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  1. lol awesome :D i recommend always supervising your beer personally :D!
  2. australians

    gday, just getting an idea of how many of yas made it here. near sydney myself and drive a toyota and a suburu lol never found a ford or chev, i mean holden :P always up for a mind fuck, cyas
  3. Bible was written by men/women, and is read by men/women. I think that sums it up.
  4. If elites have to plant positive seeds into the reality we share to balance the karma, perhaps. Snowden has given us all a great amount of useful information that helps us to enjoy our lives in safety. Where does the balance lay?
  5. Satan = Saturn. Don't go blaming invisible beings for good or bad. You are responsible for your own actions, don't unload them to a dead man. I have practised words of power for benefit. They work for healing and more. I know the Bible and it is very similar to other books under different names. There is a Christ and it is benevolent and more. It does not limit itself to the body of one man but allows its nature to be gained by anybody. I don't quote translations as there are errors in any communication. Some of the emotion and context is lost in anything that is not face to face. Notice the words I use and the words i do not use.
  6. LOL NASA Fakery

    Learn to Carl Sagan. All is well.
  7. Jesus was a follower of The Christ. Jesus had more faith than most, and become a conduit for the Christ, but was not the Christ. The miracles flowed through Jesus, as he admitted. He was not the miracle himself as a man. The Christ is beyond comprehension and referred to as different words in different cultures, Guru, Buddha and all refer to a 'Higher Being'. It is not embodied in one man, but a man can aim to achieve the qualities of the Christ. Anybody can achieve this, if there was any conspiracy it is making people believe they cannot be Christ like. Remember the original works and messages of Jesus were said in a language that is almost lost, so we only have translations, many years ago. So many men less than Jesus, with very mortal desires and intentions have put their fingers on 'The Word'. (raised catholic, schooled catholic, i walk in truth)
  8. Conspiracy theory or unanswered questions?

    Yea great post and a feeling I have encountered more often, the more you learn... As with business, not everybody will buy all of your product, all the time. In a similar way that not everybody will be as motivated about your passions as you are. Even though it effects them and all they care about. If you really want to convey an important message to your fellow man i suggest tip toeing in first 'hey i read something about 'that' and i felt 'that', what do you think?' I'de love to get all my family and friends on board the same train i'm riding and power it ahead, but through practise that doesn't seem to work as intended. So go slow, hint and nudge. Offer examples if appropriate and gauge the waters before ya unload the last doco or wall of text onto those around you. This works in more ways than meets as the eye, as the person who is most interested is often standing around you and 'accidently' listens :)
  9. the noise from rocks

    I imagine what makes ripples in the water when a stone is thrown into it, is, the playful nature of the being who throws the stone
  10. The eyes we have used to make all instruments are round. Unless one is very keen and aware of perspective through training or hyper awareness. They i gotta admit, it's ok to be fooled by the blurring effect of mass and maths. I appreciate maths, but i hope they appreciate every other other body in the solar system has a significant hook that earth is only one variable in. Appreciate in the infancy of our minds while expanding everything we have been exposed to
  11. the noise from rocks

    many suns and stars shine on many rocks, where you standing? or are we floating?
  12. the noise from rocks

    it just becomes the enjoyment of looking at rocks while standing on them
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