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  1. Maybe. I'm gonna go with the comment from dazed above and say Brahma chicken has gotta be it. That's a 20 pound bird if it's a Coke bottle. Can't imagine trying to catch that thing. We had a 12 pound bird and it took 3 of us to grab him once. Chickens are strong little suckers, a bird that big would put up one hell of a fight!
  2. Looks like a silver Wyandotte which is usually a big bird anyway, but as Shep said that thing is just freaky. Wonder what the size of that bottle is to the birds right at the 10 second mark. That's the only thing that stuck out that might help figure out his approximate size. I'm pretty curious myself.
  3. So here's one for ya @Ukshep, I was just posting via mobile and double quoted someone. Now I'm having a hell of a time getting rid of the second quote box because my phone is a piece of shit. Is there an option you can turn on to clear all text in the reply field? If not no big deal, just wondering if it was a possibility.
  4. It is special Shep. Sometimes you gotta step back and appreciate the world around you (especially the people in it) 😁
  5. The division is sad to watch, but in the end we are all on this sinking ship together. You can switch seats on the Titanic all you want, the final outcome will still be the same. Just know that you guys have a tremendous amount of positive energy behind you. Cynical and morbid as I may be, I'm always sending good vibes your way!
  6. You know I love ya cinn. Quite a fan base you've got here! 😋
  7. Thanks foxtrot. Funny, my kid (10) saw me in a funk today and says "isn't the weather great outside dad?". He seems to sense how I'm feeling no matter what I do. Anyway, that's why I walked outside and took a deep breath. From the mouths of babes...
  8. I just did. It was awesome. Went outside and sun was on my face, wind at my back, warm grass at my bare feet. Could life get any better? Loving it.
  9. What really bothers me is that people are continuing to use this tech even after finding out how invasive it really is. They b*tch about fb collecting personal data then get right back on fb and post personal data. IDK anymore.
  10. Check out this whopper: https://notimemom.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/mrs-pauls-fish-sticks-44.jpg Seriously though, nice catch!
  11. Crazy how life works. I think I'll just roll the dice and see where it takes me. My kid's gonna be pissed though, he says this teacher is too strict. Who knows, maybe she can teach me a thing or two 😈
  12. So I drop my kid off at school today, just like any other day. The attendant/teacher comes up to me and starts flirting, not an unusual occurrence. Dunno what to do. She's awesome and all but it's one of my kid's teachers. I actually really like her and wanna pursue a relationship, but this is my kid's teacher. Don't know how to react to this situation. Any advice is appreciated.
  13. ^five oversteps his bounds
  14. SMH, I can't keep up with you pommies sometimes. What is the fascination with bananas? Is it a phallic thing or what?
  15. Good God Almighty. Please tell me this^ did not just happen.