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  1. I wonder if after a few years of Fukishima based radiation, how the habitat and short term evolution has been affected in the oceans as a whole? ..Cue ancient japanese sailor-: ..."Gojiira!!... Gojiira!!"
  2. Is the world going to end on September 23?

    Ok.. Party, my house, 24th...
  3. Is the world going to end on September 23?

    Damn... and I just won the lotto... Looking for an underground bunker... anything considered...
  4. May it be time to rename 'globers' to "OblateSperoiders"?
  5. 2 aeroplanes on the equator 1000 miles apart Plane a is taking off west (landing at b's airport), plane b is taking off east(landing at a's airport). If Aeroplanes are aerodynamic. atmosphere should have minimal effect If the earth is spinning at 1000mph What are the time duration of each flight? If the earth is flat and not spinning What are the time duration of each flight?
  6. One of those things

    Doesn't work for me
  7. Where Were You 16yrs Ago Today?

    Funnily enough was watching BBC also and could see the building clearly behind them.

    We were watching The new transformer movie, above one of the navy base wall monitor screens written in large letters " I want to kill you! " Had to rewind to check, but yes it was there, made me feel weird...
  9. Generally over here in YouRope, and wait for it, cos it's earth shattering... Asians is usually a reference to someone from Asia... Go figure
  10. Amazing how naive someone who is in charge of a military aeroplane To think that he has control of whether he stays or not.
  11. I quite agree with this https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DFv74zyXkAAdpeW.jpg:large
  12. No... but I prefer some of his farm animals.... Any good recommendations on annunaki books or any documentaries out there?
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