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  1. I just want them to leave as fast possible, so I use the neutral thing.
  2. Exactly, the ones who protest the most bump the most! And for anyone who doesn't get it yet, we allow all content unless it's illegal or goes against our guidelines. If we start taking out content, where do you (not you VL) suggest we stop removing content? As I said before, I can't believe how many times I have to defend freedom of speech to those who claim they want it. Rule number one: You don't like it. Don't click it. Rule number two: If you adhere to rule number one, there is no need for other rules.
  3. I agree, also, the more it scares you, the more they get out of it. That's why I keep saying when weird things happen, just go neutral emotionally. And don't pay any attention to it.
  4. I've had a memory foam mattress layer on mine for a couple of years, should I be dead by now?
  5. Swiss police: Chainsaw attacker a loner who lives in the woods Police in Switzerland identified a man they believe is the chainsaw-wielding suspect who attacked five people on Monday -- two of them seriously. Schaffhausen Police said that man is Franz Wrousis -- described as a 6-foot-2 bald loner with an unkempt appearance, who's thought to live in forests -- and he's still on the run. Police said Wrousis, 51, who was not previously known in the area, is likely armed and dangerous. <snip> https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2017/07/24/Swiss-police-Chainsaw-attacker-a-loner-who-lives-in-the-woods/2281500901135/?utm_source=sec&utm_campaign=sl&utm_medium=8 Says it's not related to terrorism. <<< They'd prosecute him under terrorism laws in the U.S.
  6. British parents of an ill 11-month-old boy said Monday they're ending their monthslong legal fight to have the child receive experimental medical treatment in the United States. Since January, Chris and Connie Gard have been trying to raise money for their baby, Charlie, to receive the treatment. After months of legal hurdles, they decided Monday to end the attempt. "The window of opportunity no longer exists," Gard attorney Grant Armstrong told the UK High Court in London. "For Charlie, it is too late...treatment cannot offer a chance of success." <snip> https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/07/24/Gard-family-ends-legal-fight-for-Charlie-We-fought-so-hard-for-him/9381500908799/?utm_source=upi&utm_campaign=mp&utm_medium=2 I hope the people who didn't allow this never sleep again.
  7. A Canadian police officer lost a grenade launcher and a box of grenades when the weapons fell out of his truck and asked the public for help finding them. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer was driving outside of Vancouver Sunday when a motorist got his attention to let him know that the truck's rear hatch was open, reported Metro News. <snip> https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2017/07/25/Canadian-cop-loses-grenade-launcher-asks-public-for-help-finding-it/4321500965494/?utm_source=sec&utm_campaign=sl&utm_medium=1 He'd better not have a job by morning...
  8. A federal court ruled that President Donald Trump voter fraud commission can proceed with collecting individual voter data from states. Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled against the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a privacy advocacy group that filed the lawsuit against the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity on grounds that the data collection was unconstitutional and denied the group's request for a restraining order on the commission. <snip> https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/07/25/Federal-court-allows-Trump-voter-fraud-commission-to-move-forward/5621500958994/?utm_source=fp&utm_campaign=ls&utm_medium=1 Anyone who has an objection to voter fraud investigations has something to hide!
  9. We can do all these things... but we can't find a source of "free energy" on earth. Just goes to prove that we are slaves and there are those who want to keep us that way. Asteroid mining sounds great, but we haven't even explored the oceans yet, on Earth. I don't know... just seems like everything is jumping all over. No continuity to anything. All by design.
  10. They like being Jihadis so much, let them stay over there. Why let them back in?
  11. Ryan needs to GO. I've been saying this since I first noticed him being in politics and that was once Trump got in.
  12. World's first cigarette vaporizer

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  13. Not only do they "lose" trillions... they waste 10s of millions! Good grief. Fire them all! Mattis scolds Pentagon for wasting $28mn on Afghan army camouflage uniforms Defense Secretary Jim Mattis criticized Pentagon officials for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on private label uniforms for soldiers with the Afghan National Army, highlighting a report that found the camouflage uniforms were ineffective. In a July 21 memo to the senior officials in charge of delegating resources to support the Afghan National Security Forces, Mattis said the Pentagon’s “cavalier” decision to spend $28 million on forest camouflage-patterned uniforms for Afghan National Army soldiers over the next 10 years was “ineffective and wasteful.” <snip> https://www.rt.com/usa/397399-mattis-memo-pentagon-camouflage/
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