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  1. It's hormone tampering from the food. Animals are fed GMO soybeans and in addition to the hormone shots it's just too much for the human body to process therefore making them fat and triggering early onset puberty.
  2. Las Vegas police found 42 guns in Stephen Paddock's possession after he opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas. I'm calling BS on this one. Didn't even have a military background. Where's the interview with the guy that owns the shooting range? What about the maids that cleaned his room? They ignore do-not-disturb signs and are nosy as hell. Another false flag with possible casualties blaming a book depository style patsy. Same shit, different decade.
  3. It Ain't Nothin Like You Think

    The thing about "flesh" is that it houses the soul that is alive in every cell of the body, especially the heart. It's all connected so pleasure that is derived from touching another SOUL through the senses made possible through the flesh is hardly non-creative. What is created is a BOND.
  4. Maybe FEMA will finally reveal all those camps they've been building for years. Round up ready!
  5. Interesting. Even God's Thoughts Would Be laws Determined but by their cause, Which would make good sense, Unless All was merely nonsense.
  6. The World is nothing more than a casino now where people look to make the most money for the least amount of work. I used to play the slot machines, but no more. THE GAMES ARE ALWAYS RIGGED IN FAVOR OF THE HOUSE. There are no safe havens, not even gold or silver but at least the metals have survived throughout the centuries, changing hands many times. We all know that China is hoarding gold....hmmm.
  7. Yup, but something changed after that last DDOS attack because I've always removed cookies and didn't get that email before.
  8. Yeah, when that cloudflare screen opens I know it's bad. Also, every time I login I get an email "new device login" except that I'm using the same old device every time.
  9. October is always an exciting month where stock market crashes loom around every corner. An asteroid hitting wall street would be epic!
  10. It's time! Ether pulling time that is!

    Hey, that's a Russian site...subject to CIA hacking.
  11. Hadn't seen this vid before...sorry if y'all have already seen it. Do these astronots act and talk like they just returned from a successful mission? These guys were American heroes!
  12. We're all tough survivors or we wouldn't be here. No worries.
  13. I have a new man in my life so haven't logged in much. The earth has to be flat because we haven't fallen out of bed once. lol
  14. I've been taking a little vacay from the forum, rewiring my brain to make a better connection to the ether and in the process letting go of past relationships that aren't conducive to my continued growth.
  15. For sure! Those lids would be dangerous but less so if they were PLASTIC. Pork and beans in a can aboard a spacecraft. Tangy....not. More like pungent when expelled from the other end. That's so space age. Maybe they have some great tech for averting farts or maybe one can only fart on earth but in a magic space tin can it's not a problem. Beans in space, good one VL !!
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