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  1. I'm sayin' 1/19...cuz ya know.
  2. Wanna know who the pedo network has dirt on? Look at who are the most scared about Trump getting in.
  3. Correlation is not causation and I'm ending this now. You work it out, you're "woke".
  4. Flat earthers are retards. The sun warming the different hemispheres creates the different temperature anomalies over the year that create the gulf stream. Warm half for 6 months then cool it for 6 creates the circulation as temperatures try to equalise. Simplistic explanation but sufficient.
  5. It was my understanding they were part of a revolving door system anyway. Ambassador one year, bureaucrat the next and finally use your contacts to be a lobbyist. I wouldn't want any of them anywhere near the new administration without vetting their allegiances first. Guaranteed to be part of the globalist pig trough crew.
  6. Yeah that is the other option, but hey if a big rock hits think of all the fun finding nano diamonds everywhere. The precipitation that either of these events will only last a year or so as it scrubs the atmosphere clean. Bad for us in the west, yes. Worse for the developing world that suddenly realises that we will be too busy looking after ourselves. Tell me there aren't a few million people that can't afford to lose a few pounds anyway. Anyway the point of the thread was a bullshit doom story about the gulf stream stopping which is impossible unless the tilt of the earth is gone, there are much more plausible doom stories around is what I was getting to that are a bit more realistic in the near term.
  7. I'm saying that no matter how bad it gets, it was that bad 150 years ago and although it was tough people survived. There will still be summers, although they will be shorter. We are not far enough along the Milankovitch cycle to go into glacial period yet. Close but not for at least a couple of hundred years. So yeah, people will stay and fossil fuels will let them thrive. Canada will have trouble producing grain crops in a shortened grow period. It will still be able to produce other crops but wheat will be hit hard. https://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Abundance-Century-Nasty-Brutish/dp/1621571580 An interesting read from an interesting person.
  8. Why do you say that? Even with Boston's massive snow in the other year they managed to keep fuel supplies up. Human ingenuity is tenacious, well, at least in the west. There is a reason that we use modern agricultural techniques, it is more efficient to grow monocultures and distribute them than it is to have everyone trying to grow their own produce. Don't get me wrong, I love growing at home but I know I'm not saving money by doing so. Co-operation is what makes us great. It allows us to diversify and create art and develop medicine while still having a stable food supply.
  9. Greenhouses can solve that problem. Heated and lighted by glorious natural gas. Best thing is the gas will increase CO2 levels so things grow really fast while keeping everything warm and toasty.
  10. I'm very dubious of all of these free energy devices, TPTB won't stand a chance of stopping them if they were real. All over unity devices so far have proven not to work. Keshe appears to be a fraud. Coal, nuclear, oil and gas work. Solar and wind do but only intermittently and are no use for real power. Battery technology is too expensive. I'd still like to find out the truth about Tesla and wireless transmissions but at this stage I'm not hopeful. Once you realise that depopulation is the name of the game you can understand why all these crap power generation technologies are being foisted on us. They want us to fail. It also explains the anti GMO stance as food means too large a population so demonise it. Anti vaxxers are convincing everyone not to get immunised, another depopulation agenda. Too many red pills. I'll stop.
  11. Volcanoes are the biggest danger not sun changes but hothouses with lighting and heating can produce food even in a blizzard but you need proper fossil fuels not solar and wind to do this. Trump opening up fracking will provide energy independence for the US and disaster proof in the case of a really cold turn. Doom abated at least for a bit.
  12. It could be very bad, it will lead to war and invasion as people try to shore up food supplies. I'm in Aus, we won't have a problem. Europe will get invaded by Africa as they can't produce enough food for themselves now. The same goes for the ME. They can't produce their own food either. Canada f**ked, US should be OK as with S.America. I wouldn't rely on solar power to get me out of it. Coal, Oil and Gas all the way baby.