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  1. Don't forget 23's as they are the old number 11 in occultism. They are part of the Hebrew clock-face system of mathematics. Where the position of 11 is is also the position of 23 on the next level clock face of which there are 12 altogether. It is a form of Geomancy just like Numerology which they also liked to play with. Soccer. 11 players each side, 22 on the field. Cricket, 11 players (and a 12th man off the field) 22 on the field. Played by aristocracy and the home of Cricket is at LORDS. England has just lost The Ashes to Australia. I know nothing is happening down under on the 22nd. I am travelling that day and if there are going to be problems I get warning days in advance.
  2. Guitar Doc

    Off-Topic Repository

    Ubuntu 16.04. I have run Mate, Mint, Arch, Kali (on my raspberry pi 3). I have a UEFI bios which they locked up and trashed the equivalent of the MBA in a windows type set up. So no other drive would boot until I unlocked the bios. Had to pull the battery. Then pull all the drives, then put the CD drive in with a Ubuntu live disc and recovered the HDD. The bios would not work at all until it had been left for 10 minutes and decided to unlock because it tripped the no boot config which finally unlocked the options (which were not able to be accessed) which enabled me to boot it from live disc. It had been locked into booting from a corrupted HDD. I have experienced this sort of thing many times. They used to trash the MBA of my windows drives. I have a few boxes of trashed drives. You post restricted information online and they will attempt to find out how you obtained than information then leave a bit of a message about posting that stuff.
  3. Guitar Doc

    Am I an Anomaly!

    I agree with that. If you do not and you do mange to tap in you will be consumed by the experience and power. Intuition....... can be calculation by the subconscious I believe. My wife is highly intuitive. In women the nerve which links the right side of the brain with the left. She said in Maths she could write the answer to long calculus equations and get it correct but not know how. Her subconscious worked it out and rather than confuse the limited consciousness which is very slow by comparison (about .23 second back from the breaking wave of reality). I have road intuition. I know when cops are on the road and when I will come across a vehicle even though there is no view previously. I think there is a form of conscious connected to us which dwell beyond the physical form simultaneous. Some call this the higher self or unconscious self, but is knowing and it knows things we cannot with our front-end consciousness. The more you think the more you disconnect from your higher mind it could be. In extreme circumstances I have had reality slow down and pause and I ran mental simulations on what to do next to save my life. Sometimes thousands of them until I hit a possibility and explored it until I got a successful outcome and applied it. During some of those experiences time slowed down to zero, the quantum barrier or reality where things have not happened yet are are happening on the very edge. Reality is flexible at this point because things have not happened yet are are occurring. Normally your consciousness is set back .23 seconds from when things did occur so trying to alter reality is like trying to lift the entire universe at once. Not so when you are at Time =Zero where things are occurring. That said I believe what I believe because of a series of experiences which I suspect most people don't experience. Sometimes this make what I say a bridge too far mentally.
  4. Guitar Doc

    The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    Yeah, that is Bannon's playbook(Former Naval officer Steve Bannon, don't forget that detail). Leak something you know they have done but in the leak you make out it was one of your team who is compromised so they leap on it and give it some air, inflate it. Then you allow the initial fake accuse to be cleared and in the high drama of name calling and accusations pin the tail on the other side for doing exactly what they were complaining about. 60 minutes might have just destroyed themselves by accident. They clear the guy who next week gets nailed publicly with info out of the Wiener incriminating him for exactly what 60 minutes seemed to clear him of. In doing so 60 minutes is destroyed, Bannon and Rupert Murdoch collect another scalp on their way to clearing out the opposition and taking their higher seats at the US media table. Another classic Machiavellian move is is to support someone so close and get them to put themselves out there a bit more...then withdraw all support and you were their biggest supporter until then which makes them look real bad and they lose their other supporter base as well as they feel if the big backers have gone then they are vulnerable. But what is this all about? Thanks for the Memories (a book) details the life of an MK ultra sex slave. Her account shows this ring has been in existence for a long time in the USA. She fingered Bob Hope as the US Jimmy Saville and links it right into Ed Sullivan and the whole TV and Hollywood scene. She said she saw the Jackson 5 raped minutes before they went on the Ed Sullivan Show. The whole "Rock stars and film stars service the elite on request." would seem to be legit. It is your ticket to fame and wealth, just let them use you when they want. Laurel Cannon productions has shot more films than any other film company in the USA and none of their films are for the public, but they are known to feature many celebrities and film stars. Then you have the whole MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave aspect. I know how it is done. There are plenty of ways. I know a former US soldier who was a specialist who was trained to go behind enemy lines as one of the locals (Muslims are pretty dumb to allow women to be covered up, how can you tell, who is a US spy and who is a Muslim women?). She told me she couldn't remember most of her special training, they did it to them on purpose so if tortured they would go into an Alter who knew nothing and could watch themselves being tortured to dead. She said many times she woke up on a gurney and was told she died and they brought her back. (Submerged in drums of ice water until they entered near death states) They would stress them out to deep stages of mental trauma (another reason why some many kill themselves and another cause of PTSD, some soldiers get PTSD and they never saw a front line or fired a gun ever wonder how that happens?) where you can have mental insertions and programming which you can't resist. To this day she cannot type the number 0 on a keyboard. Her finger will not press it, she can't make her finger press it. That is how they check the programming worked. She also witnessed mind control weapons being tested in Iraq on the people. She told me in the military they are called Novel weapons. She served 20 years ago. 20 years ago they were putting specialists through mind control programs to improve performance in the field. Under pressure (and programmed command) their created Alters would come out and soldiers would lose all fear enabling them to perform better and kill on command without crying about it. Right now Iraq is an ongoing series of massive mind control experiments. Prisons like Abu grabi were programing centers where people were broken and then they tried to see if they could get them to be suicide bombers etc. That is why there are no objectives over there, no war to be won. They are experimenting on US personal as well. Trying to make that perfect cold blooded killer and they do. Those guys end up as Military contractors who can break all the rules of warfare. They will be the people shooting US resistors when the time comes because they will pull the trigger on anyone without a care. This whole thing is so dirty and all connected. Who were the programmers of the MK Ultra slaves? Who were the programmers of the Military specials? I guess you would call them Black Level psychologists, but that is their profession, psychologists. The same profession which makes up 50% of PR firms. The same profession who experiments with people on GuLP. Many of them are occultists because of the tools available to mess with people's minds. Power is gained by being the provider of something others cannot supply, sex slaves, drugs, and status is what rules the pawns of the elite. These people must realize it is Goldman Sachs doing this to them not Trump, he is just the tool. If Goldman gets the concessions they desire the people will walk. Goldman probably has them freaking out, telling them stuff like "Well we will try but Trump is such a loose cannon who knows if we can bring him around." to rack up the pressure. (I would have done that in their place to get what I want. I am a nice guy but I have b*st*rd's mind and the b*st*rd's mind makes all things valid and dam laws, consequences and morals, all that matters is results. In having a mind like that I can see how ruthless aceholes would do things. Nothing is beyond people like that, all they care about is getting what they want and getting away with it. No options are off the table for them.) I'm going to do a bit more homework on the people at Goldman and the owners. That should help us predict their objectives. They seem to be critical in the Trump presidency, the power behind the throne. Obama was easy, all you had to know what projects Chase Manhattan had backed and those business partners spheres of business and industry. Small wonder the Russians always seemed to run rings around them. Not hard to see what is going on if you know what your opponent's desires are and who they are. AJ got burned today. He must think the pay-off is going to be worth it.
  5. Guitar Doc

    The Truth about Alex Jones and #PizzaGate

    Good reasoning. I know things like pizzagate are happening because we were told that 25 years ago repeatedly. It was a huge theme and the one which turned me from a passive CTer into an activist. Couldn't bare to stand what was being done to men women and children and do nothing. The number that are tortured to death in ritual workings as well as life long abuse until they are dead is not able to be accurately calculated but I will give you a rough minimum number for the USA. 450,000 people per year. That is how many go missing each to never be seen again in the USA. That is how out of control it is and doesn't count the breeding houses and pits where people are born and die unrecorded by our system. People breed by scumbags to be abused and used. Old school CT said you didn't get to top of politics of the military without killing a kid and raping one in front of witnesses. It is the insurance they have on you which allows them to trust you and work with you. Sociopaths can't trust someone they can't destroy. You get sociopaths to work together by having shared secrets which would be destructive to all of them. That is what Pizza-gate is to them, the thing if pursued which leads to an mass unraveling of occultism, politics and the Judiciary. In ritual occultism if you can break the mind of a person with reality they can access things which allow them to manipulate reality. They often do this to their own children. The people they do this too are useless in the real work, you would think them intellectually handicapped. They are always looking for talent to use, breaking kids is just one of their tricks to gain power, to develop a slave to your will who can do things you cannot. The power structure is littered with these people.
  6. Guitar Doc

    Am I an Anomaly!

    You have to obtain self mastery to gain the true power. Without that self mastery the true power would consume you in an instant. There is another way my guide taught. He said never use the power for yourself ever! Always use it for others and it will not be able to corrupt you. He was a good man, sorely tempted and put to physical death on a cross somewhere. He taught the pathway to self mastery saying "reject ALL the things of the earth". Afterwards he showed his faithful followers how to create a body of light just as he had and put their consciousness into it to escape physical death. 400 years later it was all covered up and they called him the Son of God when he would have told you he was no more the Son of God than you or I. Screwed all his good guide work and make it into a control system which took away all the power from the faithful which would have saved them and overthrown any power in the world it was directed against. You dig? We all have the ultimate powers locked within us. We can't access them because would you give a child a gun? Mystery schools taught the path but they would not hand over the ultimate secrets until the candidate demonstrated self mastery in all things....which is why they lost the secrets, because none of their number were worthy in the end and the masters who were did not pass on the secrets to those who were not worthy. This reality is highly reactive to us. The next one up even more so and if you cannot control your very thoughts you would be consumed upon entering it, by your own desires. There are entities there who desire our power (And here as well) and activity seek humans to capture to use. They are always running a con game of ascend to the 5th dimension,where they get to have you for lunch and make you a prisoner. They are also conducting an invasion here in this reality. Who do you think has captured the minds of our leaders? Offering power to sociopaths always is accepted. You want to fight the real bad guys, well none of them are human yet they pull the strings of the world. You going to need to use that power, but not against the enemy you might have thought. Take them on and lose....all over, no second game, no extra credits no get out of jail free card. In ancient times they called it Being put to the Test. It isn't TinyT who is your enemy, it it what is in his head controlling him that is our enemy. I normally don't say anything about all that, too far for most people, too scary, they just want ordinary doom not the Hitchcock or Clive Barker version. Frank Zappa said "They are in and out of me, in and out of me" he was so right and people never notice what slithers in and out of them when they are asleep at the wheel of their ship. Game on!
  7. Guitar Doc

    Am I an Anomaly!

    You got it. They use statistical methods of psychology to analyze us. You let them think they have finally got you figured out....and you change direction, angle and even values sometimes. Really screws with them as most people are not a work in progress and have lost their mental flexibility. I worked it out by playing a part on one of the forums I knew they were analyzing us at and just changing, feigning a weakness and waiting for them to try and exploit it to prove they were profiling us. They are. They try and exploit weaknesses in our psychology and mental inner worlds. See if they can get you to alter your self image detrimentally (real cutting edge psychological warfare). Diamond on the inside, water on the outside. To be unknown is to be unconquerable, the Cardassian creed from Star Trek. To not have a specific value set means you cannot be countered by any specific counter value which would cancel you out (This is one way I try and explain something I can't describe exactly but can describe sort of how it works in a way you might understand). If you were a number rather than a livening entity say like 5, you could be eliminated by the controllers by applying the negative of that number, -5. As what we are doesn't have a defined set value we can't be dealt with by the agents of the matrix in that way. They don't like us because we don't fit in any of the boxes. They don't like us because we can't be controlled yet everything they have ever done in the human societies they have secrecy ruled over and create is all about trying to control human beings. Perhaps our reality is like a series of spheres focused around each individual. The first we are present and see is the primary, it only contains a fraction of us. Each sphere going outward also carries a portion of us up to the highest where we are complete as one mind. From the topmost mind we are derived but it is split down fractured to what we are here by the nature of the dimension itself, but it tries to tell us stuff all the time, and a few people can hear and pay attention. Some would call it your higher mind, or the all knowing mind. By trapping a part of us here someone is drawing on the higher mind like a battery and using it to power this apparent reality. Hacking God some might say. Or it could be God is hacking them and we are that vessel. Either way the controllers don't have the free will we have and they don't like that we do. They would like us to be all the same, conformed unchanging and utterly predictable. The NWO is their vessel to this end. Keep them guessing Shep.
  8. Guitar Doc

    Am I an Anomaly!

    In the matrix Neo was the anomaly, but the concept comes from earlier books and novels. In the David Eddings books The Sparhawk series, one of the characters was the anomaly, his actions could not be predicted even by the Gods which caused great fear. Everything is governed by it's programs Neo. See that bird, at some stage a program was written to govern it's actions and behaviors. It is predictable to a tee. You and I are not if we embrace Freedom. But if we embrace psychological conformity we will never be free. That means being able to break your own morals, being able to do the thing you don't want to do and that is why so few people are actually free and have genuine free will and choice. They allow their program to continue governing them. They are not anomalies because they have already made their choices and will not change them. Be unpredictable. Don't be surprised when the forces of Order fear you because one thing upsets them more than anything else, unpredictably and lack of conformity. Anyone who is predictable will be defeated by use of the Art of War. Simple as that.
  9. Very interesting. My wife used to be into Lopchat for a few years. A lot of people exposed things they knew about GuLP there. CHL74 confirmed they had an automatic clicker to inflate the veiw counts (I already knew that from simple observation) and his paycheck came from the same person who paid Teaxasgalfottruth ( she was an Israeli apologist) . Lots of people had dirt TinyT would sue them for if he knew they were spilling. Everyone had pieces here and there, a few things I hadn't heard but most of it was known in one form or another.
  10. I had several copies, they were not the same. My PDF versions were also different. One did have an index and only one had bill suggesting people consider he had been given the Intel deliberately so he would push it as 100% genuine. Weird stuff. The publishers had altered some versions. I had read somewhere Linda had confessed being made to run that mag, she wasn't given a choice and sometimes she given material and told to run it. She connects to Kerry Cassidy of project Camalot who connects to Phenomenon. A photo exists of all three sitting together, they look like they could be sisters.
  11. Bill realized he had been used. He urged people to consider it. At the end he said the 5 people who backed up his Intel all ended up to be Intel assets. He named John Lear jnr among them, he used to post disinformation on GuLP for a few years. He named Linda Moulton Howe, she runs a big CT magazine. Those people are part of the Network.
  12. When I was told about them I was told they were responsible for seeding UFO disinformation which get disseminated in the CT scene. I was also told they were the group who set up William Cooper and then destroyed him when he realized they had used him to push their disinformation. They are another link in these sites and CT magazines. (Sorry just jumping ahead slightly.) Groups like that need the CT scene and tame editors of seemingly legit CT mags. Just another link in the chain.
  13. Even further back (many years) when the GuLP server went down LOP also went down leading to speculation both sites were hosted on the same server. After it was raised several times it seems they decided to make sure that wasn't go to happen in the future. These people are not geniuses by any stretch, but if you point out their mistakes they do clean them up or change tactics. I see CTC has additional information that also links to this despite JF whizzing all over the toilet seat as he is prone to do. Acolyte once told his fans it was a Trident, GuLP LOP and AE. It is more like a 150 headed Hydra in my opinion. We only see the small end depending on the sites we get around on. Controlling the alternative narrative is necessary to the intelligence cartels. Just as controlling the orthodox narrative is needed to control the masses. CT used to be an underground movement. I blame the x-files for making it mainstream. After that it was seen (by the US military and intelligence services) that it had to be controlled. They are behind many a site and CT magazine. Anyone here familiar with the Aviary Group?
  14. You do realize you work for the general public? Their money pays your wages and pensions. Any one who passed boot camp or basic training was subject to psychological conditioning most people call brainwashing. It is an undeniable fact. Indoctrinated into a cult, a murder cult to be more specific. You are still loyal to that cult that messed with your mind. If you examine the most hard core cults their mind-control methods don't even come close to what the military does to people to bind them and make them loyal to the cult. That is why those closed elite CT forums have that rule. You can't be trusted in their opinion. I am not welcome at those sites because I choose to associate with all and sundry. I am bait and even on this site people seem to be taking that bait. Bad tradecraft I say. As for comrades being blown to bits...no one in my or your nation had to join, it was their choice. You can't complain when you put yourself in that position. If people in the military confessed what they really did the government would fall tomorrow. That is really why they want you to stay silent. Every one could put 2 and 2 together real quick after that and they would know who the real bad guys are. If you guys were not such cowards we could start fixing the world tomorrow. But they conditioned you to be afraid of them so they get to stay in control. I respect the few individuals who do speak up. They showed real courage, guts and personal integrity. I can't respect the rest. Their lack of input and willingness to tell the truth is allowing innocent people and children to be killed so Mega US corporations can get their way. That is the real truth of who controls the US military and government. They use the US military and intelligence services as one of their tools in their attempted domination of the world. After 25 years of studying the world, media and alt media that is where it leads to. A bunch of business people and their dynastic families trying to rule the world. They are the US defence industry and contractors. When the US military is in the field they make money. War is a racket, by General Smedly Butler, the man who single handedly stopped the US business plot in 1933.: Wall Street funded the Nazis. If their business plot had succeeded the USA would have allied with the Nazis. Smedly failed in the long run because those same forces control the USA and the US military today. Who do you think Eisenhower was taking about? Be a real hero, tell people the truth. I challenge all military people former and current to do so. Part of what is going on at these sites is run and controlled by the military including the use of novel weapons on the public.
  15. Wasn't my rules nor did I suggest or enforce them. So can you tell us of all the operations you went on and operational details? That is another reason they can't trust ex military people. You guys keep secrets the public should know, it is their money the military spends. You have no legitimate right to conceal anything from the taxpayers, they pay for it all. My "uncle" told me how many people he murdered illegally on orders in the 80's in Africa along side US troops killing villagers and burning and spraying crops. All covered up, the world was told it was famines when it was us, the Western nations who did that to them. Doesn't matter what theatre you were in, those sorts of operations were being conducted and people got drunk from time to time and told other servicemen so you can't pretend you don't know anything about those ops. From Korea onwards they have been happening. Why do you think so many of your number kill themselves? At least they felt guilty.