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    Poems, book excerpts and song lyrics are not allowed on here.
  2. Google has been collecting Android phones’ locations even when location services are turned off, an investigation has revealed. Google confirmed that it has been doing this since the beginning of 2017, and say that it will end the practice by the end of this month. But according to an investigation by Quartz, phones running Android software not only track users when the feature is disabled, but they also know where you are even if you haven’t used any apps and don’t have a SIM card inserted. Google says that Android phones collect the addresses of nearby cellular towers and transmit the information back to its servers, but claims that the data is ‘never used or stored’ … The cell tower addresses have been included in information sent to the system Google uses to manage push notifications and messages on Android phones for the past 11 months, according to a Google spokesperson. The were never used or stored, the spokesperson said, and the company is now taking steps to end the practice after being contacted by Quartz. “The result is that Google, the unit of Alphabet behind Android, has access to data about individuals’ locations and their movements that go far beyond a reasonable consumer expectation of privacy,” wrote Quartz reporter Keith Collins. <snip> http://www.makersofandroid.com/android-phones-sending-location-data-back-google-even-location-services-disabled/ So after they get caught, they take steps to stop it. Evil.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    We opened up in April 2015. And you're welcome.
  4. I've seen a lot of people do a lot of stupid things since Trump got elected. Incredibly stupid and self destructive. I think they're finished at this point. Their plan, whatever it was, has backfired on them. Just like it backfired on every other leftist group out there. And that is basically where the crux of this is. What I have realized is there are those who want the rule of law whether or not it is convenient and those who only want it when it IS convenient for them. If the leftists had their way, we'd be living in a socialist utopia, but the question is, who's going to pay for it if everyone is that way? And where these people come in, is that they are "celebrities" and tried to use their influence to make people hate Trump even more. I doubt they really give two shits about anything other than bringing him down. Maybe the few at first did, but not after it got as big as it did. Opportunists abound.
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    We were on that for a really long time.
  6. They highjacked the acronym. I've often wondered about that, because everyone knew BLM as land management before they came on the scene. And as they came on the scene, Bureau of Land Management was busy killing LaVoy Finicum. Actually the FBI killed him but it all started with the Bureau of Land Management saga.
  7. If you get down to it, it's all the same thing.
  8. I just found this in the tweets. If it's true, then they are going to be gone for a long time. They should have kept the hate crime charges, though. That's lame dropping those. They should charge them with everything and whatever sticks, sticks. https://twitter.com/BeeboJohnson/status/933142043794313216
  9. You are the one that said a few were doing it and then they all started doing it after what Trump said. And yeah, pretty much they are. Look into the background of some of the coaches and owners of the teams. I did some research and what I found was a lot of things that smack of Marxism. Nothing is as it seems!
  10. Interesting point. Who could/would be doing that?
  11. It was basically an anti Trump thing they were doing. Whatever facade they want to put on it, it's pretty obvious. But it's backfiring on them now. They'll be broke in a few years and wondering what happened. Like Hillary. lol
  12. Black Lives Matter is who I am talking about. They stated that is why they were kneeling, because of police brutality and racial inequality. Why do you think they were out there kneeling? EDIT: It matters how much money they make because they are sitting there whining about racial inequality and they're millionaires who are not suffering any racial inequality. Frankly, I think they're a bunch of Marxists and this is another power play by them and everyone else involved.
  13. Whatever it is, it's a huge area. Kind of creepy.
  14. If it was just once, I'd say yeah. But I've been around men who just would not stop putting their hands on me, sitting up against me, touching me at every opportunity. It's not pleasant and it's annoying as hell. EDIT: That's called passive aggressive behavior, sort of. It's hard to describe and my guess is this guy was just like that.
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