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  1. My last attempt to spank my child was when she bold faced lied to me, she looked me in the eyes and put up her hands, and in a pleading voice yelled "What are you doing?!!" So I stopped in my tracks right then and there. She was 8. I had spanked her only twice before that. I couldn't do it anymore either. There's something to the "this is gonna hurt me more than it does you" saying.
  2. I got my ass whipped and my mouth popped, when I did something or said something wrong. I spanked my child a couple of times when she was little but I haven't since then. She's a good kid but she does have a smart mouth on her at times. She's got the run of me for the most part. But very respectful and behaves well around others. I think a few good swats on the bum gets the message through. I did receive my last paddling in seventh grade by Mr. Spangler. For what? I don't even remember. Bastard. I got my last whippin at 15 the day after I seen Black Flag in concert. I told my mom I hated her and she whipped me all over my legs. I just stood there as she went nuts. I went to school and showed off my welts. I thought it to be very punk rock.

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