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  1. interesting contrast. on lop tonight, i posted a thread on the flag thing, and was attacked by malicious guests..if the tables were turned and posted it here, i wouldnt get attacked..but its too late lol..

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    2. Fourth echelon

      Fourth echelon

      thx. makes one to temp giveup posting..but if i do, it would signify that iam weak and cant handle it. i should kind of "lighten" my posting there for a bit.

    3. Cinnamon


      I'm that way in the chat room. It's intimidating to me sometimes, but the forum doesn't bother me as much.

    4. Fourth echelon

      Fourth echelon

      ive logged off from there. will be back in a few days. i suggested to disturbed to restrict those guests from posting -doubt he will follow through with it. ill be lurking more on here meanwhile:cjnohced:

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