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  1. That's fine and well.  The reason for the edit was given as hate speech.  In no shape,  form or fashion did I mention that I hated Germans. Kraut might be a derogatory term, but so is liar, shill, and a 100 other names I see people called on this board.  Nothing about it denotes hatred.  A previous reply asked me if I was promoting racial extinction.  Really? Now,  if you ever want to converse with someone who does hate Germans, you could have talked to my grandfather who fought them in WWII. Well, you could if he hadn't have died a few years back due to complications that set in from wounds he received there.  

    Nothing personal,  I just don't like being accused of something that I am not guilty of.  I have enough flaws without allowing someone to add more on. 

    1. octopus prime

      octopus prime

      I  apologize for the post on your feed

       By the time I realized it wasn't a pm, it was too late.  There needs to be a way to delete these, but if I hadn't have messed up,  I wouldn't need it. Once again,  I  sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. 

    2. Cinnamon


      It's ok. I had to leave to see the tax people and they extracted their pound of flesh, the vamps! lol  Everything's cool as far as I'm concerned. 

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