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  1. Exactly what would happen.
  2. Dutchscammer, still laughing at that one @Ukshep
  3. What's going on????

    Oh no, a flurry! Winter storm Apophis!
  4. Well, I learned Michael Snyder is ruining for Congress. That's enough to process right now. From the article: "#35 One very disturbing survey found that less than one out of every four Republican members of Congress support building Trump’s border wall. This is just one reason why we need to vote out the RINOs and replace them with pro-Trump candidates that will support President Trump’s agenda." Move over Obama fanatics, step in Trump fanatics. The cycle repeats.
  5. I agree. What the hell is going on when everyday citizens can simply use police as a 'hit' weapon? And what does that say for cops? Sad to watch.
  6. Sane people don't do something like this.
  7. Who Should be Worried Tonight?

    Only 100? Well, I guess the person doing the caning could "lose count" a few times throughout the event. As far as media, I was reading an article on reuters the other day about Isis and lone wolves in the U.S. and Europe. It occurred to me about half way through that lone wolves reading this article would have no idea Isis even existed without msm coverage. Msm is creating these lone wolves, they are shaping our reality by telling disturbed minds these things. I wonder how many people reuters and company has gotten killed just by publicizing these types of articles. There are no superficial stories when comes to msm, only psychological mindf**kery. They know exactly what they're doing.
  8. I would absolutely say yes, we can define cop as a society. The secret part not so much. No matter how private you think that pm is somebody is gonna see it and run their mouth every time. A society, though? Definitely. The gossip proves it. Secret societies are something else. They're the epitome of conspiracy.
  9. Hmmm. Inflammatory topic, insulting others and page 3 within one hour of original post. That's called TROLLING.
  10. It's not fair to call an entire generation snowflakes, though they should be able to brush it off if we do. I manage a crew of people age 19 to 65 and I can tell you it's on the individual, not the generation to show their worth. I have a 23 year old that is one of the most down to earth hard working people I have ever met. He would be as quick to laugh off the snowflake label as anyone here. On the other hand I have a 44 year old that could easily be labeled worthless. She calls corporate offices and bitches for the smallest of problems. It's the individual, not the generation, that should be judged. A snowflake is a snowflake regardless of age.
  11. And those select locals would become as corrupt as the police fraternities. You can't give power to a few and expect good results. I understand the world is full of idiots. Give a gun to everyone and let society sort it out. I could care less about the idiots at this point.
  12. Something I never really thought about, but then I never really gave much thought to getting a licence to grow a f'in plant. Much like alcohol this cannot be regulated. Keep your guns and smoke your weed.
  13. Cause it has worked out so well up till now? Homicides and violent crimes are through the roof, I think it's time for a completely new approach. @CSB is right though, if would be a bloody few months before everything is cleaned up.
  14. I have no problem with lynch mobs. If wild west movies were accurate there would nobody left in the west.
  15. We wouldn't need police. I'm sure something like this has been posted here before. An armed population would dissuade crime because anyone dumb enough to try committing a crime would be shot. This is how we should deal with the crime epidemic. Good people with good guns. Just my 2 cents, have a nice day.