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  1. Slowly but surely getting there, got a little stuck on learning sony vegas and even got into after effects for some reason. Within a couple of days I am hoping to make one or more on our fake history.
  2. Tanks and thanks s o much. Wow, you got me, I used to post on that forum around 2013.
  3. Learning how to use Sony Vegas and other stuff. This is my first try at editing with it, removed some of the trash. Thanks for all your advises. If you listen at 1.5 speed it is almost going to be closer to 30 min long. :B
  4. Yeah on one hand I totally agree, you guys are correct. The format should be "standard". And that is how I will try to make "pop" conspiracy videos to look like. At the same time I want to have some videos that carry some "educational" value and I like for the people to increase their attention span and thinking capacity with me for that, so something like 45 min x 2 in schools but in parts, possibly 30 min:D Yes I am a dreamer, lets see how it is going to work. In any case I can always change everything around over time. And my primary goal is not numbers, I don't want to become a part of that market of synthetic dolls. Thanks for suggestions and ideas, I am taking all this in consideration. P.S. Also I would appreciate suggestions on topics for my videos. What subjects do you want investigated ?
  5. Hi, my name is Nik. I am starting a YouTube channel dedicated to a variety of alternative cutting edge research subjects - conspiracy, alternative history, physics etc. At the same time the main accent is on the realistic and critical approach, not fantasy. Honest research for the best possible take on what is REALLY going on. It is an earnest and a long term project. I want to dedicate most of my time and energy to it. Any ideas, input on the name, logo, production style etc. would be greatly appreciated. So far just the experimental version is here. It is nothing even remotely resembling the target goal. What could be pre-written, ~15 min episodes with transcripts and a possible version in Russian language. For now I am beginning to familiarize myself with Sony Vegas. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8_hj8RePEjG9uoax9okhXw Thank you very much.
  6. Thanks. I agree,the ultimate format would be to write down the text, and properly record it. I just wish I had an office of personal for all that. I just like doing research I get stuck on that part too much.
  7. I also need to come up with the name for the channel and some sort of motto, logo etc... At this stage I am practicing so absolutely there will be all these major changes to make videos proper. So much work, but I look at it as a long term project. Over the time I am gonna do all it takes. Trolls, is last thing I worry about :D I always have an option not to care because my main priority is what I want to do.
  8. Yeah I agree. Thanks. This is just something I made in rush because I was delayed for a day and too eager to make that vid. But that is exactly what I will do, creat a proper professional intro and outro. Not right away though, got to learn how to do all that first.
  9. Sometimes I think that "they" specifically recording some of those images and videos with clues in order for some part of population to discover it is fake.
  10. Absolutely, this is exactly what my brother told me, and other people, and that is my plan. Cause I started with 6 hour long stuff :D Now I am working myself down to the 15 -30 min format, probably in parts like u said. Thanks.
  11. Thanks, please let me know how can I improve, I am planning to dedicate all my time to making truth seeking content from now on.
  12. Hi. I made this detailed review today ( unfortunately I was delayed by some personal stuff and didn't didn't do it yesterday ). I would like to know what you think, how can I improve my presentation. I would really appreciate feedback, accept suggestions and answer questions. Thanks.
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