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  1. With any luck there will be a hungry pack of wolves out there waiting for some tough meat to chomp on.
  2. Too bad...Too good to be true...wish it were though..There are quite a few that should be told to go f off.
  3. I certainly hope this is true. Our President, a real man told Gov. Brown who came looking for money to go "F" himself.. http://thelastlineofdefense.org/breaking-trump-just-told-californias-governor-to-go-fck-himself-right-to-his-face/ “Hey Jerry. You need billions of dollars to make sure the people whose houses are gonna end up under water are taken care of? That’s just too bad. Maybe next time you’ll spend your budget on repairs rather than giving all of your money to illegal aliens. My answer is ‘go f*ck yourself.'” Official White House stenographer Beatrice Leahy said the official transcript of the conversation will omit the word “f*ck,” but that it was plain as day. Governor Brown immediately left with his tail between his legs. As a friend mentioned, maybe he should have asked Clinton for some of her foundation money.
  4. Continue praying for President Trump and all around him. He has much to do and many blocking his way.
  5. For heaven's sake..It was an Inner Circle show which is put on every year..This one was from 2000.. It's a parody..It's comedy..The NYC Press corps does this every year and each year the sitting Mayor is put through the ringer and of course there are people invited to participate. This year they put on "Shamilton" with our useless Mayor DiBlasio, our version of Obama..Not every single thing has a dark side.
  6. It was a skit for the yearly Inner Circle press dinner in 2000. Giuliani was dressed in drag. Nothing sinister going on..Just a spoof. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inner_Circle_(parody_group) From wikipedia: Nothing sinister going on..Just a spoof. The Inner Circle is an American parody group made up of seasoned reporters, bloggers, web journalists, and television and radio personalities. "The Inner Circle show is divided into two acts. The first act focuses on lampooning the current New York City Mayor The second act attacks state and national politics. During the 1990s, the Inner Circle also began to focus on celebrities The show is followed by a rebuttal from the current mayor of New York."
  7. Thank you Cryptic Mole for this very important advice. Magdalena
  8. Of course this means those they think are "Disloyal Americans"...Those with an opinion they dislike or find controversial will hear a knock at their doors. Sad.
  9. Assuming this is true and it looks like it might be, why were the Marines unarmed?
  10. Whoa, Cryptic Mole...Don't know what to think...Hope you are able to clarify a little for this lady. Thanks, Magdamary
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