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  1. Mrs. Nostradamus ??
  2. A bit left of field, but... Isn't this a bit of a slap in the face to the millions of dead students that need those qualifications for education progression in the afterlife??
  3. Just last week my wife and I were outside having a good look at Sirius She spotted the first "satellite" and there were 2 subsequent ones, the first 2 were pretty much north/south before changing direction about 90% as stated before. The 3rd was in an east west direction, before an elliptical curve to the north, was easy to follow by the naked eye, but when it reached the vicinity of the polestar, it immediately turned south in an instant, very strange.
  4. As someone who lived in Ireland in the 70s and 80s, I can confirm these mother and baby homes for those cursed enough to be the seed of out of marriage copulation were dotted all around the country. Also remember talking to a local contractor about 20yrs ago, who was excavating a plot in such a home in the 60s, a lot of bones were discovered but quickly concreted over.
  5. Like how at most airports they confiscate Liquids... ....in case they are explosive... ...And throw them into a bin, ....full of potential other explosive liquids? ... In one of the busiest areas in the Airport??????
  6. Poem. Got an unsolicited push from viber To celebrate womens day I'm not a woman either Just what are they trying to say.
  7. Staggered release promotes sensationalism and is somewhat media like, quite worryingly. It time Wikileaks stopped dangling the carrot, became verbose and dropped the mike. Then we can have a clearout...
  8. Theoretically every browser on a windows PC is connected through "Internet Options" Which is a subset of Internet Explorer Whatever browser you use you are still using Explorer environments.
  9. I do believe... you are... correct ... .. JTK would not... stoop so low...
  10. FTFY Absolutely probably nothing to do with atomized unburnt fuel additives, heavy metal aerosols mixtures and 'con'trails ....
  11. Rather than stirring, better to keep an open mind, and to say that nothing we're told or read is ultimately true. Either are uninformed hypothesis or profit based hypothesis. Flat earth = plenty of evidence if you discount some scientific "theory" from the established scientific hierarchy Globe earth = plenty of evidence if you believe all that certain government agency lay on a platter before you, even though admit that photos and videos are "stitched" and they some times contradict themselves ( 1972 NASA pic of the globe shows Africa occuping 2/3 of the globe, 1974 however Africa had gone on a diet and only occupied 1/2 ) When we gonna get to Brain in a Jar Hypothesis?
  12. All located in the twilight zone, unless you have 1.4 million years to spare. Jeez now would be a great opportunity for Hollywood to come up with a big space movie about the perils of deep space travel. They could have someone like Chris Pratt and Jenifurry Lawerence as the Passengers... All we need now is a catchy title...
  13. "Yes, we know it's really a way station teleportation device for the the elite to gain interplanetary travel ability..." "Is it?" "Yes son.." "But how do we get there dad?" "Come to the dark side, Luke! We made up some sort of a synchronization of rotational period nonsense to keep the sheep chewing the cud..."
  14. Remember you'll have to Bum Gardener down somewhere secure So 'they' can't get you, and will have to be happy with discrediting you for the rest of your life..