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  1. Another shocking story Can you imagine? f**k that
  2. Oh who gives shit. It's same old story time and time again, a whole bunch of finger pointing and guessing games. Meanwhile the masses sit with baited breath for the next little morsel of disinformation as it all falls apart right in front of them. Sorry, cynical mood this evening. Enjoy the show.
  3. five


    I could care less about guns, this problem is psychological. Why are these people killing other people? It makes sense to the killers, anybody else see a problem with that? Left right spoon fork whatever. There is something going on that the public is not being told about. Finger pointing left right paradigms are exactly what got us here in the first place.
  4. I'm gonna go eat some rare beef, the bloodier the better. I love meat nom nom
  5. Yeah there's mindfvck for ya, but I think you just hit the nail right on the head. More and more 1984 by the day.
  6. Yeah don't need to read the article, this is exactly what I was thinking when reading news earlier. Kiddos need to go finish their homework and get a bubble bath. They obviously don't understand the forces they're getting involved with.
  7. Idn't technology fun folks? Ps I realize the irony
  8. It's been long time since I read it but I recall it being a pretty tough read - full of legislation. Bill Cooper was defiantly in it deep, the only thing I have trouble with is trying to figure out what side he was on. Gotta watch out for those psyops.
  9. Have seen the prices for their modern day colosseum games this year? Ridiculous. Free tickets for feds, that's my theory.
  10. Seriously? Wtf are these parents thinking? This is sickening. Antipsychotics for toddlers? I'm having trouble understanding this type of thinking.
  11. Whoops! Talk about unintended consequences. I bet those developers aren't getting much sleep lately.
  12. Cool. That's defiantly not the case in my area. Even cold AI would be a warm welcoming presence compared to customer service in mid east U.S. I really wish people would stop giving AI a push towards reality by doing a piss poor job. While it's sad to watch I understand why corporations are moving towards total automation. Amazon go is the perfect example. If people can't wake up to the absolute fact that jobs are on the line and step up to do a better job than AI does then they don't deserve the job in the first place. I truly hope they get the hint and AI fails, but honestly I don't hold out much hope. Nice to see someone is still optimistic though. Hopefully kids around the globe will start to work like they do in your area. Happy to hear work ethics aren't completely dead.

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