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  1. "Hero" John McCain Hospitalized

    That is a conundrum, isn't it?
  2. Facts were being stated. That is it. Call me nasty all you want and play the victim card if you like. There were not that many people to pick from that were talking in the thread and not kissing up to Israel. Two as a matter of fact. If the facts bother you then I don't know what to tell you. If saying what I believe is being mean, then I guess I am just a mean person. I'm not sorry I feel the way I do. It's better than pretending nothing is wrong with what Israel does and that it's all the Palestinian's fault. So, now I'm mean and nasty and angry? Not really. But if calling me all of that makes you feel better about yourself, then by all means, go ahead!
  3. You are just getting back what you put out there to others! This isn't nasty? I think it's a very nasty thing to say to anyone. No one attacked you personally or hid behind scripture to do it, either.
  4. If you're addressing me, then don't bother to not want to be me in any way. You believe what you want. If I can't crit someone who I see doing something wrong, then I KNOW who's in control. I don't believe Israel is truly Israel in its current form. It's a Rothschild and Balfour Agreement creation. To the Torah Jews it's an abomination. That state was created so the Zionist's political arm could have a place at the table politically. I wouldn't want to be you either!
  5. Ten Essential Elements of a Covert Op

    Bump for info!
  6. I saw that, it's words. I am not personally offended, I am just tired of seeing one of the most powerful military forces in the world backed by my tax dollars doing what they do. And no acknowledgement of it by many. Israel is a cruel master.
  7. "Hero" John McCain Hospitalized

    Ha! They could always do a Weekend at Bernie's thing if it doesn't pan out at the hospital.
  8. It's the largest and longest running open air prison in the history of the entire world!
  9. I don't appreciate the memes in this post. Ridiculous. Whining to the UN? Where else are they supposed to go and "whine"? Would you call it whining when your children are bombed, your wife, your husband? By a faction backed by a superpower and given all the arms they could even need to destroy you? How about is it whining when Israel busts the sewage pipes and lets it roll down the streets? Is it whining when their land is stolen and settlements are build on it and when your farm is leveled by bulldozers? Is it whining when your kids have zero future and nothing to look forward to? I'd be saying a helluva lot more than Abbas is saying if I were in his shoes, that much I will tell everyone here!
  10. They're prisoners in an occupied territory is probably why. Not sure about the legalities on that. But since it's an occupation, Israel has responsibilities to those people which they have shirked since day one.
  11. You probably wouldn't want them here since the U.S. arms Israel to the teeth, their hatred is not limited to just Israel.
  12. And again, you throw out cryptic accusations with no balls to name names. The last time you did that and I asked you, you tried to paint yourself as a victim, care to do that again or man up and say something?
  13. LOL They actually had to ban that? Like common sense doesn't say it's wrong? Israel is the one with all the firepower over there, the balance is so far off it's not even funny. Have you ever taken a good look at what Israel has done to the Gaza strip? Did you know they use white phosphorous on Palestinians even though the Geneva Convention prohibits that? Or does it violate your sensibilities to admit that Israelis act like cowards and animals while ferociously defending land they have stolen for settlements. Watch Palestine is still the issue by John Pilger, if you have the courage or stomach for that.
  14. Hearing about her death is what started me looking into the Palestinian/Israel issue. That was a whole year before I started checking out 9/11... she didn't die in vain. She woke a lot of people up to what was happening over there. Of course, some people don't get it that getting forced off your land has the blowback effect of wanting to destroy everything in your path.
  15. Down the memory hole it went I guess. They should strip them of funding!