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  1. This happened in December 2017. But it doesn't make it any less suspicious. This is what was going on in Haiti in 2010: Doctors: Haiti medical situation shameful By Drs. Dean Lorich, Soumitra Eachempati and David L. Helfet http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/01/25/doctors.haiti.hardships/index.html Maybe someone might want to check on the other two authors of this piece and see if they're still breathing?
  2. Cinnamon

    “Cry Closet” for stressed out students

    What's all this going to look like if there's ever a bloody civil war? Guess they're not planning too far into the future. But I am.
  3. It's ok, I can still fill it with holy water and kill all those fn demons!
  4. I guess that would be called "screwing with your mind"? Just slap me.
  5. I don't want my brain surviving in a jar of liquid. Let it go, man, just LET. IT. GO. lol
  6. Cinnamon

    Flippering the bird!

    LOL Misreads and typos are the highlights of reading a forum for me.
  7. LOL Can you imagine the night she lost the election? She supposedly was trying to beat up John Podesta. She couldn't even go to the concession speech, she made Podesta go. And then there's the premie "I'm the new president" party where Bill jumps up and down like a 3 year old.
  8. I'm sure if that's how wars were fought, we'd have a lot fewer politicians.
  9. I knew it was bs when a judge ruled that all the errors has to be pointed out to students before An Inconvenient Truth could be shown in classes at school. Monster Red Flag. Then, throw money at it with carbon taxes. Since the elite believe everything on earth belongs to them and not us, they are surely trying to find a way to tax the air you breath. Al Gore thought he had that mastered. His electric bill is massive, by the way. Hypocrite, too.
  10. They have 20 year financing! lol So apparently they either think it's not coming before then or it will and they will confiscate it, because the $ won't be worth anything. "Knock knock! Let me in my bunker!" "No, You've got 2 years left to pay!" <Joke!> FINANCING IS AVAILABLE UP TO 65K! Up to $65,000.00 with Terms Up to 20 Years with a Minimum Credit Score of 680. Up to $25,000.00 with Terms Up to 20 Years with a Minimum Credit Score of 640.
  11. You have to admit, it takes a genius to figure out how to get people to give you their money before they even see it. They just give you what's left over and then want more at the end of the year. *laughs* We are such tools. Serial robbers. Serial killers. It's what they live to do to every person in the world who is capable of production of labor that they turn into cash and hard assets. Damn, that sounded scary.
  12. Cinnamon

    Trump's Twin has been found! hahaha

    I was also thinking of bullet proof vest. Yep, that would do it. << at post.
  13. I have non-indictment fatigue but still feel the need to let everyone know if I find out a new document drop happened. Wake me up when it's all over.
  14. Thieves and no due process. This is rampant all over the U.S.