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  1. I left home when I was 16. I lied about my age to my boss that I was 18. I worked as a brick and block mason and went to night classes. There were plenty of times I went to school in my work clothes and boots with concrete still in my hair. I didnt have a home and parked my car in the woods while attending school/work and finally graduating 6 months later while living in the woods; many nights were very hot and humid. I had an ice chest in the trunk of my car with peanut butter sandwiches and drinks I could afford at minimum wage. I later got a house with a friend who was bad with money and our home got robbed twice while we were away working. I finally graduated. I never though to blame other people or had time to think someone owed me anything. I became homeless again and also was hit by a drunk driver and got little pay from the wreck then got injured on the job a few weeks later with not much of a payoff after 3 years in court. I finally got a break in life, which meant shit stopped happening to me. I never looked back and thought I was done wrong. I always looked forward and just murmured, "I have to keep going." Nobody helped and handed me cash for free. If you talked about hard times, it might as well have been for a facebook like for sympathy points, because nobody really cared. Nobody put money in my bank and I never thought anyone owed me for my hardship. It's just a way of life. I'm much better off now but seeing these kids scream and kick with their nice clothes, cell phones, and all this energy to produce so much hatred is amazing. I guess it's best to blame someone rather bust your ass and make plans while working in the hot sun knowing you're going home with only 40.00 for the day's labor. (circa 1995) Even though, I left home at 16, I'm glad I wasn't raised as a pussy and have no problem dealing with these people. The worst education I ever got was in middle school with 80% negro attendance and they were not there to learn, and that's because the government's location housing put me there. We are not just a different skin color, we are completely different people. Keep stocking your guns, ammo, food, silver, water and supplies. Have a great day.
  2. "I've been shot, I'm going to die" Put on one of your diapers, pussy.
  3. They have to constantly celebrate it and spread the word. It's the only way they feel good about it. They know deep down inside but they've already crossed that line.
  4. I guess WW2 was loaded of feminists when the German women left their men who lost power and now it was under control of another man country; while spreading their legs the very next day. . .
  5. It's not mostly whites but it's dominantly white men. "Most" white women will go along with it so she will still live in her comfort zone and our of ridicule and punishment. That's not enough though; any male born of these breeds of white women will also be condemned due to being of white parent or too white in appearance of nature. Blacks kill other blacks with vitiligo or albino appearances in Africa. It will never end and the utopia frenzy will not happen. The U.S is being seen as the white devil around the world because this is the agenda.
  6. Any minuscule amount of time they have to keep the B.S alive. She knows damn well and most the people do too; it just gives them incentive to stay as jerks.
  7. Celebrate Christmas or not, know that people want to keep peace this time of year, and I'm thankful for that.
  8. I'm not against women, but women drive the society and sway minds because people don't want to be different to a woman's liking. One reason why Merkel was chosen for the job. You don't allow a woman to do her special job and you're a bag of sh*t bag inconsiderate prick that needs to be shamed. Women are used as tool and will use each other for gain. We all know this. This needs to stop. I dont celebrate christmas but it's a line where people must have their own heritage, lifestyle, and land with borders to protect their own and for god's sake... the damn women. Instead of men defending the country and the women, they show equality to women by wearing dresses and skirts. Jesus, damn people! This is pretty much how Haiti was lost. equality happened. Is this how we lost Egypt? We gave equality to the "slaves". Are we rewriting history once again, but this time we have no where to go. goverment has brain washed the hell out of our women to fight against us, we;re so busy making money and the women too, the kids are in preschool and learn more from schools than mom and dad. Single mom don't have time to teach son and definitely don't know how. Rome had women in charge while the boys were off killing and surviving, and the women were prepping the daughters how to control the boys. Where does it end? Is this it? Are we witnessing an end to our brothers and sisters in other lands while we're being washed out as well in the U.S? We have gun right in the U.S but we're not using them very much are we? I guess you can stock all day but it'll be too late. Merry Christmas is now offensive but they trained this beast to sing in their show? Ya, you're against it but you still have to put food on the table right? It beats your previous job I'm sure. I don't know what to think anymore. I'm just watching sh*t happen and contemplating how long before X,Y happen. Everything is sh*t, It's all meant to happen. we can't fight against it. we're controlled zoo animals. I don't even know what i'm saying or if i make sense. it's near 4am. Take care. #sorrynotsorry.
  9. @Cinnamon, I feel the same way. Nothing will happen and nothing matters. I'm tired of empty hope and unreachable promises. Larry Silverstein is trying to build a resume' now with humanitarian efforts and pretending he wants Hilary jailed. I just watch the news and see the agenda and keep prepping. It's all I can do. So many heads on the hydra. Even if you win a civil war, it's because it was allowed.
  10. The same people who think CERN invites nephilim are the same people who think standing in a salt circle protects them with a few words of encouragement.
  11. people cheer for death of an individual and show it with much approval. Even on FB where people are in jail; i read the comments how these criminals should rot because of their choices in life. My, oh, my, how I remember you once were a ***** in high school. Lets not hold a grudge ;) The time is becoming ripe where people wax cold of others and only think of themselves.
  12. He's the new president; want some mac n' cheese? It's not hard.