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    No, you stay.

    Yes, I guess it is! No need for me to be here any longer, then, is there?
  3. What is your occupation?

    Welcome @Krukedkukie
  4. I've noticed many times that when the U.S. is pissed off at a certain country, they get a quake in a few days. But I'm sure that's just my imagination. lol
  5. Seems like things aren't getting any calmer.
  6. PUBLISHED: 14:14, Sat, Oct 21, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:45, Sat, Oct 21, 2017 COMMUNITIES across Indonesia, Vanuatu and southwestern Japan are on edge after more rumblings from the earthquake and volcano hotbed dubbed the Ring of Fire. An earthquake struck Japan on Wednesday and was quickly followed by the latest eruption of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia - the latest incident in a worrying increase of seismic activity in the volatile region. The 6.1 magnitude quake struck off Japan’s Ryukyu Islands at around 6pm local time, according to the United States Geological Survey. Early reports suggested there were no damage or casualties but shaking was reported on inhabited islands nearest to the epicentre. The tremors come just days after the Shinmoedake volcano in southwestern Japan started erupting for the first time in about six years. It sent a plume of ash 1,700m from the crater and with cities and towns in the Miyazaki prefecture becoming covered. <snip> http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/869346/Ring-of-Fire-earthquake-volcanoes-indonesia-vanuatu-japan-Shinmoedake-Sinabung-Agung
  7. The people needing the money are so desperate they probably are not reading half of what they are signing is my guess. And those who do see it, unfortunately, most will agree to it. Brainwash re: Zionism runs deep here. But they pretend to be regular Jews.
  8. LOL Did he really? hahahah I doubt it! Right Side Broadcasting Network Streamed live 4 hours ago The New York Times revealed today that Bill O'Reilly paid $32 million to a single woman in January to a settle sexual harassment claim. The woman, former Fox analyst Lis Wiehl, agreed to not file a lawsuit against O'Reilly. This news is sure to be controversial given that soon after the payment Fox signed O'Reilly to a lucrative contract extension.
  9. There are plenty who already boycott them due to their building of illegal settlements and their treatment of the Palestinian people. They're trying to stop giving any government contracts to contractors who boycott Israel. Damage control. Though, the more they protest, the more pay attention. Also, they have threatened (recently) to lay waste to civilian neighborhoods in Lebanon because they say Hezbollah are in those neighborhoods. (Lebanon is on the PNAC list.)
  10. Yeah, the compass... then there's the other compass that guides you... both are guides in a sense, to do with geography.
  11. I can't see much peace coming out of that deal with the Uranium when the Russians start to physically mine and transport it. Some here didn't realize that the nuclear power this is to be used for, will produce waste products used in nuclear weapons. No, it's not his fault we have corrupted asses in our government, but, I'm not buying that Putin doesn't have plans for all that waste material that will be produced. In this case, Russia is our enemy even if it is being allowed by the likes of Clinton, etc. This deal should be killed immediately and cancelled. We shall see how much money laundering went into it at some point if we are lucky. I'm sick of seeing the Putin love that goes on here. (not from you but from others who are constantly propping him up) He's just as dirty as the rest of them and it takes a little digging into his past to see how he got into office and what he did to get there. I'll leave that history digging up to others, if they want to know.
  12. I taught myself how to draw metes and bounds descriptions for maps. So.. yeh.

    This is where a lot of evil is done... of course, my saying that The Federal Register is an evil thing I guess would be construed as the wrong thing to say by those who believe in the system. However, just putting something like that in plain sight and never having it mentioned in MSM (or RARELY) is wrong, again MSM fails. The Federal Register's history is a little interesting, it used to be very expensive and only in print, so basically, only rich people were in the know about all of this stuff they do there. This is where Trademarks are published for people who may have an interest in the mark can contest it. There''s a 30 day time frame for contesting tms that are published in the Federal Register.
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