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  1. How To Open A Stargate Portal

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  2. This brings Michael Hastings to mind.
  3. As it is right now, but that's getting ready to change and not in a good way.
  4. We all need to know what's going on, but I think they are going to make it so homogenized that there will only be one voice. And that's theirs.
  5. The "web" <<< we're all caught in it now. It allows/ed free flow of important information. But now, with the net neutrality being rolled back, it will no longer be free. At that point, is it worth having it anymore? The censors are working hand in hand with the government regarding fake news and it's nothing more than a front to stifle dissent against the oligarchs and monopolies. The terms of service for hosting and participation in ad revenue are already chilling free speech everywhere. The internet has also unleashed the dumbest of the fn dumb to start forums and do their best to mind control, rather mind f**k people. They take caring individuals and turn them into narcissists that no one can stand to be around after they're done with them. The internet is where pedos can do their dirty work and are shielded or ignored by the controllers while Patriots are demonetized and taken down for all sorts of vague reasoning. The internet is how we are tracked constantly, already, it's only going to get more pervasive as time goes on. Is it going to be worth having the internet once the controllers are finished with it? I don't think it will be, honestly. What do you think?
  6. Wow, that's messed up.
  7. It does not sound like it's to be used for the same purpose as controlling Parkinson's.
  8. It is not going to stay as nothing, we all know this is where all of this is going. EDIT: Being cashless is all a part of it, too.
  9. WTF is a mood disorder and who decides? Because you get pissed off at the PTB for all their crimes and never see any justice is a mood disorder, I presume.
  10. I was just reading it. Just making me feel more and more hopeless to stop any of this shit.