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    I can't change my profile pic for some reason... I guess it's providence. lol f*** Sheps thrad. haha, I'm sure he would agree.
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    wut? lol
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    Ya'll should make a coming out thread... let's see who these posters really are. lol
  4. It does say in the book of Enoch that God placed a crystalline around the Earth... This may be the ice sheath I suppose this could be quantified as a dome?
  5. Then why put "In God we trust" on money and in pledge of allegiance "One nation under god"? Just trying to understand they why of it all.
  6. This pic from spaceweather.com is odd. http://www.spaceweather.com/images2016/27apr16/contrail_strip.jpg Why would they want to lie about the Earth being round?
  7. The earth is flat??? lol ok.. now I need a drink and a new pair of eyes.