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  1. Want to add... voter fraud is coming to the forefront, too! No more selections for awhile. Beware cheaters.
  2. Did I miss something? I don't see a single person complaining about getting rid of Sessions. On the contrary. Everyone wants rid of him.
  3. They think if Trump vetos this it will prove that he's in collusion with Russia. I hope he vetoes it. Notice how they've jammed 3 countries in that one bill? Also, the original Reuter's article said absolutely nothing about the tying of Trump's hand re: lifting sanctions at a later time. Even the numbers on the vote are different. Hmm...
  4. No one will touch that one. The whole thing would come crashing down, along with vids of child sexual molestation. Oh, what a show that would be!
  5. They're citing "ethics" as if they didn't have to look that up to find out the meaning.
  6. Cooked Illegals get to stay?!?

    Transferring guilt onto the American taxpayer's back.
  7. I like them a lot! Not surprised they're ex's.
  8. This is true. We should leave there immediately.
  9. Raises brows and backs outta this thread.
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