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  1. I see dead people. lol I won't say of which persuasion.
  2. What a strange and awful way to die. I'm scared of snakes, we have lots of rattlers here.
  3. Ok. I just burned the meatloaf I was going to have for dinner.
  4. It seems like so many more because of the news.
  5. And they're using their citizen's "rights" to do this. See how they maneuvered this? What person wouldn't say this is a great thing for me? EDIT: Unless they also have a website or business that holds data.
  6. Yes, you did and I'm so proud of you for that.
  7. I've never had an addiction, so I can drink occasionally. I knew you then.
  8. I'm sorry, but this is just too funny. I'll betcha they don't when it comes to their cronies.
  9. How unsatisfying is that? I hate the taste of any alcohol but like how it makes me feels. I wouldn't touch it otherwise. lol
  10. Cinnamon

    Do you have time to run your business?

    Not before you read this nightmare:
  11. Cinnamon

    Do you have time to run your business?

    I know that one, too.
  12. Somebody has to stay sober around here. Might as well be you.
  13. Cinnamon

    Do you have time to run your business?

    That because you're not yet trying to make labels? I wonder how many laws there are governing that kind of enterprise. They might have a label inspector!
  14. Cinnamon

    Do you have time to run your business?

    The one that tells me to stop worrying.
  15. Ah yes... put inside the freezer until just a hint of tiny ice crystals start to appear... lol

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