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    Men arrested at Starbucks speak out

    "What I want is young men to not be traumatized by this instead motivated, inspired" "So, you know... Take this opportunity as..a stepping stone to really stand up and show your greatness and you are not judged by the color of your skin as our ancestors were or anyone else.. You know, this is something that has been going on for years and everyone is blind to it but they know what is going on, if you get what i mean.. You know.. Just really taking those actions into place and help people understand it's not just a black people thing, It's a people thing, And, that's exactly what we want to see is true change. So, put action into place and stop using your words." 1. Walk in and ask to use bathroom. Finds it's for paying customers and he's OK with that. 2. Find Daunte who he came in with at the table starts talking. 3. Says girl comes and asks if they need anything but they explained they already had water they brought with them. That's all 4. Police come out of fukking nowhere. Daunte and ODB mouth are in shock the police are for them. 5. The police say they have to leave but then magically arrested while trying to process the situation.
  2. One important type of cult strand to do research into is the creation of the Nazis. You go back into the Britain "Quattro Coronati" lodge movement developed by Charles Warren (among other things) He was the London Chief of police who "couldn't find" Jack-The Ripper. So, he's a huge mason and Quattro Coronati developed British Zionism. Many people think of Zionism as a Jewish idea/movement, it's actually not. It goes back to Lord Palmerston. He believed there needed to be a homeland for the Jews, yet the Jews had never heard of this idea.... The fact is Palmerston was a very high ranking Mason and also lead the gun votes against the Chinese when they tried to refuse the British opium addiction. He started the ball rolling; very shortly you start having more and more masons and the royal family with the "Duke of Kent" coming up with the concept and making up his own statement for the jews to come back to their "home land" There is this whole series of individuals that were not jews and it was organized by the Quattro Coronati which is defined as a Head research Lodge.. Some of these ideas come from Judea and Palestine with artifacts to come up with ancient Israel. Strange enough, the same party came up with the Nazi party. John Yarker a 33rd Sovereign Mason Grand Master of QC and gave sanction to Helen Blavatsky, the originator of the "theodicy society" A bizarre occult. He is also the guy who created Aleister Crowely. Yarker came up with the idea of a new level - called the ancient and primitive rite. He wanted this expanded and gave Crowley OTO to basically absorb this new aspect of the QC idea... This gave the Aryan race concept and Blavatsky used the swastika from the Masons as a personal emblem. Two people who carried Blavastsky's book everywhere were Hitler and Elvis Presley. Practically 2 sides of the same coin. National socialism comes from her work and more work. This was called theodicy at the time and picked up by the famous Nazis. This is an area or research that really needs more energy. You have a lot of interweaving of these 3 unions with much relation. You knead up with a political movement and really look at how its funded and skull and bones funding Hitler. WW2 with such a script that was vomiting. @Ukshep,
  3. If you don't have a mask and filters in your prep. I suggest you find one.
  4. And, when we fired off a few missiles last year into their bunkers, we only saw 3 bunkers that were "burned up" from the news and at different angles, but no jet inside and no real damage to the outer concrete shelter. Putin also claimed he was given a heads up on the "U.S attack." Many people praise Putin but he prays to the Israel wall and there was never a Russian revolution. It was bought and paid for by the Zionists and Zionists were also put in high offices for the agreement It was more of a Jewish revolution. One of the last things the Zionists want before they kill off the white people that they believe are stopping them from bringing on the anti-christ is they want world tariffs then they'll call all Jews home. This tariff shyte is just bartering for the Zionists. China red dragon is being pumped from the IMF in New York now since January I believe?
  5. He's probably just enforcing the pagan ideology behind it. I've been seeing the word RISE or RYZE numerous times the last few months. Music,video games, character names ect. (rise from the fallen or rise from the dead?) It makes me wonder if they'll actually reincarnate the black Horus and go back to Egypt. Will the nephilim actually return? Have they always known and why they wore the ankh in the first place? We have proven we can use DNA to clone. He ruled at some time. I'm guessing it was during the 25th dynasty before they were kicked out but they kept all the dreadlock and ideas from Egypt for themselves. Damn colonizers. He got his head chopped off according to the book of Jasher by Esau; the mighty hunter, Jacob's brother. He then was in fear for his life and extremely hungry from running, so he traded his birthrite for some quick energy from his brother. He cut his head clean off and stole a shirt or something that was used by Moses... HAM is progenitor ect. (I don't care to search) This would strengthen my theory on why blacks are being lied to about being once kangs in Egypt or if it's all just a ploy to increase their morale from voodoo, blood sacrificing, and bone necklace wearing.
  6. I don't have any social media but Facebook. My last update was over a year ago over a birthday.. it's rare and I don't own a cellphone. Maybe I don't have enough info to travel now. lol Do they want my KDA ratio from playing online games? Maybe they can color chart my skin and either deem me as a outstanding white male or a pedophile. Maybe they can ask me, "business or pleasure?" and I respond saying, "Colonizer"
  7. When Nazi gets a bad rap because zionist jews propagandized it for an agenda. Oh, and they also used shame tactics and shut down donations towards any company that didn't follow protocol. If the students really knew; it wouldn't bother them. The cycle continues. "separate the wheat from the chaff" to separate things or people that are of high quality or ability from those that are not "the Wheat and the Tares" ‘Do you want us then to go and gather them up?’ But he said, ‘No, lest while you gather up the tares you also uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and at the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “First gather together the tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”
  8. I'm pretty sure Oprah is still giving African girls free schooling if they just take a shot. I loves Harpo..
  9. "I need a law that makes history written by people of color the mandatory curriculum in every school, so white children can truly learn how violent their ancestors were so as not to repeat that violence over and over again." Are you going to get white people to spell check for you? Who are the the ones that will publish your history books? I'm tired of closed caption making you sound competent. *Student raises his +230 SAT hand* Yes, T'Challa? Miss. Wakandria, How di da white debul cave main get are stuffs? They dun teleport.... *Room agrees and ponders the might of the teleport vs the African voodoo electricity.
  10. That's a M203 grenade launcher... Isn't that how they used probable cause to search Charles Dyer's home, oh wait, his ex-wife charged him with child abuse and sexual acts with his 7 year old daughter with a release date of 2041. Now I remember.. That's the weirdest gun to ammunition ratio list I've ever seen... ""They have separate addresses - Bradley's is listed as a four bedroom home worth $322,000 and Jennings' is a five-bedroom property worth $430,000.""
  11. Voncroix

    Its Right In Front of You

    Thank you, UKShep. Have a good weekend, bro.