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  1. Saw this on another CT forum. Excerpt: Vetting Nibiru researchers is a daunting task; every legitimate Nibiru story or photograph spawns a myriad of hoaxes that spread like wildfire across the internet. And every legitimate Nibiru sighting is quickly discredited by government sponsored paid shills and NASA disinformation agents, organizations desperate to conceal Nibiru’s existence until the last possible moment. Supporters claim to have seen it, though many sightings turn out to be photographs of lens flares, street lamps, or atmospheric aberrations. Debunkers are quick to argue: “If it’s there, why can’t we see it? Why didn’t it arrive in 2004, 2008, 2012?” full piece: http://www.beholdapale.com/blog/nibiru-sighted-in-united-kingdom/
  2. According to this article, it was shot down by ISIS. http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/egypt-air-ms804-shot-down-by-isis/
  3. Excerpt: OBAMA BEGGED IRAN “KEEP MISSILE TESTS SECRET” WASHINGTON– A senior Iranian military commander is saying that United States President Barrack “Hussein” Obama is quietly begging the Islamic State to keep its ballistic missile tests and nuclear ambitions a secret so as not to cause alarm and panic in the region. This shocking information was first reported by the Washington Beacon, but that sanitized media outlet has omitted many facts, including directly implicating Obama’s complicit attitude toward Iran’s desire to see Israel “reduce to a pile a smoking rubble.” Our sources in Washington and Tehran obtained alarming information that sheds a new and disturbing light on the issue. Link/story http://www.someonesbones.com/uncategorized/obama-begged-iran-keep-missile-tests-secret/
  4. As always, make of it what you will. TED CRUZ TURNS TO SATAN Former Speaker of the House John Boehner wasn’t far from the mark when he called presidential candidate Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Our Texas source confirms that the Cruz family, in its darkest hour, has abandoned Christianity and embraced the Lord of Darkness to salvage Ted Cruz’s bid for the White House. Pastor Rafik Cruz–Ted’s uncle–was heard saying, talking to himself, “For ten long months we asked for Jesus’s help, but He has forsaken us. Now we put our fates in the hands of another.” Story + Source: http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/ted-cruz-turns-to-satan/
  5. RUSSIAN WEATHER WEAPON RAVAGES THE U.K. 1 May 2016 Mother Nature is getting a bad rap, being blamed for Putin-manufactured weather events across the globe. In his latest act of provocation, Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashed experimental HAARP technology upon the United Kingdom, turning an otherwise sunny day into blinding snowstorms that paralyzed much of the country. The unseasonable mix of snowfall and sleet surprised forecasters, prompting an investigation by the Met Office, the United Kingdom’s national weather service. Story and source: http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/russian-weather-weapon-ravages-the-u-k/
  6. I'm pretty much convinced the guy is a shill now
  7. COMMENTS EDIT MAN JUMPS OFF BROOKLYN BRIDGE AFTER ISIS TURNS HIM DOWN A 32 year old man jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday morning–but miraculously survived the 135 foot plunge into icy waters. The man, identified as John “Hussein” White, walked to the middle of the iconic span’s pedestrian pathway and climbed across the Manhattan-bound roadway before leaping at around 9:15 am, authorities said. Officers Rosario Roccasalvo and Eugene Bebenista of the NYPD’s Harbor Unit were patrolling by boat off the shores of Brooklyn when they saw a man wearing all black fall from the bridge and land feet first in the bone-chilling, 40-degree water. The cops made their way over to the man and fished him out of the water by throwing him a rescue line and pulling him into the boat to safety Our confidential source in Canarcie, Brooklyn, uncovered key details not reported by the New York Post, the paper that broke the story. Most important is that John “Hussein” White resolved to end his life after being refused membership to the prestigious terror organization known as ISIS. source http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/man-jumps-off-brooklyn-bridge-after-isis-turns-him-down/
  8. Make of it what you will: COMMENTS HILLARY’S FUTURE MILITARY While exerting all her influence to strip law-abiding American citizens of their right to bear arms, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton–if she reaches the White House–plans to expand America’s military to include a new breed of solider: children between 11-15 years of age. A leaked document, which British intelligence siphoned from her email server, details Hillary’s adamant desire to allow adolescent children into America’s fighting force of tomorrow. source: http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/hilarys-future-military/
  9. I found it interesting, so thought I'd share here: FACEBOOK “DELETES” POPULAR GOSSIP PAGE TO SHUT DOWN NIBIRU DISCUSSION Facebook has removed its popular gossip page “The Shade Room” to squash discussion about a taboo subject: Nibiru. The organization, known to be in cahoots with the federal government, announced today that it had deleted the page due to issues over copyright infringement notices. This is a smokescreen to conceal its real agenda; eliminate or abate discussion of Nibiru on the world’s most popular social network. Link to remainder of story. I posted less than 50% http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/facebook-deletes-popular-gossip-page-to-shut-down-nibiru-discussion/ Make of it what you will. Not saying I believe it. Just found it not outside the realm of plausibility.
  10. Website footer says: ©2016 Someone's Bones All rights reserved.Vladimir Vladomiravic sounds Russian
  11. Same thing happened to me. I think i was the first to link the article and be banned from GLP. It seems that anything that mentions Astro in a derogatory way is grounds for an immediate ban there
  12. HILARY DEFECTOR FOILS TRUMP ASSASSINATION PLOT The Trump camp is breathing a sigh of relief; a leaked memo, which the mainstream media refuses to address, states that a plan to assassinate GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been foiled; The Trump camp and the United States Secret Service have taken steps to ensure Trump’s safety. The tip off came from Bryan Pagliano, a former Clinton aid who parted ways with his former boss, calling her “disturbed,” “confused, and “sick.” In an unrelated incident, Pagliano also signed a government offered immunity agreement in exchange for his cooperation in Hilary Clinton’s email scandal. Less than 50% Source and article: http://www.someonesbones.com/blog/hilary-defector-foils-trump-assassination-plot/