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  1. Me, too. At least he had a job, others have lost their homes, jobs and everything else.
  2. Slow descent into madness.

    Threads Merged
  3. I left a comment of my own.
  4. Daily Dose of Mad Maxine

    I am mesmerized by her false teeth because as much as she yaps, they never fall out. lol I know I'm terrible.
  5. Good News From Family In Puerto Rico!!!

    Yeah, it sounds a bit disconcerting to me. Is she going to call you again?
  6. Daily Dose of Mad Maxine

    She's as crooked as a bucket of snakes.
  7. LOL Not shameful at all! Moved to this forum and pinned.
  8. Good News From Family In Puerto Rico!!!

    I moved and pinned this thread because it is News and Current events. And @The Gent I'm so happy they're ok! This is the only REAL information we've gotten about PR that wasn't MSM crazy stuff. So thank you for posting!
  9. I'm thinking a lot of those useless eaters who think they are part of the club are going to find out they're not.
  10. Daily Dose of Mad Maxine

    Sorry 'bout that.
  11. #TheXFiles #TakeAKnee

    She can get cancer and have an alien baby, that ought to do it.
  12. We've watched Target and other corporations back causes that have alienated customers, Hollywood has cut their own throat and now we are watching these sports teams do the same thing. ANTIFA and BLM are both pariahs now. Are we watching the biggest failure Soreass etal have ever experienced? I hope so! Because they have accomplished nothing other than cutting their own paychecks down to a lot less than before. I wrote about this the other night, I think, but that was before these NFL etal players started doing the same thing. All of this is coming from a centralized place, as @Mehitable pointed out in her posts, because they are all using the same buzz words. The right just seems to close up their wallets and that's really all it takes. Did the Purple Revolution masters overlook the power of our purses? Are they failing? I don't see any win for them yet.
  13. You need to edit your linky please.
  14. #TheXFiles #TakeAKnee

    I'm just going to write books myself and read them. lol
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