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  1. Psychology 101

    One of the most important aspects of what Hitler must have had encouragement or training in (like Tesla not far away) is early life dream and astral travel initiation. In Tesla's case his father was from a family of 'speakers' and priests who knew the techniques. It is very hard to unlearn what is beaten out of a person through social 'norming' and 'forming' (psychological modalities). From what little we know about both of their early lives - there definitely was a 'storming' stage in their relationship with their father. This stage almost always causes a 'trip' within. Intellect and intelligence are seen in psychology as factual cognition or emotional feelings according to Wikipedia. I see their point and I think I would only agree if feelings are not integrated with a soul and they are only dealing in ego. Yes, words are tricky little buggers and concepts seldom apply wisdom over facts. What a fact is to one person is often anathema to another. When I apply the word anathema in this context I am not practicing black majik or some socially accepted religious connotation used to curse and ostracize or cause harm through excommunication by a Pope or Council of cretins. You can consider I am using the word as if it were 'abhorrent' to the individual confronted by facts in the same manner one of those councils thought Ivan Illich and his proof about education or other social institutions including their own were abhorrent. But we still have words (in the west for certain) which are devoid of soul and this almost pre-empts wisdom or Gnosis before people even try to communicate. I wonder if the social media has a way to overcome this in 155 characters or less? BFF is all fluff and ego - for example, which does not mean people using the term are not exchanging genuine care, but usually it is a very different thing they are exchanging. I consider myself an able Empath with the goal of genuine cognition and true purpose in all interests except when having a joke. I may be an Illuminatus in the eyes of many. I admit I have pursued Enlightenment all of my life, and I started this cognitive process in earnest intellectual processing before I attended school, due to a wise father who had returned from a maelstrom of extreme idiocy called World War. My older brothers had missed the input of a 'pixie mind' (My father Jim, called it.) during their early life formative growth which is so important but hey had a more rational mother than I did during these all important years. We had no TV most of the time and I would run to my father asking if I could go to bed and watch the TV in my brain or head. Yes, I am still not sure where one 'see's. Is it in the soul, the spirit, the mind or even just an intellectual process. Astral Travel is common to every person in dream state and a conscious remembrance of it can allow great wisdom to permeate one's life. In psychology it is called journaling, or portalling and many other things in between. Thus I find a disconnect often occurs in web world where idiocy and ego reign supreme and criminal hatred is valued over intellectual discourses. People actually believe things like "Everyone has an opinion" or "Evolution is just a theory" entitles them to proselytize common indecencies from the depths of abject neuroses and religious indoctrination. Inalienable Rights are preventing political discourse and planning to allow human life to progress and we are facing extinction that is blamed on the elite who may also have elements who encourage these disconnects with reality. If schools taught soulful wisdom acquisition such as seen in a book called The Wonder Child by top psychological researchers - we might not need the coming wireless implants to overcome past extremist religious indoctrination or the connected Elohim and other scapegoats called angels, demons and aliens. However, I see no movement towards soulful teachings in the West. The inalienable right to "religious freedom" is so perverse and it is the other kind of anathema or should be. "In those long ago days just after World War II, when reading Psychology at the University of London, it was constantly stressed that Intellect and Intelligence should not be seen as synonymous terms—even though their symbiotic relationship in consciousness must be recognized. Intellect was seen to denote cognition—the rational mental processes that constitute ‘knowing’: the ability to identify and analyze, memorize, and categorize… the physical characteristics and implications of whatever thing or event is perceived by the senses, thus bringing one to comprehend the objective facts of the external situation. Intelligence, however, was regarded as a mental faculty in its own right—a function of consciousness taking one beyond the facts as such, to suggest meaning or purpose, and determine the course of action to be taken. It is a level of consciousness that is triggered by the arousal of Feeling: the psychological phenomenon that accompanies every act of cognition—the ‘felt-thoughts’ that bring to mind one’s latent emotions and sensibilities that accompany not only every sensory experience of the external world... but also attend those moments when internally generated abstract ideas and thoughts take over consciousness. It is the way we feel, and the strength of feeling, that determines how we evaluate the facts of life and how we are driven to respond to them. ‘Feeling-attitudes’ motivate the actions we take: they may stir little or no interest or engage a questing curiosity; give rise to enthusiasms and passions demanding creative (intelligent) responses; or provoke apprehension, fear and a negative retreat. Intellect (Fact) and Intelligence (Feeling) determine the existential course of one’s journey through life. Here is a relatively mundane illustration of how they work together: You are about to step off the sidewalk and cross the road as a car is bearing down. You visually recognize it as such; register its color, size, make, estimate its speed, the distance between yourself and it, and the time factor involved in crossing safely to the other side: (Intellect—the Cognitive factor.) Immediately, a ’Feeling’ response sets in, allowing one to be confident, apprehensive, or even fearful about crossing the road (the Intelligence, or Affective factor). And the combination of these two modes of consciousness will determine the nature of your actions: whether you stand still, stroll across the street, hurry across, or run like a scalded cat (the Action of Conation factor). You could take this mundane illustration as a simplistic analogy for Life itself. A life dominated by Intellect, given to living by Facts alone, is a pretty limited kind of existence. To live devoid of Feeling is to go through life permanently bemused—wandering… with little drive as to direction or purpose. Seeing is believing, but feeling’s the naked truth. - John Ray, English Proverb (I must make a short qualification here with regard to the psychological inferences implied by the term ‘Feeling’. It is generally understood that Feeling develops at two levels. Children—say up to the age of five—release feelings as spontaneous expressions of emotion at any given moment, depending on the particular situation in which they find themselves. But as they grow up, such random emotional responses tend to become more ordered, consolidated into predictable emotional ‘attitudes’ to life’s events, forming the basis of individual judgment and action, and are then described as Sentiments—and as such form the basis of the adult individual’s personality.)" https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-consciousness-question/201205/intellect-and-intelligence
  2. Alien Intervention

    Dear Cinnamon Yes, I do know about Karma - I am obviously able to read as well. This is a thread seeking real discourse which might help sick people who are tortured by the lack of ability caused by mind control - perhaps. It certainly is not about whatever issues you wish to add to the dialogue. I posed a good question and yes, I try to make a positive difference so people will wake up and do something rather than pointing fingers at things they do not study. Dear Grav No five year old could not stand on a hill and not understand you are selling a myth. It is not relevant to this thread, and I doubt I will waste my time here if these responses are the level of intellect on this site.
  3. Alien Intervention

    Dear Grav Did you read the two posts at that thread? In order to have a useful argument which all people can benefit from the best way to proceed is to agree on what can be stipulated or is fact in the eyes of all parties to an argument. If I was to debate you based on what you just posted it would be a very short debate. You already defeated yourself in your own words as you said religions are mind control cults - and repeated the very names given as part of that mind control as what you BELIEVE. Belief is closure of the ability to reason or apply wisdom through all means possible. The first post in that thread would apply to any BELIEVER and the tachyon defense or Faraday Cage Snowden uses will not help those who are already screwed. If you believe in a flat earth I would truly not feel good about damaging your psyche - so I pass.
  4. Alien Intervention

    You can choose which side you are on - I will argue the other side. In order to properly say you understand any issue you should be able to question each fact with full knowledge of the fact and what connects it to the overall opinion. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. The real issue is whether or not you are informed or just into preening your ego. This thread at W-M has two different perspectives to start with - you tell me which side I have to argue. First come first served. http://forum.world-mysteries.com/threads/1738-An-Argument-with-a-Baird
  5. 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati

    Fritz has some facts he wends into a miss-story to promote a religion that is also compromised and written by his 13 families. Why does one need to know about Enlightenment if it is a never-ending quest with dangers galore? Am I under the thrall of some seductive influence which is better explained by religions? The occult web behind Synarchy will cause your head to spin and blood vessels to pop if you believe in much of it. But there can be no doubt it made a major impact. Concepts forwarded by Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves with Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn and Scottish Rite reformations were probably fomented in Scotland and Ireland by what I call the Hibernians going back to my namesake Robert the Bruce reforming the Templars as the Societas Rosicruciana en Anglia. The Stuart Royals and Francis Bacon's secret societies and spies made real sense coming out of the Dark Ages. Their schools or initiatory systems definitely are part of what the cult of conspiracy has raised to some level they call Illuminati in order to avoid doing any real work at understanding the complex nature of real events. Spies, secret codes and so much more exist in internecine labyrinths that no one has really made sense of any of it enough to say they can prove the Ascended Masters truly exist as independent personas through various incarnations. Synarchy is an elite hierarchy with a Platonic origin which Saint-Yves attributed to his astral travels in Agarttha (I spell Agarthe). As far as manifest existing cities they claim - you can read Yogananda to see his mentors creating such visions. The authors of the book The Sion Revelation are probably the best people to get a grounding in the myths of these Hermetic groups I consider to be on the verge of knowing something about collective forces and consciousness and yet (like myself) not really able to prove much more than Newton's Aether having design structure. According to them Saint-Yves rejected the top position in the Martinists formed by Papus and may only have been a sincere seeker following the works of d'Olivet and grouped in with Schwaller de Lubicz. This festering cesspool of semi-adepts led inexorably from the mid 19th Century to a full out social engineering cauldron in the mid war period or during the cessation of hostilities planned by those at the highest level of this group I use Thulean to describe. It was far more than a Russian Czar and Prince Metternich who knew uniting Europe was a necessary outcome and it probably began with St. Germain influencing the outcome at Culloden and leading to deals with the Kings of England and his Rothschild cousins which later manifested through Cecil Rhodes and other leaders who were occultly handled and even controlled. I think I have proven the most important people who were definitely controlled and I have their own admissions to back it up. Napoleon, Woodrow Wilson, Hitler and Cecil Rhodes are center stage in this history. I respect people like Hugo and all the named heads of the Priory of Sion as well as Plenipotentiaries, Jean Lafitte and the likes of Thomas Paine but there have been far lesser lights circling this continuum which is all part of an Illuminati pursuit of Enlightenment. It has no real central organizing force and yet some exceptional people come out of it to make the plans which seem to have a reach deep into every nation through families like Lord Mountbatten studied - his own, Merovingian and Benjaminite group. Once you get the structure of a little knowledge some people will seek to run with it, and go some weird places. Churchill was on the fringe of the same families and knew Mountbatten was the possessor of the family books, so he brought him into a group including just Beaverbrook and himself. Paine, Franklin, and George Clymer were the American Council of Three from Rosicrucian circles who lead the founding of the Enlightenment Experiment. St. Germain was back up in the US venture and Paine was a central figure with him in France or the planning there making a new order we still have. It took me three books to present my case and I will not be able to make sense of it all in this forum. You can say it is insane to try, even more so after you know more of the players and methods employed. Many threads here have part of the story. I am very weak on the non-European and American part. In Rule By Secrecy by Jim Marrs he quotes shadowy figures with made up names like Hieronymus talking about a worldwide group of three, and about all I have a handle on is St. Germain. I am weak on the part headed by El Morya and even weaker on the far east or Asian part of what went on during the era after the Treaty of Westphalia we are addressing and still living through. My greatest contribution is far more ancient roots from before Classical Empires or the last two Reichs if you can call what Hitler did a Reich. In short it is what Himmler's warlock named Wiligut tried to give his masters insight to. Pre-Atlantean or pre-Egyptian history is becoming clearer as we get more forensic tools like DNA. https://books.google.ca/books?id=_Ml...ist%22&f=false So, I try to tell my nephews that it is more complex than saving the trees, birds and bees, or the natural world they love.
  6. The truth is not yet known by those who should know like David Ahenakew who told what little he knew. His Mediwiwin advisors who I worked with in developing the true history told him enough to get him out of the legal mess he was put in. The Mediwiwin themselves are part of a worldwide culture of elites. it is not easy to get the whole picture going back more than 100,000 years but DNA mapping is helping solidify my research. You can browse for articles and threads like The Ainu, or De-Population - Proof. I might put a post or two here. Generally speaking there are know Jews, and the red skin moniker had to do with putting red ochre on bodies of Thuleans (Later the Beothuk who were eliminated with INTENT at the start of the 20th C.) who helped run the resource shipping from Lake Superior before the last Ice Age. Red Ochre was useful in producing Cinnabar and them mercury as well as in paints. Proof!!! De-Population Judgment and detective work requires thinking about possibilities. One of the things I'd been thinking for a long time relates to the use of the Plague and other biologics against the North American people. I knew about Fort Pitt years later; they used the bubonic fever bugs on blankets given to women in a cold winter to infect a whole Indian nation. It was clear to me if they would do that when the Indian threat was minimal they would have used it before that when they first invaded Paradise. De Soto's meanderings had always seemed calculated to infect as many Indians as possible. The mindset of social engineering and 'sins and demons' or the 'Flat Earth' fear-mongering about monsters being somewhere other than the Vatican shows the kind of control and greed. The Treaty of Tordesillas makes it clear they intended (in the dictated words of Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI) to spread the Inquisition through the whole world. Motive, opportunity and modus operandi or prior acts were all present but I couldn't prove anything without the smoking gun. I wrote how odd it was that Columbus had dogs at the front of his troops and brought them all the way across the ocean. Usually dogs are not great weapons unless (?) they are carriers of fleas from the rats on board ship. Other people I discussed this with still said the Catholics did not know what caused the Plague and their own people were indiscriminately felled by the same pathogen. Good argument, I thought - but still I knew different, and thus I continued to research. Froissart and others calculated the European total at over 75,000,000 people. A war on the citizens and population control to scare the totality of European people! The Flagellants were a Catholic sect who burned whole ghettoes (like concentration camps) of Jews who were blamed for this Plague. I knew Paracelsus cured the whole city of Stertzing, Austria in 1524 and that he was drawing on earlier alchemic and homeopathic knowledge. But by this time other epidemic diseases were working on the few remaining Indians of North America. So what, Columbus flew the Templar flag like Da Gama, a papal astronomer and a friar cosmographer arranged his trip, and the result was horrific. This is not proof. Now, I have the proof that they knew about the plague and how to stop it as well as the words of Churchill saying it was done with design and for a reason he thinks is good. "The first Western reports of the Black Death actually came in 1347. It broke out among the troops of the Kipchak Khan, ruler of one of the fragments of the disintegrating Mongol empire. His army was besieging the Black Sea port of Kaffa when it was ravaged by the plague. In one of the first recorded instances of biological warfare, the Khan ordered his siege artillery to fling infected corpses over the city walls... In the next six years the dreadful disease roared across Europe in what has been rated the worst calamity experienced by the Western world at that time... A generation after Genghis Khan, Rubruck reported that 'there are plenty of marmots there, which in those parts they call sogur and of which in winter twenty or thirty at a time collect in one hole and sleep for six months: of these they catch a great number.' He also recorded the fact that whenever a Mongol was very sick, a warning sign was put up over his tent advising that it contained an ill person and that no one should enter." (10) He also described how they moved away from camp sites when black rats were seen and the sterilizing of clothes and bathing of people. The rats get the Plague from the Marmots and it is a weaker strain at that point - but still able to kill. It is only recently that we are able to understand the Plague itself more thoroughly than the shamanic smiths of the Mongols. Clearly this is rising to the level of proof given the fact that Rubruck was a top Catholic scholar whose writings were in the hands of his superiors. It is hard to believe that military people didn't savor such a weapon or use it when needed and we know they did at Fort Pitt centuries later. The other major disease that was used against Americans is smallpox. Homeopaths knew how to cure it long before the English allowed noted historian Gibbon to take the scab and inoculate himself. I am certain that 8th century homeopaths like Maimonides understood these cures and I think long before that it was part of the medicine bag of healers throughout the world. So the only missing ingredient is intent and Churchill provides that in his book titled The Island Race. "Philosophers might suggest that there was no need for the use of the destructive mechanism of plague to procure the changes deemed necessary among men." (11) "Changes deemed necessary" - yes, he is one of the inner sanctum as was his father. Winston approved the use of WMD's against Mesopotamia when he was the Colonial Secretary. Tell me what kind of war reparations do Indians (Word origin - from Columbus's journal - "In-Deos" meaning 'with God') deserve? Tell me if nations deserve Sovereign Rights over people? Tell me why schools teach the virtues of Manifest Destiny programs including the founding of nations in the Americas. Tell me why you don't see Movies telling you this truth.
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