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  1. I feel like getting all the leaders together, put them in a boxing ring and see who wins.
  2. Hillary got her when she was only 18, I believe.
  3. Whee... hanging by my fingernails... lol
  4. I hope so! So tired of paying for things I didn't even realize I was paying for, like this. grrr...
  5. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    What was it?
  6. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    It could be as simple as money not going through to the hosting company for a number of reasons, terms of service violations, things like that. Stuff happens and it's not always nefarious. The rules of those who allow all of us to pay them to stay online get worse by the day.
  7. It's so much easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask permission, isn't it? lol
  8. Nah, he'll be wearing a Pickle Rick disguise.
  9. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Glad you're here! We've got 4 forums here, so you can go where your mood takes you.
  10. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Gee I wonder who did that. lol
  11. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    Give me gossip probably. They used to redirect people over there from GLP when they got banned. If it's the same place. How rude. Ban you, then fling you to a url you didn't even want to go to...
  12. Gaga admits to selling her soul!!!!

    Your news wire and a lot of others know how to write things where they seem plausible. No apologies necessary, it happens to most of us, especially if we post a lot. I call it getting Zzzinged by those toads.
  13. I'm surprised they didn't make him go in after the holidays, they've accommodated him in every other way. And where is he going? I didn't notice that info in the article. There are PRISONS and then there are resorts for his type.
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