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Lucy Barnable

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  1. Lucy Barnable

    Off-Topic Repository

    I love your avatar! It's super cute.
  2. Lucy Barnable

    Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

    Those are beautiful!
  3. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    Will do, thank you for looking into it.
  4. Lucy Barnable

    Off-Topic Repository

    Oh sweet! Thanks again. I bookmarked it so we'll have it at hand when we need it.
  5. Lucy Barnable

    Off-Topic Repository

    Thanks, I search in a bit and post it when I find it.
  6. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    Okay, I used up my 20 likes and didn't get a notice that they were gone. It did the same "remove x" thing but on other days I know I didn't use them all.
  7. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    Thank you! That's 5 so far. lol
  8. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    Okay, my likes just started working. I will keep track of how many I use.
  9. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    I haven't got a notice that they're gone. When it does work I do use them though. I will keep count when it starts working again.
  10. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    No, I don't think so. It's weird because it works fine on some days and then just stops. Sometimes it will start working again later but sometimes not.
  11. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    The messages are working fine now, it's the like that isn't. When I click on the the 'remove x' shows but not the 'You liked this' and when I refresh nothing is there.
  12. Lucy Barnable

    Updates & Support

    It happened again yesterday. But it's not consistent, it works for a while and then it doesn't. * Just tried to like and it's not working.