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  1. So, like a giant Snoopy the dog in the Macy's parade except the dog is literally full of hot air. The end is near...we can only hope.
  2. Did they say "ugly" or lizard" ?? Too vague to be queenie.
  3. If you ever come across Cribari buy as many cases as funds allow! It's priced like Cooks but it's Charmat process like the Dom. Brut or ex Dry, it's wunnerful but it may no longer be available, killed in corporate mergers or like your favorite perfume that gets discontinued. *sigh*
  4. Factory farming is disgusting but they just make themselves look stupid by holding a funeral. The sign claims "non-gmo" so is it a soy turkey?? I've never seen this designation on meat products.
  5. Idiots keep sending projectiles into the heavens and every time they crash into the ceiling it leaves a crack. Dome doom!
  6. I can't wait until Ray Dalio gets fired by his own AI technology. Efficiency experts always fire the people with the highest salaries that do the least amount of work! These morons just don't get how they make themselves obsolete with their cool tech.
  7. Hey, cheese is the greatest invention ever and is waaay older than France. But yeah, there's a reason the French are so unpopular.
  8. Ain't it grand to be royalty? Typical Marxist ideology where only the peasants have to suffer the rules set forth from the heavily guarded palace. Seriously, Charles and all the other muppets, just STFU already.
  9. Enjoy the process, people! It's a well traveled path with plenty of rest stops along the way. Sometimes it's good to stop and take a breather between rabbit holes. I suspect that many of you could compare your mom to a broken record, always repeating the same thing over and over. The World is a stage, a theatre or matrix if you will. You have a role in it just like the other actors. The trick is to not get carried away in your stage persona and forget that you are an entity, a being of light, a force of nature, the real you, a sovereign. All the crap that transpires physically like insomnia and myriad of unexplained ailments is just drama. Remember the comedy and tragedy MASKS for theatre? Duality, polarity, yada yada. Rewrite the script if it's not funny because laughter is really the best medicine. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/36/3a/e4/363ae4218fc4b6dc29ec708e93da7f8b.jpg Disclaimer: It's after 3am but staying up this late is perfectly normal for moms worldwide.
  10. So far, I'm liking our Governor Abbott. C'mon down!
  11. We had two idiots in TX as well. One voted for Kasich and the other Ron Paul.
  12. I had no idea fearless leader was so cute! @Ukshep Geez, I could have been stalking him all this time.
  13. Talking about Atlantis reminded me of the movie Midnight Special. I won't give away the ending but the ability to see differently than the "normal" people would allow the seeker to find Atlantis. Coplandians are special and I'm not talking about snowflakes!!