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  1. Hey thanks for the merge! I saw you posted your thread like 5 mins before mine lol! ? 

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    2. Quick1966


      Yeah its sickening! The only way I get back is I buy American whenever I can. Although it's becoming increasingly difficult in recent years. But if you look up Americansworking.com it's a directory of products and companies still made here! We gotta help each other out cause in the end it's the small folks like everyone on this site that needs to stick together! ?

    3. Cinnamon


      My vacuum cleaner is an Oreck, I have a Webber grill and an American Canner (that I am scared of!), but yeah I try to buy U.S.A. made. I got an awesome pair of gloves that were U.S. made, wow the quality is amazing, they were 60 bucks compared to 10 bucks chinese, but it was so worth the extra money. Same with boots, Frye brand and I got vintage Dooney and Bourke handbags made from horse bridle leather. Can't wear these things out, Chinese crap is broken in 3, 2, 1! The problem is finding the stuff! 

    4. Quick1966


      Yup! The quality is second to none for U.S made stuff! That's why I put that website up in my reply. Because it is hard to find U.S made stuff. Hopefully it helps.?

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