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  1. They're too busy terrorizing normal people with audits.
  2. Maybe she's gone too far and is trying to save her own arse?
  3. By a margin of 49.5 to 48.9 with 91% of precincts reporting, Jones dealt a major blow to Donald Trump and his efforts to pass tax reform on Capitol Hill. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/dec/12/roy-moore-loses-alabama-senate-race-doug-jones-wins That's .6 percentage point with 9 percent left to count.
  4. It was for a LOT less than what we have going on!
  5. They have screen shots of all the votes, supposedly. And yeah, who's going to count them? lol
  6. I didn't know military considered that a safe zone. Why do they think that?
  7. Another Sophia/AI presentation!

    Take down the grid completely.
  8. Mag 6.0 quake - 64km NNE of Kerman, Iran

    Whoever we're mad at gets a quake. :/