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  1. The flat earth became round in 500 's

    Aqueduct of Turkey  http://slicer93.mbsrv.net/20060507064117.jpg This Aqueduct was once ten and several km long(?), and some of it have been remained firmly. It is impossible to imagine it was made only for supplying the water for the bath. I was told by the beings in the universe that it had been made by Stone gods' multiplying ability. The following is the page of Great Wall of China. http://slicer93.mbsrv.net/5-240.html https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpKQzzlXVh1fxqew-B2OWYFADWQXPIu8wgdSO59c1dsFYFrEY9 Great Wall of China https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbc9Wv2TKM7xZrx5X943b5uDDfYLSEn654eh3BDy8b70eTo9bo
  2. The flat earth became round in 500 's By Ms Taeko Shiraki(a channeler) (Vision) ------------------------------------------------------------- The characters of Japanese, English, Arabic e.g. flow as if the back side were like the bulletin board in the pale dark red back. The pale dark red become dark colored and become yellowish green subsequently. ------------------------------------------------------------- The meaning of the vision is as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------- Stone gods descended to the earth from Sagittarius and after a while the grass began to grow. It was represented by yellowish green. ------------------------------------------------------------- Atom seem to have informed back in the era. ------------------------------------------------------------- The grass which was eaten by birds was discharged and got solid. The hardened dung became the obsidian.  Aquila has ruled Sagittarius and have scared that Aquila would make Sagittarius the thing like obsidian. ------------------------------------------------------------- I got the intense signal on the thorax of the right side. ------------------------------------------------------------- Let us tell you about ribs. Minanoko(orphans, small groups of atoms) which lined up and got along with happily made ribs, which protect the lungs and the heart by turning into the circular shape. The vision informs that the flat earth got round. It was in 500 's that the flat earth got round . ------------------------------------------------------------- The vision thereafter ------------------------------------------------------------- Something changed into the dim white rectangle or the circle. And it turns into the big white bird and flies away in the end. ------------------------------------------------------------- The meaning of the above vision is as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------- Aquila which did the good job went away. ------------------------------------------------------------- The vision thereafter. ------------------------------------------------------------- It turns into various black things with luminous one with pointy edges. ------------------------------------------------------------- The meaning of the above vision is as follows. ------------------------------------------------------------- The ultra villainous Aquila which made the obsidian went away. ------------------------------------------------------------- As the shape of the earth changed too much, almost no records have been left around that age. The age is usually called "Blank of Japanese history" as there remains no record around that age. It seemed there were too much weather abnormality.
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