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  1. The rumors are that their offspring are caged, beaten and turning into tiny little sociopaths all throughout childhood. They break them mentally, that's how they can rule intergenerationally and none of them have an ounce of goodness in them. And that they are Luciferians.

    Pink/fuschia/berry colors are my favorites and these women are going to ruin that. I don't like rainbows anymore either.
  3. OMG! They're actually stupid enough to come out of their hidey holes NOW? Let's make all their names famous. Is this a sign of "I-have-no-fn-idea-what-to-doitis ? Which one is David's father?
  4. They know the date so far in advance for budgets that there is no excuse for them not to have the bill ready and passable before there is a threat of disruptions. It is such a bargaining chip and not even for the American people, it's for illegal people this time. They use our money to run the government like crap. They can't do anything right when it comes to major issues like... forward thinking. Man, I'd be what iffing myself to death if I was in one of those positions and heading off any appearance of impropriety or lack of accountability. That is like basic shit and they can't even do that for us as reps. What else are they supposed to be doing? NOTHING.
  5. I feel our republic is in danger like it has never been before because the amount of noise that is being made over this FISA thing is so loud that they have to deliver. Something. Will they show the memo to the American people? This is kind of odd, it's almost like a few leaders are trying to step up and say what is Constitutional and what isn't. The people that put all those repukes in there didn't do it so they could be messed over. They. Want. Change. Life is hard for lots of people and has been for years now. I feel vulnerable on a Soros/Clinton/Obama/McCain/Graham level because they are totally emperors with no clothes. ALL have in common they head "non-profit" foundations. Which means tax haven just for starters. They also mean access to millions and millions of dollars which buys power. They are not charismatic or overly intelligent. They are opportunists and sociopaths. We have to stop thinking they are normal.
  6. And I'm going to cheat! Because I want something that's actually edible when I'm done. I have napa cabbage, green onions and garlic, salt and water... but the cheating comes in with the package of NOH brand Kimchee mix. I don't care at least I'm learning something new. Cooking is like chemistry. Anyway, it should be a fun, stinky experiment.
  7. That's not why most cheer it. They think they're free if it's shut down.
  8. Why? Only the working people suffer and it costs billions when it happens. Congress gets paid. No tax returns get sent to workers... people who have lost jobs and are on unemployment take cuts and then, there's this: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/20/government-braces-for-shutdown-as-senate-fails-to-meet-deadline-for-spending-deal.html Uniformed service members, health inspectors, and law enforcement officers are set to work without pay. But Social Security and most other safety net programs are unaffected.
  9. They started the moment the clock struck 12 and turned into Pumpkins, too. Matter of fact since that happened, Trump no longer has the market cornered on Orange. lol
  10. It's down. Furloughs are already happening. Let's see who disappears!
  11. So, no one can post anything unless millions die? lol
  12. America and Its Foreign Interventions

    I've been watching this guy for quite awhile. Has he ever done a video against the leftist globalists? It seems like all he focuses on is Trump. So, I have to ask why he does not go after them, too? I go after whoever is doing what I don't like. That includes both factions, not just one.
  13. Shutdown: Schumer Claims He Offered Border Wall Concession to Trump Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer suggested that he offered a concession on the border wall to President Donald Trump during their midday White House meeting before Democrats shut down the government’s 2018 budget at midnight. “In exchange for strong DACA protections, I reluctantly put the border wall on the table for discussion,’ Schumer said on the Senate floor as he tried to blame Trump for the Democrats’ near-unanimous move to block a procedural vote, so preventing the GOP from passing the government budget with 51 votes. Schumer did not provide any details on his wall offer. For example, Schumer did not say if he promised the Democratic Party’s endorsement for Trump’s $33 billion, 10-year plan for construction and operation of a wall, or if he was just willing to declare his personal support for a few billion dollars for future construction of a wall. <snip> http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/19/shutdown-schumer-claims-he-offered-border-wall-concession-to-trump/ Hostage to illegals, Schumer!