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  1. That is how all of CT is controlled if you are a writer.If you support their phony narrative they promote you and your material. Tell the Truth and they will cut you down. I had to use a separate platform to get out what I had to say and take it straight to the people. I had 120,000 regular face-book followers of my work until I started to publish about the intelligence community. FB kiled the links and made it look as if we had been shut down or quit. Ended up with 300 followers and I knew them as most were personal friends. It isn't just GuLP who does this, it is the controlled CT scene which assists for $$$'s I assume. They hate sites like this taking away their mind controlled zombies and converting them back into free thinkers. They hate independent writers and bash them as much as possible. GuLP sits at the head of the CT table in many people's eyes. Head office for Psy-ops once you see clearly.
  2. He is also Scrump the Texan in case you didn't already know. He was a Loper for 6 months and admired by LOP mods Psychonaut and Omega (who were also gatekeepers) who said "he was Sharp and a possible asset." If you observe The Comedian long enough you see he is always seeking approval from TinyT, asking his permission begging at times for things to happen as he desires. Obviously he knows you need to ask TinyT's permission over some things in case it is a operation or site asset he might be asking to be tagged and bagged. Psychologically he is weak, you see this with people who suck up to authority and want power themselves. I guess some lower class white boy who was never treated like he wanted to be who never really achieved anything. (I am being restrained this morning, I have had 2 coffee's already). Those sorts of people are very vulnerable to kinder older man showing them some kindness and perhaps the lesser known ways of the world between one man and another. It is a story as old as homosexuality, the world, very common.
  3. My mother was a Smith before marrying. Genuine line of Blacksmiths and my great grandfather was a practicing blacksmith by trade. Back in Scotland they were nobody's, but when you came to New Zealand there was no class system. No upper, lower, working class or aristocracy in NZ. People were just people and people who gave themselves airs above other...the height of bad manners in NZ to which you were likely to receive physical adjustment for such an attitude as a reminder. That is why that side of my family came to NZ. People were equal. It was an escape and you didn't have to own land to get a vote. The UK was a cesspit if you were not at the top of the social structure then. Thousands of commoners left or took the offers of settlement that were being offered along with the claims of a free piece of land for everyone who went. There are three families/clans of Smiths in my hometown with no blood relation to each other in a small town of 5000. One of my relations set off of Australia after being in NZ for 25 years. His name was John Smith. No-one has been able to track down his branch from 120 years ago when he left.
  4. Do you wonder how many US satellites pass over N Korea every day? The Golden Rule has always been do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If the USA is allowed to do it then so is N Korea or any other nation. If the USA has nukes then every nation can have nukes. If the USA has armies which occupy parts of the world not belonging to the USA then any other nation also has that right. If you don't believe in that you don't support world equality, fairness and a Justice system which is honest. We used to call those sorts of people Nazi's and Fascists. If the USA doesn't want other nations to point weapons at them then they should stop doing it themselves and stop developing new weapons. Every time the USA develops new weapon everyone gets a bit more scared because the USA alone has shown a willingness to use them on other nations. Elect the wrong leader in the USA and the entire world could burn. The offending nations were of course guilty of the highest crime in the USA, not being US or having US values. Something which the USA has shown it is willingness to cross half the world to fight to make sure it never reaches the USA. Yes the Military mind is the most paranoid of all. It has to be kept on a leach as such to stop these sorts of things happening. When the leaders don't the people are expected to do their duty to the rest of the world and step up themselves on our behalf...or face rejection which is what is happening around the world. US people don't like how we treat them in their ally nation of NZ or AU or the UK or CAN for that matter. You are in serious strife if your ally nations look down on you because of how you act and treat them let alone how you treat those you claim as enemies. US people don't like how NZers don't bow to them or their ideas here just because they are US citizens . They are used to being treated as high status and don't handle not being treated as living god among the rest of us poor unworthy people who were not born under a US flag. Really messes with their heads. And then you have the non US media who doesn't wave the US flag all day proclaiming how good the USA is. What I have learned from US people living in NZ is the USA doesn't show it's own bad press in the USA, that is censored. But we get to see it and when US people get to see it here they are confused, because it isn't what they get told at home. The joke around the world is "How do you tell if someone is a US citizen? They will tell you." That is how the US culture is seen abroad, even by it's allies and defense partners. If US people want a reality check live in another nation for 5 years. You will never look at the USA the same again.
  5. My wife sees them. I "feel" them. My wife says when kids play their aura's race in front of them. She sees them all over people, not just at the edges. I have seen what this guy says all the time in gatherings. I always thought it was the known optical phenomenon created by starring at the same place too long. I sense them using my sixth sense, detection of electromagnetic fields. My understanding is my wife does the same but her interpretation/reading of it is more defined and she "sees" them and the colours. The colours are just different wavelengths of electromagnetic fields and using colours is your brains way of differentiating between different ones. What my wife describes is more like what you might see in a kirlian photo. I have experienced the phenomenon described in the vid, but never thought it was the Aura myself. Looking closely now I can see the fields as clear but no colours for me. (looking at my hands against the off white walls). But I often think when I am seeing that I am seeing it with my mind not my eyes. I "feel" ghosts and entities in the same way but my wife actually sees them. I just sense their presence. Very interesting Shep. I normally don't watch vids but something told me to look at this one.
  6. Scrounging metal is very much a pastime of modern day blacksmiths. What you get is interesting. Mild Steel. Easy to heat and beat and can be cold forged if required. Mild steel can't be tempered hard, it doesn't contain enough carbon which is what makes Iron into steel. Spring Steel. Spring steel is stronger, it has higher amounts of carbon in it and makes good knives. Many steels have percentages of spring steel in them. For instance 44 gallon drums for oil contain spring steel in them to make them strong enough not to deform under pressure. To the naked eye there is no discernible difference. A drop test or ring test will reveal a cleaner higher pitched sound from spring steel than mild steel. But unless you heat it and quench it in water (called "Cooling it out" )then break it with a hammer and look inside it you will have trouble seeing how hard it is and how brittle it is. Hard steel is strong, more durable, but it breaks when deformed. Mild steel bends instead of breaking. Cast Iron. Very Hard, high carbon content. Annealing Steel. This makes it soft as it can be by heating it up beyond orange coloured and letting it cool very slowly and evenly. We normally achieve this by putting in the ashes drum over night. Ashes are important to blacksmiths because they no longer contain any combustible material. I was fortunate enough to have high quantity coal to blacksmith with rather than charcoal. You need specific low sulfur coals and they have to be coking coals. You normally leave them it to weather for a few months. When using coking coal for forging you need specific arrangements of it. We make "the Cave" in which we take the remaining coke from the last forging work (coke burns clean, you don't blacksmith with the coal but the coke which is left after the impurities are burnt off) get it ignited and build a pile of coal over it around and over your air hole inlet to the forge. It gets hot ignites and smokes really bad for a few minutes until it has burned off many of the impurities then it burns clean. First you douse it with water sprinkling it over the coal until it forms a crust. Then you carefully take a piece out the top until you "let it breathe" and the air can flow out. This is safety as well as good practice to stop gases building up an exploding from coal gas. Then you make he cave by pulling out one side at the bottom and you will see a hollow space within which is white hot. That is where you place your metal to be heated before being worked. Charcoal is easier and adds carbon to the metal being worked. Charcoal is made by burning green wood then covering it in earth before it is to consumed over night. In the old days the UK had Charcoal burners who traveled up and down the country doing this and selling it. They were always black from head to toe because of the handling and process. They didn't get invited into people's homes very often. With Coal forging you can add carbon to your metal or reduce it depending on where you have your metal in relation to your air hole. Right in the cave near the air feed it reduces steel carbon content. At the entrance it increases carbon content. When you scrounge you often don't know what you have and you have to test it to decide. One important thing to note it many brass fitting from ships or fishing boats (usually the very long bolt holding external hatches down) contain impurities to stop them from corroding which will explode if you put an electric grinder to them. Another thing to note is when you quench some metal the heat is drive to the end which isn't in the water which can suddenly become twice as hot and burn if not wearing gloves. Some quality steels cannot be Tempered in water. It causes them to fracture. You must Temper those using Oil and fine Oils rather than thick ones.
  7. That is way cool Shep! Very Awesome. You can't see it but I am giving you a standing ovation.
  8. I am a trained blacksmith. If you want to know anything about it let me know. My Great Grandfather was a Blacksmith from a long line who's last name was Smith. I have a set of his tongs. The coolest trick they taught me was lighting a new forge from a pure source. It is like consecrating it. You could either use a lens (which was acceptable to some) or light it with steel alone. To light it with steel alone you beat a metal rod with a hammer on the anvil while cold and put a point on it by beating to one as if it was hot and soft. The process heats the tip until it can be seem glowing (meaning it is above 500C) which can be put to tinder or paper to light the forge for the very first time. Handy survival trick, but you need some steel, a hammer and flat hard surface. Iron when smithed goes black and forms rust proof layer of sorts. That is why it is called Blacksmithing .
  9. That is very cool feature. Occasionally out here in the sticks in farming land the power goes off in the night and when I get up my IP has changed. Can you give me an example of what would happen if (and when ) this occurs? Thanks. Just occured to me I might possibly get locked out if my IP changed depending one what sort of setting you might have on this feature.
  10. I was fooled lots of times. Eventually I learned. Someone once told me they thought I was wise. I had to set them straight. Wisdom comes from making mistakes and learning. I have simply made more mistakes and lived than anyone I know. Patters and puzzles have always drawn me as if I have this inner need to solve some puzzle that will free me somehow. As a 10 year old I read a book (probably a Danny Dun book I am thinking I am thinking from the old memory) in which the scientist is telling his young friend the more things you know the more accurate judgments you can make. I spent the next 34 years trying to pack my head with everything I could read. Once you have an orthodox education you see they don't know it all, not by half. So you look beyond the orthodox for answers. The first 10 years as CTer I lapped it all up and believed it was all real...what a sucker! Eventually I did learn and looked at how I have been fooled so easily. Not everything was tripe, there were many accurate things I learned, but the fantastic sensational ones were seductive, but never lead anywhere. It is a big theme in the narrative machine. Someone else will save you despite you not deserving it and not doing anything to earn it. That is seductive enough for many. I hoped Trump would be the real deal, they played it well. He was going to the guy who saved everyone and the USA. Same old story with a different cast. Too good to be true but the more desperate you are and stressed (tavistock research found this out) they more you are likely to grasp at straws. Many grasped, I don't blame them a bit. It is foul work they do. By combining heady emotions along with the Psy-ops they make us vulnerable to their suggestions. Using people many trusted as sources they played us right to where they wanted us. Predicting human reactions is The Art of Chess. If you know how they react you can set them up into reacting in your favor with the right priming and moves. That is all they did to our demographic. They appealed to us because of all the known demographics were are the most feared. Of all Demographics were are the one most likely to take action which leads to the domino effect they so fear. When someone acts brave it inspires more bravery, always has done throughout human history. Look at the one man who faced down the Chinese Tanks, he nearly started a revolution on his own, just one man! That is what makes them slow to sleep and once asleep it is all their nightmares are made from, one person doing brave things openly in front of everyone else who then backs them as One. We all are that one person here in CT land. Each one of us has the potential to be the man/woman in front of the tanks.
  11. We didn't miss anything, they got people to jump to their provocation and they were controlled by suggestion of doom on the 26th alone. It was a mind control experiment and very successful I judge. To influence so many with nothing more than Rhetoric and Suggestion, that is how powerful they are right now. They used multiple agents placed at many sites who made the suggestions using various articles etc. How many people jumped because they said to jump? That is power. Most people didn't even think, they just reacted. Next they will go out and get jobs and pay taxes and obey the law without thinking. Sorry they already mind controlled the unthinking population into doing that, now they are working on us. Why do people keep taking their bait and listening to their agents? That puts you under the influence of their suggestions which is why they created the CT scene of today. I understand, I was fooled many times before I stopped drinking their Kool-aid. Probably took me 10 years of being fooled before I finally got it. But now I hate it when I see them do it to others. I don't drink their Kool-aid anymore. I write the antidote for their Kool-aid.
  12. Church prophesy sees them all dead before this pope's reign has ended according to St Malachy who made the papal lists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes Revelations also has them all dead before the NWO, dead all over the Vatican and on the steps of the Vatican. This is supposed to be the last Pope. What comes is death and the destruction of Roman Catholicism. I think it might be their connections to Pizza-gate and child sex rings which will see it occur. They covered up more than just a few priest raping kids. Christianity is to be destroyed before an NWO occurs. It also says this in Revelations. No Christians remain alive when the NWO comes to power. Any who do who don't submit are killed. Islam is also destroyed before the NWO. All of this is supposed to occur before the current Pope dies. If you believe in prophesy.
  13. That is interesting. Bait and switch I have heard is described as. They were describing was goes on in Freemasonry, they don't tell you all the knowledge, but bait you into wanting to know what they know...which ends up being far short of what you expected, but if you go up more ranks...That is the scam. It cost money to go up ranks and you pay higher Dues. There are a lot of things I have yet to tell people. I have tried so many times and I am not keeping it secret, but why shout into the wind when no one is listening? It is a bit like telling people you will empower them for free. They don't believe you, but if you told them you would empower them if they paid you $100,000 they are prepared to believe you. There is a banned book called Black Box which contains the knowledge of psychic research up until 1952 when it was banned from public access. Very interesting material in it. You never see that on sites. (unless I am writing it under one of my nom de plumes ) Mind control books are also highly restricted to the public. It was one of the few things I had read in detail when I first started to write on CT sites. I thought I had a niche. But people don't listen, the brain damage from cell phones is too strong I fear. Few people on CT sites can read more than one page at go. It is one of my biggest disappointments that I can write a detailed piece and have it ignored because I don't make a vid of it. God they would be 4 hours long. Who would watch that? I wouldn't. To be honest I want people to be able to do what I can do, the more the better, but no one wants to learn. It is like Capt Phil said, "Everybody wants the big time but no one wants to work for it." I literally have all the tools we need to win with ease, but no one is interested in saving themselves. They either want someone else to do it or just want it all to end. Psychologically many people are afraid of their own power, it makes them feel uncomfortable. I am a thumb looper myself ( stick my hands in my pockets with thumbs out in the belt loops) which psychologists suggest is people who are uncomfortable with their own power. Dominant people leave their thumbs out of their pockets, submissive people have theirs tucked in and people uncomfortable with their own power put their thumbs in their belt loops. I think people are (or have been made to be) afraid of their own power. It is easier to pretend they are powerless it would seem than be a little bit brave just once.
  14. I agree 100%. I never hold back on taking a few whacks with the metaphorical axe to those sites. Nothing like sticking a knife in your back to inspire that sort of retaliation from me. I used to trust them all once. Poor fool me for doing so. When I realized how much they had been misleading me and others....well you see what I do. I can't stand the idea of letting good people get lead astray because I said nothing when I should have. No need for them to get fooled like I did.
  15. He has to get his audience back. Some were suggesting he lost 50% over his Pizza-gate apologizes. I am guessing his analysts have told him what issues to pursue to capture his demographic again. They need him to keep those people in a string, they might end up here reading what we write if he can't. I doubt the intelligence community would want that.