully accessed one before it was shut down. Typically they look like a single page perhaps with nothing more than picture and nothing else. Hold down the right key combination and they open up….or so I have been lead to believe. Most I found were buried at least 20-40 pages back on a google search, sort of thing you are not supposed to find but is there if you look. There are hidden places in the internet, most people know of Deep Net or Dark net and the TOR networks. There are other networks you need special routers to use, effectively separating them from other networks and possible penetration unless you have those routers. With a hacked Router you can use a packet sniffer and find hidden networks, but these are often mundane high speed traffic lanes yet to be put in use sort of thing, or more interesting engineer networks where they exchange information during a network procedure. At a higher level there is an encrypted high speed internet, no one has been able to access it that I know of. It is almost legendary and many stories are told about but all are speculation, because if anyone got in they would be telling someone and that someone would tell someone else….An engineer told me something I believe to be close to the truth. He suggested if you owned the infrastructure why not build your private getaway island inside it for you or your company. Fully encrypted using a system no one seems to understand exactly, but on the backbone of the telecommunications grid itself. There are only so many people in the world you can arrange that with. The Telecoms are not government owned. It appears the most powerful banks in the world own them, but not as an open monopoly which would spoil the illusion they present. It could be you need a special PC to even access their network. #2 Tell your close friends you value their time. I lost a friend recently. He was one of the few people in the world who believe as I do, and was able to live it better. He never owned more than what he could carry. In hindsight he was telling me it was over. The last 3 conversations we had were about the secrets of the universe and life after death. I should have been listening harder. It was a random car accident on a wet road. No other vehicles involved. The conscious part of him didn’t know, it was planning for something else, but the higher part knew and was ready. I valued his time. I hope he knew how much. 3# If you want to change things in a meaningful way you have to bring down the system. To do that you must understand what it is on each of it’s levels. The Master Framework is Commercial Law. All other legal frameworks are attached to this which legitimises them. Understanding how it works exposes mass fraud by those who reside over the Law itself. No Judge can present themselves as moral when they are all involved in fraud by deception. When they deliberately withhold the information you could use to get yourself off every time...mass fraud. If the general public truly understood I believe the lives of those who preside over the law would be forfeit along with those who knowingly aided and abetted them. That is one pin that can be pulled. Freemasonry. OMG those guys have a power structure which takes over any power structure they are employed in. This is because of the Oath of Obligation they swear at Master Mason level. They swear to look after a fellow Freemason before any other member of the public. When employed at high positions they promote their own. This is why the Military of all Western Nations are headed by Freemasons. Hordes of them in the Military and Intelligence branches. When you point out how well off Freemasons live compared to say ordinary people and the positions they have in society, then spill about the oath of obligation...I would suggest the general public would look very dimly on that, perhaps as dimly as they would on the Judges and Lawyers if they knew how they really operated. At best no Freemason would be allowed to be employed in any position of public power again I would suggest. Another vital pin that can be pulled. Governments and nations as registered corporations. The general public has no idea how the system works. They think their country a nation when it is a legal creation. Corporations have owners. They can legally change their rules at any time. Registered property of the corporation has to obey the rules they set. This is the legal trick used that allows your government to control you with their corporate laws. Once again if the general public were made to understand this at once on mass….. Lots of pins Anonymous never bothered pulling. Those guys are too scared to show their faces. Mind control This is the most important one to understand. The corporations have spent billions understanding how the human mind works and how simple it is to set in motion and have it obey a tight series of behaviours. We are not controlled with guns, we are controlled with words. Beliefs set in your head you have been made to believe in. That is what controls us. If you don’t teach people how they work they will never be able to fix themselves and will always be a waiting victim and never know it. This is the element which was not given high enough regard in previous attempts. Nothing will change unless people are taught to understand their inner workings, they will not be able to change otherwise. In doing so it defuses society. People suddenly understand why they are aggressive, why they make the choices they make and they can change. The leopard can’t change it’s spots but if you understand your mind you can change you. Nothing we do will truly change anything until we teach people how they work and how to master themselves. Until then humanity will follow the same patterns it always has, a lust for power which leads to confrontation, destruction and abuse of others to gain advantage for the few. It is so easily fixed. We are victims of the mindset we don’t know about. If you know about it and so does society in general….is it really that hard? Humans do not have to be bent of self destruction. That is just a bad phase we are going through to teach us the value of not being like that. So yes psychologists have sold us out for a few silver dollars and positions of power rather than saving the world. Used their skills for evil instead of good Robin, perhaps they will go to the big house. Might be a good case for robot prison guards. The financial system. If you have understood the implications of Commercial Law you can pay any bill with your signature. Have you considered doing a deal with your bank? In exchange for facilitating your promissory notes you write them up 20% so they won’t go out of business. This is why they are seeking to change the current financial system. It is why Psy-ops like NESARA are BS of the highest order. Anyone of us could pay off the entire world debt with our signature. Fully legal. Those who play the game have sworn not to do this as it would unbalance the game they play, but not us non player individuals. We have full rights under the legal system itself to create any mount of currency. Digital currency proves the point. This door is closing as we speak. Use it while you can if you understand it because in 24 months I don’t think it will be here as it is. All of the tools have been exposed for us to use if you have the stones. #4 What can control you does. Change what controls you and you change your power rating within the game. We are slaves to programming, instincts and impulses...if we let them. If you change what you have allowed to have power over you then you have the power. The only power you ever needed. The only thing truly yours, the power of choice, free-will. Everyone in this reality is trying to get you to do what they want. But they cannot make you, you have to submit to them. Never forget that. #5 You don’t really know anything. Most of what we know is second hand information, even the meanings of words. We think we know so much but we have no comprehension of what we don’t know. The more we think we know often the more limitations we are setting upon our ability to learn new things. Always keep a place in your mind where you can change it back. A pathway back to where you were before just in case you were wrong or lead stray. I can’t think of anything worse than being stuck in a mental position of being wrong and not being able to change back because of mental investment being to total. #6 You can train what you have to be better and more under your mastery. “The human body is the finest instrument you will ever own” I can say little more. #7 You are going to die. Get over this as soon as you can. Understand it, be one with it. If you are not you will not live your life to the fullest. You can’t avoid death so in may ways why hide from all the other stuff. If you are going to die ANY risk is worth it. Think about it. I don’t think being born, being looked after, working for the man, having some holidays and dying is a life. You can live like a hero if you really want and no one can stop you. Honestly why be wall-paper when YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. That is a fact. Better to burn out than to fade away. Rust never Sleeps. That is probably all I’ve got. Not much for all those years. I gleefully wasted my time and enjoyed every second of it. I should have kept a journal. At least then I would have something to show for it. Personally if it goes to crap I am going to transcend my body and get out of this reality once and for all. It is the greatest trap ever invented and we are the lotus eaters. As much as we think we can fix it just sticks worse than the tar you already had on you before. The Tar Baby is an apt metaphor. Good Luck friends. The only thing you can take with you is knowledge. Think about it.
  3. he is ready

    I read this on another site. You have violated the 50% rule and you have not put links to the source.
  4. Cinnamon & Sheps Floating Island!

    Hence the need to smoke the Dutch sea sickness cure. Yeah I get sea sick myself, nearly been caught smoking joints on the NZ ferry before. But if you dress in a suit they suspect everyone else first.
  5. There are 3 Awakenings!

    Job's God was Lucifer, Mother Theresa is a fraud, an abusive lady according to those who worked with her and Gahndi was a fraud as well I don't believe in fate. I believe in free will. If I thought fate existed I would do nothing to mock it. Why do anything or lift a finger is your life is ruled by fate? The God I know gives free choice and never binds. It is all up to you and you can walk away any time you want. The Other God everyone else in the world seems to think is God is the opposite, all rules and regulations to be obeyed. He is the one the Roman Catholics venerate, the one Islam Venerates, the one the Hebrews venerate, the one the Freemasons venerate, he who brought order (limited choices and freedom) out of chaos (where all choices are possible). He is the Judger and has no right to judge. HE is the one who promises Damnation if you do not obey his totalitarian rules. That is not God. God would never do that to you after creating you. That would not make sense on any level. But if you wanted to take a free willed soul and dominate it until it submitted of it's own free will. That is the God most people foolishly worship.The one who desires you to give up your God given free will to him. How could you learn anything new if you do that? That is why real God busted me out of fake God's churches, because I was never going to learn anything needed to know in there I did already not know. All my adult life I have been guided from lesson to lesson until I understood it and was able to move to the next lesson. Now I get it, the last of lessons.
  6. There are 3 Awakenings!

    Good for you, my sands are about run dry. Time to get ready to go home for me. Burning the candle at both ends gets you home quicker.
  7. Cinnamon & Sheps Floating Island!

    Saw a guy 20 years ago who did it. You need to be seaworthy to 12 miles off the coast though to be your own nation. Green Peace used to have these big barges and they grew weed in them off the coast.
  8. There are 3 Awakenings!

    Empowerment is the final awakening. You have the critical knowledge and are empowered by it. Then you are faced with the choice, save yourself or possibly waste all your lamp oil saving people who don't care and be stuck as they are. I can't help anyone. All I can do is provide them knowledge and allow them to work it out on their own. But I see that knowledge is slowly being erased or replaced with popular but fake knowledge. That is the current game. Your morals are played on to keep you here suggesting a moral person does everything they can to save their fellow man. But morals are creations and when you look using total freedom there are no rules or obligations, just choices which we think define us. You can't get out until you care nothing for the world or anything in it. That is what it takes. You will be offered positions of power to try and keep you here. Some succumb to such temptations.
  9. Just read this along with the Bannon Retractions being phrased as "Brannon said this not us in the media making it up" But if Hillary and the gang are all under wraps how can David Brock not be locked down as well? In the NZ media they run US propaganda against rump every day. NY Post, Washington post etc. Today’s piece. https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/americas/100385636/steve-bannon-expresses-regret-over-comments-in-controversial-book-on-donald-trump AP, Washington Post, Reuters, huffpost all reprinted daily in the NZ media as long as it attacks Trump. Lots of UK stuff aimed against him, yellow attack journalism which is supposed to be illegal in the western world. They just keep banging day in and day out. If Mega was right this would not still be occurring because it would get the controllers of those media jailed as well. The NSA has all the communications between the chief editors and their Board's instructions. The Boards control what is in the media. What I want to know is how does Chief Mexican Crime Lord Carlos Slim end up owning influential Media in the USA? He must be the man behind the cartels in Mexico to have what he has and is still be allowed to keep it. Sometimes richest man in the world Carlos Slim. King Of Mexico. The Media network extends well beyond the USA. Links to all US allied nations. There has been no lessening of the attacks on Trump in the overseas media. If Mega is correct then they are putting their heads in an noose and they know it. They are certainly sparing no effort to paint Trump the same colour as the previous president. Why bother if it was all over as Mega suggests? That is what keep me wondering. In theory the only person who could know what Mega knows is Trump or someone in his cadre. There would be no other way to obtain the information. Or you could just make it up like Sorcha does using the limited facts we know with some we don't know yet along with popularly believed conjecture which seduces people because the whole story fits their inner desires. Good psy-ops are seductive I have noticed. The Sananda Material was very well created and targeted Christains. It was seductive, you wanted to believe it. Later we find it was the creation of a Psy-ops department. When you read that you see how clever these people can be. It is near 20 years old now ans still pulls people in. All the Trump supporters want him to be the man and the hero. They will see him as that because it supports their favoured inner narrative. Mind controllers play on this.
  10. Interesting. I have heard he is active in lots of site stirring up people. Few know his names.
  11. Even worse the cake pie choice scenario can be denied to you because you are raised in a cake consuming house. Whole nations are on Government Junk food. Addictive, leaves you unsatisfied and needing more to fill the holes that keep appearing.
  12. Digital money is not taxed yet. It isn't the money they want but you paying taxes. Without those taxes the US govt can't pay it's month interests bills on it's loans. You and I can create promissory notes for any amount we desire and under the current economic system that is legal and lawful. But the Players cannot do this. It is part of their Game and they have agreed not to be allowed to create money as it would stop the score from being able to be calculated correctly. The rules of that Game is Commercial Law. Should those rules be ended open warfare would occur between the players. Murder. My bank manager can't create money from his signature, but he can deal with the money I create from my signature. When you take out a loan they trick you into receiving their money to the exact amount you created with your signature. When people take bank to court to get their mortgage money back and keep their house the bank always settles out of court. They cannot allow it to be ruled on and give away their game. Anyone who joins government or Banking swears to agree to the rules. So the problem is taxing the money you and I and digital currency maker create. You can see it is legal to create money because those digital currencies were not needed to be backed by any bank or nation to be "real" Imagine if your government stopping paying it bills. It would go under and be owned by those it owned the money to the same as if you didn't pay your mortgage. They need that tax money under the rules of the Game. They can print money, but that devalues it for every note they print as the overall value still has to add up to GDP which sets the value for all national currencies. If your workers are not working then you are not exporting so GDP falls and so does the Dollar value. Tax revolutions force governments to their knees, particularly local governments who have little reserves. There is no western government right now that could handle 2 weeks of their workers not working. It would bring them to their knees and their Banking Masters would relieve them of command one way or another and replace them with people whom the people would pay taxes to. Peaceful revolutions are possible if you know the weak spots.
  13. Tax revolts are powerful and the real reason mass protesting works. When you are protesting you are not working and not earning taxes. No government can stand up long under that is enough people withhold their taxes. Governments are locked into debt repayment plans they cannot default on. In all commonwealth nations if a general strike occurs for more than 5 working days the government is dissolved elections are held. A general strike is considered to be so if 75% of the working population refuses to turn up to work.Should the same government be re-elected and is still unpopular elections are held again and none of those candidates are considered fit to stand. It is their way of making sure people will be at work earning taxpayer dollars for the Crown. Because this system exists there is no need for violent revolution in any Commonwealth nation desiring to change government.
  14. Who is farming YOU?

    Labour Farming. -(I forgot to add this) It might not seem like it but this is power in itself. Say you are the head of a Mega Corporation and you want to develop a new product. You don't do that personally, you use money to get other people who are specialists (trained monkeys) to do what you want. You get them to exchange minutes of their life for cash, or salary. People are attracted to power, power over others, that is the only real power their is. To show you the power of it we start with one. You have one employee, they are good and do a bit of everything. You now have to do almost nothing of domestic chores which now frees you up to do something more cerebral. Now you have 10 employees, several are masters of their trade and a few are general workers. You can get things done in days it would take you as an individual a week or more and you still don't have to go hunting and clean the house. As long as you can pay them. Companies employ thousands of people who are directed at the whim of one person, their employer. It is like being The King. The more people you employ the more things you can achieve, the more power you feel you have and the more you feel like a tiny King. It should be noted people are willing to give up minutes and days of their life to these people. They will not get that time back, once lived it is not able to be redeemed a second time. So what about Mega power, like the USSR had or China has? They control millions of people. In the USA the biggest employer only employs 2-3 million people. The rest are smaller, but China controls over a billion workers on tap. As they are a dictatorship who pretends to be super friendly they can direct all their people at a whim. Indeed their secret super weapon is to get all their people to jump up and down at the same time. They build cities for an exercise in China, or just to keep people in a job.(the drawback of controlling some many labour units. You are till paying them if they don't have a project) So you see from one man to billions of people you are controlling people's lives, getting them to sell their remaining time on earth in some petty service to you. Labour Farming is True Power in two ways. You have control over people in your workplace, they play by your rules. A bit like being a petty Forum Lord at some lunatic place.*wink* But labour farming with a purpose is also Power as you can achieve things individuals cannot, mass production for one. The labours of many directed for the purpose of one. People are not screwing in light bulbs for you here, you could employ anyone willing to sell themselves and their services. (e-mail me at theoldmaster@xtra.co.nz) Anything from sex on demand to killing people, or even cleaning your floor after people had spilled blood on it killing sex workers because you told them to. It is all about price. Industrial empires were built on Labour Farming. The captains of industry were leaders because they found effective methods of harnessing people and co-ordinating them. The people who could do it best went to the head of the rich lists. Labour farming can build wonders and tear them down...as long as you have the cash to pay everyone.
  15. Mr Robot Warned Us About Ripple?

    If you do watch the background. Books in bookshelves, posters on walls, people wearing printed T shirts. Sometimes I think it is 2 shows, one everyone sees and one on the background. The writer reads places like this. I would like to know what sites he read. An outsider come out of left field.