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  1. It's hormone tampering from the food. Animals are fed GMO soybeans and in addition to the hormone shots it's just too much for the human body to process therefore making them fat and triggering early onset puberty.
  2. Yup, but something changed after that last DDOS attack because I've always removed cookies and didn't get that email before.
  3. Yeah, when that cloudflare screen opens I know it's bad. Also, every time I login I get an email "new device login" except that I'm using the same old device every time.
  4. Hadn't seen this vid before...sorry if y'all have already seen it. Do these astronots act and talk like they just returned from a successful mission? These guys were American heroes!
  5. We're all tough survivors or we wouldn't be here. No worries.
  6. I have a new man in my life so haven't logged in much. The earth has to be flat because we haven't fallen out of bed once. lol
  7. I've been taking a little vacay from the forum, rewiring my brain to make a better connection to the ether and in the process letting go of past relationships that aren't conducive to my continued growth.
  8. For sure! Those lids would be dangerous but less so if they were PLASTIC. Pork and beans in a can aboard a spacecraft. Tangy....not. More like pungent when expelled from the other end. That's so space age. Maybe they have some great tech for averting farts or maybe one can only fart on earth but in a magic space tin can it's not a problem. Beans in space, good one VL !!
  9. Man, that really helps America's super-trillion debt ledger. Taxpayer funds don't even begin to cover such heavy losses. This is a really cute photo of some astro-nots from the link. Why do they always leave the cabinet door open exposing the wiring? Are those some tin can lids on the inside of the door secured by straps? http://www.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_feature/public/iss001-328-015_0.jpg?itok=NymBCBbU The guy in the middle has nary a logo on his clothing so obviously he isn't a real NASA team player but he does seem happy to be in the picture playing with his orange. Battle of the bulge.
  10. From the book: What we mean by relative motion in a general sense is perfectly plain to everyone. If we think of a waggon moving along a street we know that it is possible to speak of the waggon at rest, and the street in motion, just as well as it is to speak of the waggon in motion and the street at rest. That, however, is a very special part of the ideas involved in the principle of Relativity. That would be amusing if we read it in a comic paper, or if Mutt and Jeff had said it; but when Professor Einstein says it in a lecture at the Princeton University, we are expected not to laugh; that is the only difference. It is silly, but I may not dismiss the matter with that remark, and so I will answer quite seriously that it is only possible for me to speak of the street moving while the waggon remains still - and to believe it- when I cast away all the experience of a lifetime and am no longer able to understand the evidence of my senses; which is insanity.......Such self-deception as this is not reasoning; it is the negation of reason...... https://archive.org/details/kingsdethronedhi00hickrich
  11. Did you notice the tin foil? They are making fun of the mad hatters. Balloon = party time! Ball-loon C'mon NASA, this is the 21st century and you're using technology from the 19th. This is what billions of dollars produce?
  12. It's because modern humans are users and not builders. Example: you don't have to know how a computer or phone works (or how to repair it) in order to use it. The increased reliance on manufactured goods with no knowledge of how they came to be in existence (industrial era) is what allows cheap labor to flourish because no one understands the value of the material or labor having never made anything themselves. They are shocked to find that fast food for $1 doesn't actually contain any real beef!! "Higher" learning is easily promoted because it relies on a higher-archy that is already in place all the way back to Aristotle and Ptolemy. Greek gods know best! "The Ptolemic system was extremely complex" Here's a little BS clip with today's parrots worshiping ancient "science."
  13. Hey, just like Obama!! (spreading grief worldwide since 2009)
  14. 1,234 new planets, really?? 1-2-3-4 is code. Cue divergent.
  15. Well done, Laird of Dunan! Never mind what the Court of the Lord Lyon says. http://media0.giphy.com/media/131BuAGaRhSRwI/giphy.gif