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  1. This sounds like a good thing and it could be for preemies but...
  2. I would like to know if anyone CAN'T read it. They say 45% can't but I'm half blind and it's clear to me.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot about that! If I lived near there I would go out of my way to shop or get whatever I needed elsewhere until I was able to move. We can vote with our wallets and white flight works. When all that's left are leaches and thugs the city will fall apart.
  4. Most all Native tribes have stories of tall, red haired white people (Giants) who were living here when the Natives arrived. Science refuses to admit what we know is fact because 'they' might lose some control if humans knew their true history.
  5. Normal people should add the city Berkeley to their boycott list. Let the terrorists twiddle their thumbs... if they want action they'd have to venture out of their safe space. Confirmed: Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Publicly Supports Violent Left-Wing ANTIFA Group Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of ‘BAMN’ AKA ‘By Any Means Necessary’, a violent organization affiliated with ANTIFA. Is this something that should be acceptable for a sitting Mayor? Below is a screenshot of Jesse Arreguin’s Facebook page. Click here for archive link. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/04/berkeley-mayor-jesse-arreguin-member-violent-left-wing-antifa-group/
  6. I think we should also seize everything every illegal has earned, bought or stolen while in the US before we deport them. Why limit it to just drug lords? Every illegal is a criminal and if we did this we would have the wall up in no time.
  7. They are force vaccinating babies by taking them from parents who refuse it in the hospital and for profit prisons are slave labor. If things continue this way we'll see debtors prisons complete with CPS employees to steal the babies born there before long. Yep, it's impossible to know how many times we've been in this same situation in past because so much has been hidden!
  8. They threatened to stab people and the police chief said they didn't have the resources to keep people safe from these violent thugs. Jefrey Reynolds with the Multnomah County Republican Party told KATU, “They said that we would be removed forcibly… dragged from the streets. I saw threats of being stabbed, other people being choked out.” https://kobi5.com/news/portland-rose-festival-event-canceled-after-threats-51635/ That's a load of crap! Portland has a great police force and they've shown they can handle it if allowed. Plus, they could get volunteer officers from other cities in the area to help out. They do that for other events like Oktoberfest in smaller towns every year. The liberals who voted these wimps in just lost a family fun day!
  9. True and I'm almost embarrassed to say neither do I. It takes a pretty terrible person to promote genocide. Brainwashed or not that's exactly what they're doing. Jewish people whine endlessly about their genocide. Yet they're openly calling for the genocide of white people. Can't have their kids sympathizing with the ones they want dead. So they make up little songs and teach them they're above it so it's okay.
  10. Dude, if you're getting weed from Mexican drug smugglers you've got problems. Good thing you're heading out here for the summer; your solution is not far off.
  11. Wait, maybe the voice of "God" is collapsing the drug tunnels.
  12. Drug tunnels being collapsed?
  13. I bet it's the same look those Jews are going to have when the angry mod they've incited comes at them because they look kinda white.
  14. Hello WhiteKnightRising. Welcome to the forum.