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  1. I liked this, I liked this so much I decided to quote it, for no apparent reason other than I like it...
  2. Which you did do here... on a simple request for clarity... However on the previous question, which on any day in history, would warrant more than a one word answer... You didn't... otherwise why start an "informative" thread in the first place? I don't leave threads.. I am omnipresent..
  3. Hmmm? One may need to mull this one over, to allow that to sink in....
  4. Alternative Headline:- "A lion was finally fed during a circus act in Egypt, as an audience filmed the unusual occurrence on mobile phones."
  5. I guess they have to film the mars ice cap somewhere...
  6. Not to mention how they got 12 days of oxygen for 3 men into such a small command module... and rebreather tech didn't take of to the mid 70s... ..but none of my buzznesKermet.jpg...
  7. Antarctican full sentence answers a problem?
  8. Probably need to figure out how to get past the Van Allen belts first... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlXG0REiVzE
  9. Do you know why the Vostok station was evacuated??
  10. Every last bit of my tissue would be nervous, if I was about to be eaten....
  11. Is this tongue in cheek?? The amount of credibility and objectivity goes out the window with a statement like that...
  12. You were saying... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoophilia_and_the_law http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/bestiality-legal-canada-supreme-court-a7073196.html
  13. Well I guess the shit really hit the van... Probably...
  14. Is everyone losing their minds? In all the main posts where's the conspiracy??
  15. Would it be Hilarious? .. .. I'll get me coat...