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  1. The Special Kind of Narcissist

    Lies. Deception. Peer pressure. Group think.  Social norms.  Using someone to get what you want from with no f**ks to give of what you have done takes a special kind of narcissist.  Winning is all that matters, profiting is all that ever mattered because the ends always justifies the means.  There are no consequences, because those without any conscience simply move on with their life and enjoy their spoils of war and give no f**ks about the destruction they leave in their wake. Their best hope is that the one they used just walks away and leaves it all to the them without the desire for revenge or any demand to be paid for their efforts, neither in gratitude or monetarily because they have been so utterly destroyed by the narcissist.  The narcissistic wins but because they choose their victim well. They understand the psychology, most of all they sense the weakness and they know that there would be nothing but their goal met, even if it takes years. They know they will win from the start because it was premeditated and it was done very, very  well. And they knew they would end up with everything and the victim would end up completely destroyed inside and out, left with nothing. Even if it involved being shamed themselves by peer pressure, because they know they can always go back to what they were before and their peers will feel nothing but pity for them because they will bring them back into the fold and the narcissist will tell them how they were the one that got duped and taken advantage of by that evil, evil victim.
    Just as a pedophile chooses the weakest at the playgound, all narcissists choose their victim the same way. They see the weakness, their need for attention and the low self esteen. They know who is a mark.