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  1. So true, I have watched it for years.
  2. How ironic, my son just got out of prison yesterday, privet prisons suck, once they have you they will keep you, because you are a money maker for them. Randy got a 8 year sentence and did 15 years, they will give you a case just for blowing your nose and keep you in the system as long as they can. All these dirt bag prison owners see is $$$ signs '200 hundred feet from them golden gates....feeling good to be in real clothes again" My Son is now free...WOOHOO https://www.facebook.com/Randyisfree
  3. New but not so new.

    Hummmm...Oh I understand all so well, I ran my own forum at one time, when me and others branched off.... 10 years is all ? I have been playing this game since 1997 I just thought I found a real truthers site, I am not an asshole but I will tell you just how the cow ate the cabbage. Hummm !!!
  4. New but not so new.

    Completely formed to your liking....Not a place for me. I grew in America where we all have a voice, not to be separated. But to each His/Her Own C-ya
  5. New but not so new.

    Thank you for the invite Shadow, I got bumped... Bull Shit...Email me and tell me about this Commie Site !!!
  6. New but not so new.

    Banned off the front page ? is this what your telling me ? Splain Lucy ?
  7. New but not so new.

    So what is the topic ?
  8. New but not so new.

    Kinda quite here huh ?
  9. New but not so new.

  10. New but not so new.

  11. New but not so new.

    Thank you, I have been in these waters for a long time and know just how it works. I leave my masturbating up to my wife, but I get your drift.
  12. New but not so new.

    Looking for a new home where I will not be banded for posting a picture of my self, is this possible ? For one to be real ? in the world of fake BS.
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