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  1. Just this evidence alone is enough to charge them with planning a terrorist act on thier home soil. Good find.. (norsecorp hasn't loaded up for me for the third day now? When you hit the start live it keeps loading?... I'm very surprised that noone has burnt comet pizza down or broken into Pegasus "museum " to film the kill room)
  2. There's enough war victims there's no shortage of. Next they'll knock on your door saying you don't need two kidneys! That's honestly morally disgusting. I hear you guys are building a wall to, great to hear.... Hope Santa brought you something nice mate. Happy New Year 🐙🎉
  3. Look back on bpearthwatch channel about a month ago and he proves cern is causing the earthqaukes. When i asked him why he suddenly shut up about it he said some cryptic clues in his next vids confirming he has been "spoken" to. If my crap phone would do links id post half of bp's vids here as i research what he says and he is not wrong. P & K space imaging channel also show all moon buildings and everything NAZA deny through qaulity Celestrons. (how many mods are on this site?) i thought it was just shep and cinn...
  4. Sounds good.. Will watch tomorrow when im so wonewly. Soz team america flashback.. Ill sub to your channel since utoob are being pricks lately..
  5. The fag libtard that came up with this crap is another snowflake f**kwit... Sorry but im sick of these pricks. Did u hear trump has already written his first executive order that legally cancels every single law Obama bin ladin has passed from day one because his birth cert. Is a proven fake. As soon as hes innaugurated he signs it and lodges it to congress. Hurry up Jan 20 !
  6. No void. If you look the magnetosphere nearly fully collapses. And weve been getting a strange sucking/reverse blowback from behind earth which is an anomoly
  7. Youtube BPEARTHWATCH and he will explain it very well. I must admit he spits truth a week before others see it and then make thier own videos.. He shows and tells you all the charts and correct sites. Satellites and cameras to view.. He has been clamped down on recently as he was correct about cern causing all the earthqaukes.. Check him out and if your still unsure compare what he says and shows to the dribble of bullshit NAZA tells us. Merry christmas
  8. Not to this massive extent because theyre using cern to drop our sphere at the same time and we usually see blowback coming from behind the earth which is strange in itself. Sun has ejected massive proton and helium through our magnetosphere as the sun is in a cooldown period.. BPEARTHWATCH explains this nicely ..
  9. I think i saw him talking for a bit but he was hanging shit on clinton.. That was funny as to! Wouldnt mind seeing what he says again about media 😂
  10. I think i saw him talking for a bit but he was hanging shit on clinton.. That was funny as to! Wouldnt mind seeing what he says again about media 😂
  11. He should of kicked them out.. NO FAKE NEWZ ALLOWED.. they twist everything he says anyway