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  1. Question. Why is there so many anti-Christs and only one pro-Christ? Question. is there an anti-Buddha, anti-Mohammed ... e.t.c. ?? Question. What is an anti-Christ's Auntie called?
  2. What is your occupation?

    Automotive Spraypainter turned I.T. Tech/Lecturer
  3. I can't be the only one thinking "Someone going to get a bum steer on this"....
  4. Ireland reporting Government here is a mishmash of british policy emulating, euro dong sucking and US worshiping/military complying Hybrid. The ultimate Yes man. Anyone with half an enlightened brain doesn't blame the masses for policy maker/ money mens actions. Not to say it's true or otherwise, but the opinions of the rest of the world versus any country that has its military presence (and any accompanying allies )scattered all over the "free" world Is going to garner negativity, always. And thus if you are part of a democracy, overlooking a country's actions, powerless as we all are, then one has to bear some of the criticism.
  5. May it be time to rename 'globers' to "OblateSperoiders"?
  6. 2 aeroplanes on the equator 1000 miles apart Plane a is taking off west (landing at b's airport), plane b is taking off east(landing at a's airport). If Aeroplanes are aerodynamic. atmosphere should have minimal effect If the earth is spinning at 1000mph What are the time duration of each flight? If the earth is flat and not spinning What are the time duration of each flight?