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  1. I'm looking too and nothing I can get either, everything in photos is cut off, small amounts of trash etc. Nothing that shows what they are saying. There was one photo of a mountain of trash but it was on land. Not in water. Hmm... @The Real Me Some investigation into who's behind the push for the existence of a garbage patch, really is, might be in order. Follow the money?
  2. Well, we know if they're going to lie to us, they lie BIG!
  3. Wishing misery on others is not good for your soul. Gloating and bragging is not good for your image. If you were able to get all those things you say you have working a minimum wage job, you had no car and lived off of someone else and paid no rent. Unless you lived in an old car you bought or something. For 10 years? How did you manage all your living expenses and get all that stuff on crappy mininum wage jobs unless you were taking something from someone else? I've lived on minimum wage and there was NOTHING left and I barely had money to buy shampoo and soap after I paid water, power, car, rent and I had roommates, too. A flat tire or breakdown was catastrophic. I ate once a day. I really think you need to explain in detail your method so others can know how you performed such miracles with no help from anyone and on minimum wage jobs.
  4. Juice fasting again lol

    neener neener! lol 3rd day and all hunger is gone now. However, if I could reach your french fries I would take them from you.
  5. You might be onto something. They're calling it micro plastic (fancy way to say you can't see it but they can???). And that it's tiny pieces that float just under the surface... However, I do know that in Micronesian atolls and the other islands in many places use the ocean as a garbage dump and have ever since there was garbage to be tossed, this amounts to probably billions of pounds in amount of trash, disposable diapers are one of the biggest problems. Then there is all the tsunami debri from Japan in 2011.
  6. They would attack you for the potential oil in the garbage patch, it's all plastic made from petroleum. Call the Military Industrial Complex and it can be called Operation Trash Liberation.
  7. jihad watch got the story from here: http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/03/22/suspect-dies-in-san-francisco-barber-shop-shootout/ Are others covering it? Looks like only local news. Note: I have had my eye on Jihad Watch for awhile, I am wondering how long before they are taken offline by SJW/NWO types.
  8. They cut the vape thing off several years ago. There is no law against it, but the FDA and big tobacco have their ways!
  9. When the Federal Reserve is dismantled, we will see freedom from the slave system and not until.
  10. I don't know about gun stuff on PP, just saying that they cut the vaping business off of PP and that's how they controlled that on their platform.
  11. Toys 'R' Us founder Charles Lazarus dies

    I will! Can't wait. He hasn't started yet, just got hired. She's going to the ped in 2 weeks, should have the screenies by then.
  12. Toys 'R' Us founder Charles Lazarus dies

    My bff's husband just got hired at a new Amazon dist. center! I will have the inside info on that from her. Oh and they are not allowed cell phones inside or anything electronic. Amazon says it interferes with their robots/equipment that is inside the building. Side note: They have 2 babies, one is almost 3 the other 6 months, she's getting me screen shots as soon as she can of the forms they are making them fill out at the Pediatrician's office and I will post here when I get them. Juicy stuff! NWO to the max, she's going to homeschool and is fighting the vax's, she said 78 shots for vax now! 78!!!!!!
  13. And this is why we can't let them make us cashless!
  14. Paypal does the same kind of thing. They stopped letting anyone buy or sell vaping supplies using their system. Yay! More lung cancer, keep them on the cigs. See, that works both ways! I don't know what else is verboten on there now.