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  1. The Military Draft System

    Well that's not going to happen. We have laws, and you need to get used to it.
  2. The Military Draft System

    And the Draft system doesn't produce love for his family, definitely not his land, it radicalizes his way of life or creates a bad one as the case may be, and it neither creates nor eliminates religious belief, but does radicalize Pre-Existing religious beliefs. What creates love for his family, his land, and his way of life, is Acceptance by Society, and a High standard of living, and Generally good personal wellbeing, and a reasonable measure of personal Freedom. :)
  3. The Military Draft System

    Here's a list of problems with the Draft System It is a Military Boot Camp, it isn't a Disciplinary / Motivational Boot Camp and it doesn't light the fire under a criminal's ass.. it just simply creates Criminals with Some Military training and a Dishonorable Discharge from the Military. It doesn't create a law abiding, Disciplined society, nor does it produce patriots. The only thing that produces law abiding citizens and Patriots, is Acceptance by Society, and a High standard of living, and Generally good personal wellbeing, and a reasonable measure of personal Freedom, and The Draft System is neither, nor does it teach either of them, nor does it produce either of them. (in fact it creates more Government Employees that are costly for Society) It doesn't create an Educated society, only access to Free, Safe, Appropriate, and Personalized Educational programming produces an Educated, employed and employable society. It doesn't produce political change amongst the Draftees, it only radicalizes the Political ideology that they already have because it is Military Training, and Its Abusive, with the goal of making a Unified Military group. A goal which the draft system also fails to achieve, because they are not personal volunteers that actively want the job. It doesn't teach respect for authority, the law, the legal system or the Politicians. It creates Treason, Espionage, Desertion, Defection, and Behavioral and mental health disorders that WILL end VERY badly for the Draftee (eventually). So Why do Neocons continue to try to push the idea of the Draft System ?
  4. Bernie Sanders continues on

    I knew that Bernie Sanders would probably get Indiana, even though Hillary was the Predicted winner there because I knew that Bing's prediction was a bad one, that made no historical sense throughout this entire race, Because Indiana simply doesn't have the diversity that Hillary states have But, It doesn't much matter, because Bernie Sanders needs over 1,000 pledged delegates to defeat BOTH Hillary's lead in Pledged, and Super delegates Without the Super delegates on either side, Bernie Sanders needs 1,022 more Delegates Before Hillary gets 701, and with Super Delegates, Hillary needs just 181 and Bernie Sanders needs way more than 1,022 more to win. The odds are extremely long against a whole lot of the Super delegates going to Bernie Sanders in appreciable numbers And the Democrats are not winner take all, the Democrats are proportional. Bernie Sanders cannot get the nomination with 50-ish percentages. So Why is Bernie Sanders going to continue a fight, that he cannot possibly mathematically win ? Even if he won every other state by predicted margins, in the 50 % plus range opposite of the predicted winner being Hillary in most of them Hillary would still get to well beyond 181 more delegates faster than you can say Jack Robinson, because about half the delegates would go to Hillary because its not a winner take all contest. More than 181 delegates goes to a good loser in the state of California alone, by itself Bernie Sanders needs to win by knock out margins, which hasn't happened anywhere, outside of the winner take all Republican contest, being ruled by HATE groups.
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