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  1. I was /am a single father of my now 17 yr old son. When he was ten I broke my ankle playing basketball with my son. I ended up on crutches and didn't have a car. I asked my family for help to drop him off and pick him up from school. No worries..... Two days later human services had gone to my sons school and took him saying I was unfit because I was on crutches! They ignored the fact I'd already made arrangements so he wouldn't miss primary school and was lucky I had family that legally stepped in but I still lost my son for nearly FIVE YEARS! I'm no criminal. And only work work and f**king more work but the government didn't acknowledge anything. I'm currently sueing HUMAN SERVICES over a range of things related. They didn't give a shit about my famous brother on Australian television called NEIGHBOUR'S and is worth over twenty million dollars. Even my brother was put through hell and he's famous. And people wonder where the term kangaroo court comes from.. (and im considered a priveliged white wealthy Australian. Our government uses our personal wealth to thier advantage and simply steal "legally " as many pure Australians as possible but if I was from Syria I would have been fully supported by a government that isn't mine plus given hardship cash bonuses. ) I don't know how to stress how f**ked our system is in the most beautiful place on earth. 😭💨🔫
  2. I think I would prefer that still compared to the Aus hospital system!
  3. 😉 as you said now this boy is in "government care" his own parents can be charged with kidnapping. Endangering a minor. And even attempted murder just by refusal Of vaccines for THIER CHILD ! I garauntee this boy would of had every shot he should of had since his parents stopped it at two years of age when the first vaccine turned him nearly into a total paraplegic. He WAS born a normal healthy male baby. By now this poor kid would have received over twenty different vaccines IN ONE HIT! And will already have been placed under the supervision of HUMAN SERVICES (Australian name of government dept that handles child protection. Housing and social security payments ) it's all combined and you can't do anything without every other type of dept already knowing about you. His parents will not be allowed to see thier child and most likely have lost him to the Australian system until he's 18 but remember he's now retarded so will never be allowed to think or act for himself even as an adult legally. My country is so brainwashed they still don't understand shit. Recently at the Australian comedy gala PIZZAGATE was a comedy topic about fake news and the entire audience were laughing in agreement that it never happened! This is the most controlled country on the planet and then people wonder why Aussie's are crazy bastards that couldn't give a fk about anything. The best country on earth were enslaved from the beginning without noticing anything. I'm Irish /Scottish heritage from captain James cooks first fleet to Australia over 200 years ago so as the world has always made Irish jokes about being backwards and we are upside down on the globe we really are trapped in Superman's bizzaro world and mytzlplyzicks our primeminister. (superman comic bad guy. Only old schoolers will understand why I wrote this) he will most likely already have been microchipped like an animal as they're about to pass a law that ALL BABIES ARE CHIPPED AT BIRTH! They use the word chip so it sounds cool but we all know it's a radio aerial with its own reciever. AUSTRALIA. THE WORLDS FIRST HUMAN ZOO. 😢
  4. Same with Australia. Our summer just finished and it rained for most of it and I remember two clear days and one of them the moon was at the twelve o'clock position at 3 in the afternoon and seemed an hour behind the sun. I'm no flat earther but it made a good argument for it... Have you seen RITCHIE FROM BOSTON channel where he shows Denmark or Germany have just made an artificial sun! I believe they're covering up Nibiru and the system.. Plus with Harvard calling it operation solar shield it proves man made global warming is Bullshit and proves they finally admit Chemtrails
  5. Make your own bread but STILL you have to look at the flour your using.
  6. And soon you won't trust the oceans.. Rads.. I have a video I saw of what fishermen are catching today.. But I haven't forwarded to here yet but I will. Our oceans life is mutating from to much radiation from FUKUSHIMA.. I'll pass it on after work in a few hrs...
  7. It continues to PING & PONG! #🔫
  8. If you flip on PIZZAGATE you'll flop on anything.
  9. I'd laugh if it wasn't true....
  10. Our government are so plastic. Like maccas toy plastic. They all have a coin slot on their backs.. The total population of Australia is nearly half to the original first fleet connection Of true Aussie's. It seems England is gonna be outnumbered eventually only because they're next door.. But our government doesn't stop letting them in by air. We had boat people as refugees.. Now they just fly in.
  11. Just thought of this.... The wire fence behind him would have brains and chokked up gunk dripping off the fence too! And thanks for reminding it is a gloch bcos that looks like the same weapon the female reporter was "killed" with.. That's what I see. He had two phone's.. Suddenly now he's dead but are there vids of proof.. Not just the source his death has spread from to begin with? It's like the running man
  12. Yeah they probably upgraded the moulage kit the old man was holding up. Watch it again and notice you don't see the shots and he does a 360* and you see him laying down with the plastic bag covering all his head. You never actually see the shots or the real aftermath. It was all BULLSHIT mate.
  13. B rich of dahboos crew was on his tail and the cops easily tracked him down and emp'd his car killing his livestream and told him to stop it! But they can't find Stevie Steve. Do you know why? Because it was fake.. Like when the reporter was shot and she ran away with no blood or anything.. That was a couple years ago but it was the same game.. Now they're trying to again ban first person views for games like GTAV.. A lot of recycled attacks have happened lately like the CIA have ran out of ideas.. Hope your good bro
  14. Anytime 😉 I thought you'd like it mate.. I have another one where a guy keeps trying to give everyone a Pepsi while they're rioting. He sees a fight and he charges in with Pepsi cans trying to bring everyone together.. But because I sent about five other topics at once I left it out..
  15. I noticed it instantly BUT a lot of you tubers have to flip the footage to circumvent laws so video won't be taken down.. He shows his id for a second.. If someone can zoom in and catch what direction the writing on his goes.....? Funny he has two phones going as well. Convenient for FAKEBOOK