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  1. @Ukshep @Cinnamon I haven't been here about five days because I wrote last time im getting msgs as I load here threatening if I continue I'll be malwared? Still don't know what that is exactly BUT JUST NOW MY REPLY TO CINNAMON STUFFED UP ABOVE THEN YOUR SITE DISAPPEARED AND I GET... INTERNET IS DISCONNECTED. Straight away I load VOAT reddit and binned. No problem. I type cop again I get a blank screen with INTERNET IS DISCONNECTED? this is why I used my laptop for work and worried to buy one for this because WTF is going on in the last week trying to get on here.. I haven't been able to answer comments?.??? Do you have any other Aussie's here? Do they mention anything similar? I know there's a few new Zealand but it's not Australia... I'm afraid ill kill a new laptop within a week cos some hacker doesn't like truth. And the photos of the Australian synchotron I sent and what was above it.. . Most scandalous news today is clinton busted selling refugees to Canada!
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    Damn. Ok cinnamon. It's good if somebody is lying and you can pull up thier denied qoutes. That would eventually take a lot of save space to pay for tho... Cinn I sent you a couple vids regarding nth Korean subs on the move. Nobody seems to know yet.. And another with new information released hrs ago.... Soldier on πŸ˜‰
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    Ah ok Thankyou. This would be the only alt site I would donate to. But same I've been here about a year and never knew? Cheers ☺
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    How do I delete this post?
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    Q. Why do some people have a gold trophy before thier name and others seem to have a blue newspapers? Is COP doing achievements now? How do I get platinum and where's the mods list and cheat codes? 😜
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    For sure (sorry my brother dropped in had to Dissapear ) I've never gone near anything Bill Gates hAs created.. And yeah im paranoid on these things so half the time I have tor running even on this.. (even though it's basically useless ) because I can't program the things I worry about breaking them.. The one I have is all set to my machine at work and it's a completely different type of programming cos of work.. I have to learn what you know... I've been meaning to for years anyway.. I want a good powerful laptop that has nothing to do with apple bill Gates windows etc... I'd probably spend Aussie 2 grand? That should get me started with some goodies included maybe? Im just starting to look and question everything so I don't rip myself off. My mate makes the best computers from garbage he finds on our travels.. He could make a brand new PC out of shit and five bucks! Lol
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    Ok sweet as. I just found your new like system... Not bad. (let's try and find a problem hehehe ) I'm sure after the other day you and shep overhauled everything ay? Nice one. Can't say no to extra security
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    I've noticed because of the operating systems they use with all phones that no matter how much you spend, any phone is only good for two years tops and then they all get phantom problems because the operating system has been upgraded from all phone companies and the next generation latest phone.. Because of that I've been thinking of buying a laptop for personal but i would be a complete noob for a while and because im not PC smart im worried I'd download some virus on my new laptop.. I still think I'll get myself one. Any suggestions that aren't apple? The problem I had was accessing your site! I've had no problems all day on reddit or BINned? It only happened here and for the first time ever it kept asking me to sign in. I haven't done that from the day I joined!? Yep time to unnoob and laptop it mate but go easy on my many fk ups to come! Hahahahh
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    Have you changed the look of the site slightly? The scattered Grey background is good for the eyes... Subtle colours are perfect for reading and keeps people on the site longer without realising it. Subliminal presentation is a good thing done correctly.
  10. What forum is he referring to on his end? This site and what's the other site?
  11. This is well known info.. Three mths ago even I heard everything he's told you and I dont know shit.. (just lettin u know. I know you know πŸ˜‰) This guy gives minor tells. Don't trust at all! ___femadirector!..... But your no competition?.....
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    NEVER ! 😜 LOL.
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    I do. I feel bad now. And want some acid for some reason now? πŸ˜‚
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    Hahaha I really feel like an A hole I'm sorry.. Pls put your symbol back.. I shouldn't have mentioned it 😭