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  1. BREAKING: Mexico Agrees To Pay for Wall ?

    I read that article and could not find where it says Mexico says they're paying for the wall. Can you please quote that part?
  2. Missing U.S. WWII Warship Found [Merged]

    Threads Merged
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Da9r2sOUQAA9bac.jpg Major sacrifice day with emphasis on children.
  4. The banks are sure to make a lot more debt slaves with all that cash to lend.
  5. When Did Bin Laden Die?

    This is my belief, also.
  6. Maybe they heard about this and dumped?
  7. Yep! Because in Cali they can hardly get anyone that's not a felon. lol
  8. Maybe I can find it somewhere and watch it, sounds like it would be very good.
  9. Barbara Bush is dead at 92

    Whatever it is doesn't do much for the aging on the outside, though.
  10. I wish he'd hurry up. When he does, it'll probably be closed sessions so none of can hear what's up.
  11. Wow! Sorry to hear of your loss of your friend. R.I.P.