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  1. Here's why listening to sad music makes you feel better We've all turned to melancholy music to make us feel better at some point in our lives, but why does doubling down on the sadness help drag us out of the mire? A new study sheds light on what's going on inside our brains when we match our music to our feels, and it looks like sad music can be enjoyable - rather than simply depressing - because it triggers positive memories that can help to lift our mood. ----- Some scientists think melancholy music is linked to the hormone prolactin, a chemical which helps to curb grief. The body is essentially preparing itself to adapt to a traumatic event, and when that event doesn't happen, the body is left with a pleasurable mix of opiates with nowhere else to go. Thanks to brain scans, we know that listening to music releases dopamine – a neurotransmitter associated with food, sex, and drugs – at certain emotional peaks, and it's also possible that this is where we get the pleasure from listening to sad tunes. http://www.sciencealert.com/new-research-reveals-the-pain-and-pleasure-of-listening-to-sad-music
  2. Here ya go: Death by "Gun Control" http://jpfo.org/filegen-a-m/deathgc.htm
  3. Right? Pussy hats are lame. Pussy scarfs are where it's at. http://combiboilersleeds.com/images/john-darnielle/john-darnielle-0.jpg
  4. I'm not sure but if that was the case than the men, the new men in power, bred with the willing women and here we are. My point is that men have a choice in what type of women they're with. If you go for anything you could end up with anything. https://diagnosemylife.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/ashley-judd-feminist.png?w=550
  5. Or carry a can of hair spray and a lighter. Whites are more likely to be assaulted than any other race by colored people. I'm calling them colored people now because "people of color" sounds stupid.
  6. They don't want you tanned and dyed they want you dead. But some European authorities are suggesting it to women. Austria Police: Dye Blonde Hair Dark Police in Vienna, Austria, have warned women with blonde hair to start dying it dark and avoid travelling on public transport at night to avoid being attacked by nonwhite invader “refugees.” http://newobserveronline.com/austria-police-dye-blonde-hair-dark/
  7. Well I just looked and I can't find a single emoji that looks likes me but there is one resembles how I feel about Ms. Judd. If you guys would stop breeding with feminists and SJW's eventually they would die out.
  8. It's more than that although it could have an impact on that. It could be making people agitated so they react in emotional ways.
  9. We're interpreting the same thing in different ways. lol
  10. Yes, what I saw then was particles falling or descending but I couldn't tell exactly what. It was accompanied by a very loud, but inaudible, sound. Now, when I go to look at it, it's like a blizzard. I can't see through it. But I have noticed there are more observers than there ought to be, or than there normally are. One of them is unknown to me. I've never encountered it before. At first I thought it was neutral but now I'm not so sure.
  11. Something happened a few weeks ago that caused this change. The affects of it are now apparent and it's accelerating. Be aware in your "dreams" and be careful, very careful.
  12. LOL Jimmy crack corn and I don't care... Ice-cream truck style.