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  1. So this is what a music video from @Ukshep looks like... hmm... Smile cracked, mission accomplished
  2. Yeah, Fox saw this and realized it would be a wonderful opportunity to use the term 'fake news'.
  3. Yeah, I kinda thought that might be the case. Oh well, it was a thought.
  4. Mischievous? Nah. It's not like this is a public snub directed towards the National Security Agency of the United States or anything...
  5. At this point, why not?
  6. How the hell did I burn through all of my likes? I guess I have no sense of moderation. Have to settle with a BUMP for now.
  7. One comma? Let's get this signature line right, if others actually do this too we're gonna have a hell of a time changing this in the future.
  8. We were talking on @Brios post earlier about advertising and Google bots. ^this post To make a long story short, @John Connor had an idea to attempt to confuse the bots, an attempt to interrupt targeted advertising. The idea was to flood them with the same information from multiple users. Easiest way to do that is the signature line. This is an attempt to get every user possible to change their signature line to the exact same keywords. @Lucy Barnable came up with the final signature so you can blame her. Read the thread for more info. Anyway, here is the final outcome, I'm asking every user that reads this to change their signature to the following: It's an interesting idea and I'd really like to see if it has any impact. Please don't ban me Shep.
  9. Aww. *stares at shoes and kicks the dirt*
  10. The whole point was to have matching signatures, as many as possible to throw off the bots. I copied yours cause it's awesome. Hopefully others see this thread and do the same. It was a good idea, I think.
  11. I think you're spot on, and we're just talking about drugs, a tiny little enterprise compared to arms dealing. They would take a hit if they legalized drugs, no doubt. There would be less addicts, less profit.
  12. Any way to upload it to Imgur?
  13. Pretty much, can you imagine the money they would lose if it all was legalized?
  14. I bet you can come up with a creative place to cram in mole, but I can't see your signature... Wait, did @John Connor change his too? Or @Brio? WAS THIS NOT THE PLAN??