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  1. The old site was doom junkie. Honestly it was small potatoes compared to COP. Many of the members here are refugees from the BS of the other CT sites.
  2. Roscoe Bartlett, A Congressman Off The Grid

    The possibilities are limitless when it comes to an extremely fragile grid. After stuxnet I'm of the opinion that cyber weapons exist that can do extreme damage on a physical level. The sun, EMP, cyber weapons, the grid is highly vulnerable. A cyber attack is there one I think about because it's the only one that can be controlled. I'm not worried about a 2 year old with a tablet, what would they gain by attacking the grid? What I am worried about is a group of people that have a (perceived) reason to cut electric to certain parts of the world. As Cinn said above this could be planned obsolescence. I can't think of a faster method of controlled population reduction, just flip the switch back on when the goal is achieved. But that's the theorist in me, only time will tell!
  3. Shep and Cinn, kinda like an Oreo cookie. They come as one unit at this point. And sorry Shep, but Cinn is the delicious creamy part. Thanks for everything both of you do, it doesn't go unnoticed!
  4. Roscoe Bartlett, A Congressman Off The Grid

    I don't think you can ever completely shield the grid from a cyber attack, which is what is probably gonna happen. But yeah, you're right, they could've done a hell of a lot better protecting it during installation instead of focusing on profits.
  5. Roscoe Bartlett, A Congressman Off The Grid

    I met him briefly about 10 years ago before I gave up on trying to change the system from the inside. He was one of a dying breed, a breed which I consider completely gone now. In my opinion he was wise to get the hell outta Dodge before it all comes crashing down. One day we're going to wake up to a complete blackout, nothing will work and it'll take months, maybe years to get everything back up and running. By that point the population will be considerably reduced. Smart guy, a realist. It was a sad day when he left town. Now we have to deal with Andy Harris. *Sighs*
  6. Since you're a veteran poster here I'm gonna assume you're already stocked up for some crazy random event like this. If I lived there I'd be filling up the gas cans.
  7. That's not that weird for schools today. Somebody sneezes three times and they call the CDC. Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but only a slight exaggeration. That's the sad part. We did the hope in the paper thing too, I was young but it was a memorable experience. I guess it's up to parents to show their kids a solar eclipse these days.
  8. They're expecting more than 10 times the normal amount of tourism because of onlookers. Traffic would ground to a halt, emergency responders would be stretched to the max and cell towers would be overloaded if that many people showed up at once.

    I love looking through thrift stores for old books. Lol, there is no way I'm reading that entire thing in PDF format but thanks for the link. I'll keep an eye out for a copy.

    Yep. I invested in some Masonic books from the late 1800's. Not exactly light reading, but interesting stuff. Manly P Hall had some informative writing. That's a good starting point for anybody reading this that might be interested. Today they seem to hide the informative part in the background, almost like some kind of fraternity parlor joke. You just have to pay a lot of attention to detail.

    It's all good, most of what I choose to read messes with my head. Occult reading goes deep, I love it, especially when I don't know if something's wrong with us or everyone else, but most people don't read shit like this or even have the stomach to think about it. That's why I love this place.

    Saved for later reading. Thanks Cinn, I haven't come across this one.
  13. Who told you you have any say over what you put into your own body? There's a lesson in this, don't ever allow a search of your property without a warrant. They're just looking for evidence without probable cause. Don't say anything, don't get nasty about it, ask to see a warrant. If they produce one, don't say a word to anyone but a lawyer. If they don't produce one, keep asking to see a warrant. They'll probably play some psychological games but remember the ball is in your court, they're just grasping at straws in desperation. You are the authority figure on your own property, not them. I'm sad to hear this happened. It's not like the Amish are well versed in our legal system.
  14. Senate delays recess...

    Cognitive dissonance is a b*tch
  15. Defeatism "We're" not going to let "them" "change" the heteros Words spread like wildfire
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