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  1. When will we fight back?

    It's possible it would continue or be replaced with something even worse. Anything is possible.
  2. This is a plan to cause civil war. Every little push. Like this one, is one more step over the line. They know what they are doing.
  3. Published on Aug 18, 2017 Statement by Donald J. Trump on the Elevation of Cyber Command I have directed that United States Cyber Command be elevated to the status of a Unified Combatant Command focused on cyberspace operations.
  4. Donald Trump wrong that Charlottesville counter-protesters didn't have a permit The counter-protesters’ Saturday permit The Washington Post Fact Checker published a document in an earlier fact-check showing that counter-protesters had indeed acquired an official permit for Saturday, when the Unite the Right march was scheduled. The permit was issued to Walt Heinecke, an associate professor of educational research, statistics and evaluation at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. The "special events certificate of approval" for a public demonstration at two parks in Charlottesville, McGuffey Park and Justice Park. Those are located within one and two blocks, respectively, of Emancipation Park, the location of a Robert E. Lee statue and the destination for the Unite the Right march. The certificate covers Saturday, Aug. 12, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. <snip> http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/aug/17/donald-trump/donald-trump-wrong-charlottesville-counter-protest/ Somebody please scrutinize this and tell me what's up with this. Because if this was true the way they are spinning it... what took them so damn long to say anything?
  5. When will we fight back?

    We'll fight back when there is no other choice. We're still trying to work through diplomatic channels and are watching closely what is going on politically. Frankly, at this point, I think the only thing that will save the Republic is a military coup and that is risky at best.
  6. The MTA says it is going to "modify" tiles in a Manhattan subway station that people have complained look like Confederate Flags. The pattern of tiles have been in the Times Square station for almost 100 years. The architects are said to have installed them to pay homage to the Southern roots of former New York Times newspaper head Adolph S. Ochs. The MTA has claimed the tiles actually are meant to honor Times Square’s nickname as the "Crossroads of the World" and are not Confederate Flags. <snip> http://www.fox5ny.com/news/274589821-story?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Communists are owning it now!

    If they wanna keep pushing it, it's gonna cause BLOW BACK in a big way.

    They're trying to shut down the interstate.

    They're blocking traffic now.

    You think these protesters even realize this?

    When they don't find KKK they start yelling Black Lives Matter, whose streets out streets... blah blah blah

    I found out today there are only 3K of them in the entire US split between like 190 chapters,,, no more than 50 at most in the largest and 25 on average. lmao! I have never seen one in my whole life.
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