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  1. I know this is public.  This is why the internet - or people on it don't do well.


      1 hour ago, gxer said:

    Bobby Jindal on Health Care      Bobby Jindal on Welfare & Poverty     Bobby Jindal on Families & Children  

    Bobby Jindal     Medical Education     

    Looks like an excellent choice  for Health and Human Resources Secretary


     Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin  potential Secretary of the Interior      --  there have to be others, interesting though

    response  --  You might want to do a bit of background check on Mr. Jindal.

    Specifically his time as governor of Louisiana.

    Short answer: Do not want.

    My response

    Ok... I've been trying to go through some of these people all day.  Why don't you be more specific so at least I can narrow in on it.

    My BEGINNING, criteria for researching these people is their education (including where they went), age,  work related connections.  In the case of Mr. Jindal being of Indian ancestry comes into play.  I have some understanding of their culture.  This component offers an insight of/or possible beliefs when involved in other cultures.  More like ceremonial.


    This person could have gone that extra sentence or two to add a specific, but no just an answer.  I'm only one person.  I can't do it all.

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