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  1. I thought you'd might like this:

    Christian Piquemal born 17 December 1940 in Huos (Haute-Garonne), is a retired army corps general of the French Army who was commander of the French Foreign Legion from 1994 to 1999

    Piquemal the problem is Islam  --  subtitled  15 miinutes

    Gen Christian Piquemal  --  General kicked out of army after taking part in ‘banned’ anti-Islam rally

    Christian Piquemal  --  wikipedia

    If only we had some leaders like him.  I think he needs our support.

    1. Cinnamon


      Thanks, gxer. You know who is in control when you find out who you can't crit! They did get them out of the Calais Jungle, but I'm not sure where they all went. Paris looks to be falling to them as well as Germany and Switzerland. Big things are going on as far as building armies right in front of our faces, under the guise of everything socialistic.