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  1. Hey Cinn

    I found a copy of Project Veritas IV on ZeroHedge and posted a thread for it..  just alerting you in case you deem that story worthy of a pin 

    Feel free to delete my thread and replace it if you have a preferred style or introduction I didn't include.  Just letting you know

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    2. Cinnamon


      actually I liked the comment and reponded. lol I'll edit out the video part, but the comment was golden. haha

    3. Jostler


      no worries sis.  you're the admin ...just don't ever worry about me getting upset because my name is not on a thread.  If I post something (duplicate) just delete it with prejudice unless merging serves some purpose in YOUR estimate.

      I will not be offended.  I want info out there ...whether my name is on it is irrelevant.

    4. Cinnamon


      same here, I don't care either, the only thing this site is lacking for features is something that lets us know if something has been posted previously, but we do ok so far, we're looking at getting a plugin or other software to remedy that at some point in the future