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  1. You can use egg, salt, pepper and cornmeal for my 5G batter.
  2. I remember this guy from before, his work seemed solid to me, but there were detractors, the most they seemed to come up with was that he made a living out of researching all that. It takes money to live! I'll watch when I get time but the last time I watched one, it was riveting and scary stuff!
  3. I'm not all full of love and good will

    Brewed in Holland @Dr. Evil Score ! for me. lol
  4. Awhile back I was doing some research on giants. It's one of my favorite cts. Anyway, I was finding some vids that appeared to show military in the Middle East in a fight with this huge creature. Fake or real, I don't know. But all ancient cultures have their folklore and isn't there usually a thread of truth in that? I'm sure most of the vids were fakes. But still, it makes me wonder. What if there are giants living in very isolated areas where man is only now exploring?
  5. I'm not all full of love and good will

    Chin up, man, I don't stop until I am no longer breathing.
  6. I'm sure you left the e off of cake. mwahahaha
  7. I'm not all full of love and good will

    We really have to start acting in legal ways, that's how they're getting us, with nothing but paper with words on them. I can be diabolical when it comes to contract law and if you know what you're doing,, it's free.
  8. No one's gonna miss me

    Yeah, fine, I just ran across a bunch of vids that are all similar like that. There are a lot of people who are not happy or healthy, either.It's an art form for them.
  9. I am extremely pissed off and most of it is due to politics, deep state, wizard of oz behind the damn curtain and STILL we have no ARRESTS OF THESE FELONS, TRAITORS and MASS MURDERERS. So, big whoop, I'm mad. Who cares? I don't care who cares, I AM. And YOU should be too! What are we going to do!? There are legal things where there are no consequences, then it moves up to civil disobedience, where you must be prepared to stand completely alone if charges are brought. We have got to start fighting paper with paper. Someone who knows how has to be on this forum. There are very smart people here. We need to draft our own legislation and make it become law. It takes work to even get close to there as an average taxpaying honest person. Only slimy lobbyists get to dine at fancy restaurants, get them drunk at lunch and give them tickets to the superbowl, with promises of more and more. Screw you citizen until that gets fixed we don't stand a chance. Rant off. Hope that made sense, if not, use your imagination. lol Heinekin is good sometimes.
  10. No one's gonna miss me

    Human condition. It's not looking good for many.
  11. 1964-1979 ONLY

    You copy and paste the url into the post. But some users disable that feature and it will not embed.
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