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  1. This place is better than BINned isn't it ?
  2. Couldn't answer anyone anyway mate ☺. It wouldn't let me create a post just to ask what was happening? I could see everything but couldn't respond to anything.. No likes, qoutes or own comments either.. Kind of like when youtube died the other day...
  3. Well I have full confidence in you since your name is Billy crunt and not silly c++t. Sqaush the bugs and the creators. This is why I haven't bought a laptop still.. I'll own it a week before its filled with bugs I have no idea about and I won't be able to use it . You have a solid customer in me mate.. If your sites acting up I know you'll be onto it so I just come back later ☺
  4. The Anomaly They Talk About On GLP!

    They are even included in the doctor who series. Like another soft disclosure
  5. Yeah I noticed last night nobody was replying to any posts so figured you'd noticed. Since you mentioned last week you were Ddossed from sth Africa I think? I see you've had a new problem daily it seems.. Have you sqaushed the root cause or is it some group continuing to fk with you?
  6. (testing. Had red banner over my screen for two days and couldn't reply to anything? If your reading this it's fixed.? )
  7. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    It won't take long for the real story.. Aussie's are good that way. Don't put up with BS and fkwits lying to us. Lol
  8. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    Out of curiosity which site deleted it?
  9. I wish him the greatest pain and suffering a pedophile murdering sellout traitor could have and hope your aware of every seizure as you choke on your own blood. Have a great day
  10. It should at least reflect uv rays so it has to be there somewhere? Unless something screwed up
  11. It's by either RED PILL PHILOSOPHY or RICHIE FROM BOSTON channel. I mix em up.. Yes I've noticed to wait a good halfhour maybe.. It's gotta be there now but yep I think I originally wrote this probably ten minutes after. That shows that it gets copied read and filed before we get our own email because it should be instantaneous.
  12. Just sent exclusive... UN openly promotes thier depopulation plan. Evidence sent gmail mate... ☺
  13. Wicked. What's the name of the gang? Be good to see deeper into the story
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