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  1. Sick bastards... :( if that happened to me, the men in the family had better never sleep again... I'd cut them off while they slept for doing that. OMG! I am enraged! And yes I am aware the woman are in on it too... sick, just sick...
  2. My first thought was radiation from Japan. Who knows, it's all a big toxic mess at this point.
  3. Afraid or sick of waiting for it

    Also, False Evidence Appearing Real = FEAR
  4. California will throw adults in jail

    Over my dead body! Glad I moved away years ago...
  5. Many believe there won't be an election...
  6. And they just happened to have a special on PBS it was about the 1977 New York blackout and all the people looting etc. Just thought that was interesting... http://gothamist.com/2015/06/24/1977_blackout_movie.php#photo-1 I sure hope they get this up and running and fast, it's freaking hot right now!
  7. Hey, I respect Putin and Russia! I hope to God we don't get nuked here. It's is terrible there is even such a thing as nukes! This is no way in 2015 this needs to happen! Have we not evolved enough to know this will kill everything worldwide??
  8. Yay!!! That flag has been a bone of contention for so many for so long. Time for all to get along!
  9. Not all of us are ordinary people....
  10. I like Dutchsinse, he seems to keep up with what is going on and is fairly accurate with predictions. The earth is sure doing some serious shaking lately!
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