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  1. Why can't it be hybridization? Roundup is only used in a very small percentage of crops where ripening is needed to be hastened. Why waste money if you don't have to?
  2. She's been in an ankle bracelet since last October. Make of that what you will. http://www.theeventchronicle.com/intel/huma-abedin-wearing-ankle-monitor/
  3. Driverless cars will be cool, they couldn't be hacked and kill millions of people right? Your internet enabled fridge could probably kill you easier just by giving you food poisoning.
  4. Looking at the crowd was sad... it hadn't been Mutti Merkeled yet.
  5. So the amount of energy...fuel required to produce beer for energy is less than the amount of fuel required to grow it. That's cool. Sounds a bit like solar panels, you never recoup the energy to produce them compared to the energy they emit.
  6. Cricket and the 22 that rules the world

    He is the substitute that can be rotated on for fielding but can't bowl or bat.. Apparently American football also has a twelfth man too...(thanks google). Rules of cricket were codified by the Star and Garter Club, their heraldry appears to have a Masonic garter surrounding a star so the game might of been formally drawn up by the Masons... Interesting.
  7. Cricket and the 22 that rules the world

    What about the 12th man?
  8. Who should we listen to for information?

    I'd give Corbett about an 80% pass mark. QAnon has too many alts and makes what is real and isn't impossible to work out. Megs is right about a lot of things but once again can be hard to verify. Most of the others I always take with a grain of salt. Discernment as always is the key.
  9. Check out this JFK release

    They seem like nice people......
  10. Que? An excess of carotene turns you orange... it's fact.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carotenosis Can you?
  12. AVAAZ we are the people of the power

    Just because you care doesn't mean you are right.