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  1. There's something about David Hogg

    Thread deleted just for you!
  2. There's something about David Hogg

    Kali Clougherty‏ @kali4change FollowFollow @kali4change More WE. ARE. NOT. CRISIS. ACTORS. wow. just because most of the people in the media are a part of the drama program at MSD doesn’t mean we are paid actors. WE LIVED THROUGH THIS. you should be ashamed of yourselves. https://twitter.com/kali4change/status/966134686744530945?ref_src=twsrc^tfw&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fnews%2Fus-news%2Fhow-internet-s-conspiracy-theorists-turned-parkland-students-crisis-actors-n849921
  3. And it's not just that his dad is an FBI agent or he's been hanging with CNN and others. They are making this lil shit into an icon and the face of this shooting event. Any idea why they are catapaulting him to fame so hard and so fast? Something is UP here and I don't know what it is!
  4. Disclaimer: Any NSA, Tavistock, American Psychiatric tools that could read this, piss off. I'm not talking about the voices nut cases hear telling them to perform criminal acts. I have always had a voice inside that guides me. More than one I think. One is my conscience and what a little b*tch she is. I can't do the slightest thing wrong or it never shuts the hell up. So I give in because it's always right. Then there is that voice that has literally saved my life countless times. This one is so strong that I actually have verbal arguments with it. But it too is ALWAYS correct! And you know what's the funky thing, I might be fishing without a licence and it tells me to put up my fishing tackle, get in the truck and deny I was ever fishing Ok, I don't know what that is exactly, but that's what I call some very pointed protectionism. That is one but probably 100 times these kind of things have happened over my lifetime. It saves me from car wrecks and thing like that, but not always. I know a lot of people will call it God talking to you, but that is not what I am perceiving when it decides to help me. It's like this intuition that cannot be denied except at your peril. And it can't be commanded to appear at will to help you. It's completely random for me. I believe whatever it is giving these instructions is pure because it never guides to anything evil and it is never wrong. Ever. Ignore it and see what happens? Any experiences from you guys?
  5. Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Thursday he aims to have a memo written by Democrats on the panel released this week, after President Trump declined to release it earlier in the month. Democrats say their memo was written as a rebuttal to provide greater context to a Republican memo that was released earlier this month, which outlines abuses by the FBI and the Justice Department against the Trump campaign. <snip> http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/adam-schiff-aims-to-have-democratic-memo-released-this-week/article/2649593 Get your waders out of the closet for this.
  6. Exclusive: Soros-Linked Organizers of “Women’s March” Selected Anti-Trump Kids to Be Face of Parkland Tragedy – And Excluded Pro-Trump Kids This afternoon, the Gateway Pundit received a tip from a father of one of the Parkland school shooter survivors. Concerned and enraged, he confirmed what Gateway Pundit previously reported: these children are being used as political tools by the far left to further anti-Conservative rhetoric and an anti-gun agenda. The students at the forefront of this agenda were all peers of his child, they were all members of the same drama club at their high school. This fact was verified and confirmed by Buzzfeed who sent a reporter to visit the student activists at their “command center” at one of their homes. Buzzfeed reported on, but left unexplored, the fact that these students are theater-trained: “The group, who mostly know each other from the school’s theater program, began their efforts in a scattered way in the chaotic aftermath of Wednesday’s horror.” From our source: One of the students leading the current charge called the child of our contact up and asked if they were willing to workshop Anti-Trump/Anti-Gun lines, publish on their Twitter account, and possibly go on television with a similar statement. This particular student, a Trump supporter, shouted “F*** you!” into the receiver before hanging up. They didn’t want to be used as yet another pawn from the left. It was conveyed that these students are acting as the “bridge” between far-left activist groups and are specifically recruiting other students from the school’s drama department. A theatrical background easily explains these students’ comfort on camera, composure, and ability to deliver the lines they are given while framing them with emotional call-to-action rhetorical devices. We were informed that students who were pro-First Amendment and supported the president were systematically blocked from any interviews or media appearances. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/02/behind-various-anti-gun-movements-popping-parkland/
  7. Look how happy they are... until it was removed! lol Where are the tears? The sadness? This only happened a few days ago. Hogg has reconnected with CBS for an appearance on CBS This Morning as the mainstream media unabashedly features high school students as figureheads for a new anti-gun push. A CBS employee posted a photo of Hogg with fellow teen activists and CBS reporter Gisela Perez, which was later taken down after Kristinn Taylor of The Gateway Pundit reported on the photo shoot and how strange it seemed that all parties looked so cheerful and enthusiastic in the wake of such a tragedy. http://www.thedailysheeple.com/strange-student-anti-gun-activist-and-florida-school-shooting-survivor-appeared-on-cbs-six-months-ago-is-seemingly-being-coached-through-media-interviews_022018
  8. In compelling footage, obtained by Sun Online, the lights can be seen changing formation before disappearing one by one. Railway worker Daniel Zeljkovich and his co-driver spotted around 9 to 10 white lights in the early hours on Valentine's Day. Daniel whipped out his camera phone as his co-driver, who is equally baffled, says: "What the f*** is that?" He tells his "freaked out" colleague to switch off the lights on the truck, again saying: "What the hell?". Both men can't believe what they are seeing above Miami, in Florida, USA, at around 5am on 14 February. <snip> https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5627972/eerie-footage-shows-mysterious-fleet-of-10-ufos-circling-in-skies-above-miami-leaving-witnesses-freaked-out/ Video at link. I am only counting 7 of them though.
  9. His connection to Podesta's $$$$ is pretty damning stuff.
  10. Comments trying to say it's fake. Looks real to me but I've been fooled before. This should be very easy to verify.
  11. https://twitter.com/BikeShmoe/status/966015423996100609 Podesta.... whodathunkit?
  12. f**k them all, if they ever try and take guns away, regardless how it's done, American ingenuity will kick in and people will make the most horrific killing machines imaginable, so horrific that they'll be begging us to buy guns again.