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  1. I usually wont reply with an alternate viewpoint without a link to back up my statement. But, I was reading on ENENEWS http://enenews.com/ A couple of days ago, some talk about this same incident....the talk was not of listeria but of radiation poisoning in the vegetables. I am looking now for the conversation...it's buried in one of three enormous threads. My 2 cents And of course....who promised to buy Japanese produce after fukushima happened..........
  2. Animals are a great judge of character.....my cats hiss, growl and puff EVERY time they see/hear her on TV Tells me alot.
  3. How does one properly express the rage felt by this......
  4. It does seem as if the circle is tilted towards magnetic north some....it is off center from the source. Between the 2 areas of high magnetic flux Could they be using the earths magnetic field as a focus? Dunno... http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Swarm/Earth_s_magnetic_heartbeat
  5. Amazing how small animals find power cables n such so appetizing ....
  6. Radar does pick up more than just precip...jus sayin. I have no clue
  7. My incoming rock o meter is buzzing
  8. It is also capable of anti barrel roll technology :)
  9. Adding this to my collection iffin you don't mind