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  1. Justin Timberlake - Supplies

    Don't come to my house for supplies; you may find an eraser.
  2. Thank you for sharing. I've listened to this 5 times. Do you have the follow-up video?
  3. The Truth About Christmas

    They also evolved King James, Shakespeare, Napoleon, and some other people. After all, 50hundred years is enuff yall !
  4. Meanwhile in Africa, midnight black colored Africans are killing the lighter skinned albino Africans only due to their skin color. No real prejudice involved in their actions let alone their mentality.
  5. Male typing over here. I just wanted to clarify I'm not only typing but I'm also a cook, brother, son, neighbor, and I also give my time to shelters as a male. Being man as a response to female submarine vaginal officer, I can only say as a male that I'm so male proud of said female hard work and female effort for her female girl powers. Man, that's just womaniffic. Keep up the go girl and get em'.
  6. I read the Facebook comments about this. 90% of them were, "They knew of the protocol." The people you walk by will "soon" kill you over a piece of bread.
  7. Another whore of Babylon U.S finger pointer. Her "dream" means nothing and she should be careful what she dreams about or even using a Youtube as a pedestal for her ways. There are simple clues to tell you who the whore is. Whore also means church that fornicates with other churches; like a mixing of religions. "Many Waters" refers to numerous people; term: "A sea of people" has been paraphrased. This celebration on the fall of the U.S is a bit annoying and yes, people will celebrate the collapse of the U.S and will ignorantly accept it as the Babylon, After all, we are being shown to the world as the villain in the comic books; the black venom. Too bad not many people will put the puzzle together to figure it out but only find their GMO cereal and hormone milk tastes a little better the following morning. *The U.S is not a city. *The U.S does not sit over many waters, it would seem that way but not in a biblical sense as stated above. *The city sits on 7 hills. Please don't bring New York into this... you can't cherry pick a "city" and make the rest of the country obsolete. *The U.S wears purple/red all day. She is clothed in purple and red. I don't think the U.S likes purple and red much and the flag is red,white, and blue unless you mix all the colors to make purple.. I'ts the Roman Catholic church. She fits all the criteria and more. Most people already know this. It's not rocket science. Woman in the bible is symbolized as a church. Jesus is returning for his bride, the clean church that waits for his return, so we have the (whore) harlot that mixes with other religions and teaches false doctrines. People enjoy a good twist. Lets try not to twist scripture and I'm sure this woman has been corrected many times in the comments, yet she does not pull it down or make a response video in her false ways. Off with her head..