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  1. Thanks, I did not know that. I'm not a fan diamonds but I'll tell everyone I know.
  2. Well, he did ask for the camera to be turned off, that much is clear. Of course he isn't going to say all that in English so could be understood. There are other videos that translate it the same way... but it's still a translation. Here's a compilation of Jews admitting they control the US and it looks pretty well researched: Israeli Jews admit they run America Why? Companies are owned by individuals, or a collection of individuals. If they agree to boycott why should the government be able to force them to buy Israeli products? What about small business owners who get federal funding for scientific research? How far will this go? If we're not allowed to criticize a foreign government how long do you think it will be before we're not allow to question our own?
  3. A 60,000 year old ostrich egg shell flask... amazing!
  4. BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: ISRAEL CONTROLS AMERICA! Netanyahu Unaware of the Camera 'America can easily be moved'
  5. From Young, Stupid and Poor to Older, Wiser and Wealthy:

    I've noticed the less I worry about things the less things there are to worry about.
  6. We can change the world with words.
  7. Yeah, me too but I'm practicing saying it out loud.
  8. "Not long ago: Not far away" We were lied to: The lies continue today. The more they push it the more will become aware of it.
  9. Really? Hate against White Pride has worked pretty well. Any Caucasian who feels good about their heritage is labeled a bigoted, racist Nazi. Not that they should care what traitors, mentally ill or low IQ "minorities" think or say but it has worked for the most part.
  10. Oh... We must get all dual citizen out of office! BOYCOTT ISRAEL! BOYCOTT ISRAEL! BOYCOTT ISRAEL!
  11. This is fascinating and it explains the changes we're seeing; they have nothing to do with our "carbon footprint".
  12. That's what I thought too. The hormones would alter their mood and behavior I would think. A male body isn't designed to have massive amounts of estrogen pumped into it. That must have a negative affect on all sorts of things. Plus women with excessive testosterone...
  13. This is true. The Astral can be a dangerous place. And a lot of New Age teachings are quite misguided imo. I don't know about the average person going to yoga classes nowadays though. It kind of seems like it's just a trendy exercise and not used for serious meditation by most.
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