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  1. People are so respectful and classy these days. NOT
  2. $400,000 for some okey doke? This is his best speech ever.
  3. Netflix started pushing their tranny agenda with their "Netflix Originals" that are mostly trashy shows that none of the other outlets would buy. Man, my boycott list just keeps growing. As always, vote with your wallet.
  4. "Operate maturely" LOL
  5. Hell yeah!
  6. I give it up from time to time but for now we're having too much fun for a couple of extremely romantic old people.
  7. Bunnies and eggs...it's the most sexy time of the year. You know the saying.....f**k like rabbits.
  8. Yes, I'm feeling in a daze but I think it has something to do with multiple bottles of wine.
  9. I have a new man in my life so haven't logged in much. The earth has to be flat because we haven't fallen out of bed once. lol
  10. That upsets the balance of nature. I love being a woman and my man loves me for being such a woman. Something went horribly wrong to find so many people discontent.
  11. Who the hell has time to do all this marching and whining? Women who know nothing about what it is to be a real woman.
  12. So, film or it didn't happen? God, I hate The Man Made World. Fortunately, I have my own personal world filled with the people and things I love. Great coping mechanism.