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  1. Meh, we knew it was coming. My hope is for extreme disobedience when they tell the English speaking world they are in for yet another bloody and prolonged war. Not gonna hold my breath, though.
  2. I've noticed the trails have decreased considerably in recent months. Guess they had to go public to justify a new weather tax or whatever they're gonna call it.
  3. About Halloween ...

    My favorite time of year too. I could care less what they did this time of year 400 years ago, those people are dead and gone along with there ideals. I enjoy having a good time uniting with my community around a bonfire. Happy Halloween!
  4. That's true Cinn. It's always about the "masterminds" behind whatever happened. I think that helps to justify expanded government control. When people believe evil masterminds are out to get them they're more likely to give up our rights.
  5. Depopulation

    *silenced* Wait... One more thing to say: I love the Bible. I love reading from the Bible. Very comforting. One problem... Who wrote the Bible? Could it be the same people who create secret societies that engage in depopulation agendas? Yes. Could it be the same people responsible for the destruction of the middle class? Yes. Could it be the same people responsible for socialism and it's counterpart, capitalism? Yes. Could one little book control nations? Yes. It could. I love that they display the entire thing right in front of us. Despise the ending, though. The magic book can't begin to prepare us for what's coming. Nice words though, much appreciated.
  6. Depopulation

    God only knows. The butterfly effect is impossible to predict. Let's set what ifs aside. What I am pretty certain of is that I see the signs of a major depopulation agenda right in front of me. Predictive programming had been at it for years and now MSM is backing that programming up and pushing the agenda. It's gonna happen sooner or later. I'm starting to think sooner rather than later.
  7. Depopulation

    How overcrowded would Europe be? Not taking sides, just saying.
  8. Depopulation

    Almost always by design. I don't think madness had peaked just yet. Imho we're still on the incline.
  9. Depopulation

    It's sad to watch. For one thing, media manipulation has become a major problem.
  10. Depopulation

    Anybody else see this in the works? Many wars across many nations, the depopulation agenda is back in full swing.