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  1. Absolutely Cinn. Every politician should be required to experience psilocybin before taking office.
  2. I like cats and dogs for different reasons. Dogs are like that loyal friend that would never hurt you. Cats are like the friend that you pick on and who picks on you, but at the end of the day both of your lives would be a little emptier without each other. I have an outside only cat right now. We bring him in when it's too cold outside but other than that he won't tolerate inside life. The little b*st*rd hides in the shrubs next to our walkway and when I get home he pops out and 'clings' to my leg. Somehow he does this in a way I never see coming, even if I'm expecting it. Dogs like to sleep at the foot of your bed, to be part of the pack. Cats are much more free spirited. I grew up with both cats and dogs and will always have both. That is, until Armageddon breaks out. Then I'll eat them.
  3. Obama and Trump are the elite. I could care less what these actors do for the camera. The world is on fire and both men have done nothing but fan the flames.
  4. We had an earthquake here a few years back in a part of the country where there are next to no quakes. It was the only one I've ever experienced. The first sign that something was wrong was the cat. A couple of minutes before everything started shaking she freaked out and started clawing her way up the sliding screen door. I guess she was trying to get out of the house. Ever since that day whenever an animal acts panicked for no apparent reason I pay attention. Glad to here it turned out to be uneventful @Uncle Thanky
  5. Yeah, the 'known' part is pretty important. Why do we have to jump straight to aliens? I can't imagine the shit governments across the world have developed over the decades. I've seen some weird things in the sky over the years but I've never put it past the capability of human beings. If genuine this could be footage of tech they are in possession of. Either way I'd say we're somewhat outgunned at the moment.
  6. Winters Bone. Just rewatched this one. Jennifer Lawrence, good stuff.
  7. Join them. Prance around in hijabs and slowly destroy their ideology from within.
  8. I collect rainwater and nobody says a damn thing about it. That's because the petty laws and regulations they make are unenforceable. Just ignore the pesky little bastards, they'll eventually crawl back into the hole they came from.
  9. I'm with ya on that. I found it odd that the people responsible for naming the continents would choose to label them with the letter A at the beginning and the end, especially considering AA is such a major recurring theme in Crowley's work. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A∴A∴
  10. I appreciate the work you put into that, but damn, talk about tough to decipher. That Wahhabist had a lot to say.
  11. That was the longest post I have ever read here. My head hurts.
  12. First: I never found second. Second: Our opinions matter about as much as a potato. I'm just along for the ride. 😀 The perception part is fun. We all have our own perceptions, our own way of viewing things. People who perceive the world on a similar way are people we get along with easier.
  13. Depends on what continental model you use. We were always taught the 7 continent model so that's what I based this useless thread on 😀