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  1. Yet the causeway road to my peninsular home, which for generations used to flood with the spring tides, no longer floods. In fact rarely comes near the edge of the road anymore. If anything, over the last 20 years, the tide is receding. (or maybe a precursor to a really slow tsunami...)
  2. Was it an Adder? .. No... definitely a subtracter... (I'll get me coat...)
  3. conspiracyoutpost.com

    Thank you, Thanky for the Thank You...
  4. Space X Car showing water bubbles in space

    Well i guess NASA can save billions by scrapping their advanced coatings and composites division, and instead use Tesla factory automotive paint... All joking aside, I feel this is an insult to the Tesla name.
  5. I agree. I believe the greatest form of enlightenment is when you realise how little one knows...
  6. Space X Car showing water bubbles in space

    I used to work with carbon fibre. So, I'm guessing that, as average thermal stability of automotive carbon fibre resin is +/- 180C, an original tesla hood/bonnet would've either disintegrated with the cold extreme of space or gone up in a puff of smoke with the direct. rays of the sun. Any info on how the car was prepared ? A lot of components in cars now use temperature sensitive glue... mirrors, headlights and taillights fall apart between 200C/220C... some trim and headliner even lower. Also the foam under all the upholstery would have to be replaced as the air pockets would expand and explode in the vacuum of space.
  7. Sorry, but if you can catch a glimpse of the "ISS" while taking a picture of the moon from earth... then possibly while your up there in orbit you should see at least a few of the 520,000+ pieces of debris/satellites at close proximity. Pictures are too clean and always have been. Considering their own information
  8. Joke Thread(List Some Jokes)

    So....I exchanged our bed for a trampoline today .... .. .. the wife hit the roof.....
  9. Joke Thread(List Some Jokes)

    Q. If you've got one green ball in one hand and another green ball in the other, what do you have? . . . . . . . . . A. The undivided attention of the Incredible Hulk.
  10. I don't judge as to whether the earth is an oblate spheroid or a pancake... But.. and its a big BUT... I cannot believe NASA, or Musk or anyone else who sends back video or pictures from inner or outer orbit, or space, IF!! those pictures/videos are so clean as to not include 1. a reflection or detail of 20,000+ satellites 2. a reflection or detail of about 500,000 pieces of space debris floating since the late 50s If anyone who doesn't question this and gushes about great achievements, probably need to look closer at the evidence. Also while your at it, try and find a non cgi pic of real space debris... http://geoawesomeness.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/space-debris-I-1.jpg
  11. Where are all the dead people ???

    Hook 'em and cook 'em...
  12. Joke Thread(List Some Jokes)

    My mother in law’s funeral is next week. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Thing is, she doesn’t know yet.
  13. I am Horny! 👹

    And truly I say to thee... Go forth and multiply ... umm... but don't get Horny... .. . Really should have thought this through ... shouldn't I??
  14. (Observation, not belief) By that token, should no American flag of any kind should be on display, due to the possibility of offending Native Americans?
  15. Forum Machiavellian's

    To think I almost licked this post...