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  1. https://youtu.be/qLdUG3id2rs
  2. My freedom is big

    Today i woke up with raging freedom. My wife said, Honey give me liberty or give me death so i bill of rightsed all over her face.
  3. The proof is in the pudding.... this was the first 9/11 for insurance money.
  4. new lop mod

  5. Got some bad news this morning.

    I'm out of grape jelly. I made toast and went to the fridge for jelly and none to be found. I'm crushed.
  6. We need to find a practical used for back hair.

    My pubic hair is 6 inches long if i dont shave it. I braided it once and gave my dick dreadlocks.
  7. Computer topics

    I love you Domains
  8. Cancer CURE

    I have been rubbing the mercury from old air condition switches on my testicles for years trying to transform them into "balls of steel"
  9. We need to find a practical used for back hair.

    I'm really not kidding guys she shaves me.
  10. Cancer CURE

    I heard it on coast to coast am
  11. Cancer CURE

    Pour a large glass of milk then empty a bag of cheetos into it. Let the cheese dust fall off then strain the cheese less cheetos out of the milk. Drink the cheese milk. Do this for 20 days. Cancer cured. Proven in india.
  12. We need to find a practical used for back hair.

    I'm bald and i tried to glue it on, it does not look right.
  13. My wife shaves me once every two weeks and i have half a trash bag full of back hair that i just throw away. All i can come up with are back hair sweaters or back hair hats. Any other ideas???
  14. Its a well known fact that mole people exist and live deeper than this. Look up "as above so below"
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