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  1. 8 personnel recovered following C2-A crash have been transferred to #USSRonaldReagan for medical evaluation and are in good condition. Search and rescue efforts for three personnel continue with @USNavy and #JMSDF ships and aircraft on scene. http://ow.ly/8qj230gK41J
  2. This info needs to be verified. Some are saying it's a fake fakebook page.
  3. This needs to be investigated. Look at the collusion going on here.
  4. Did you see anything interesting? I love spooky stories. lol
  5. What can you do besides hug your fam and tell them to f**k off that way? The only way to fight this stupidity is to not let them change you as a person.
  6. Putin is way ahead, then. However, we don't know what has been done and said in secret to the corporations that "matter". Public here is always left out of any loop that is important to them. I agree, the energy is weird. Feels like something is incomplete.
  7. Putin is open about creating his war time economy. When will Trump come out and tell us the same? @Ukshep
  8. The only money the public sees from any of them are social engineering project funds. This is where the power brokers sit in their shadowy world. Most names are not even known. There are a few high profiles ones that I guess we can't help but see due to their massive influence. But I wonder if those names are not famous also for keeping everyone off the other trails.
  9. Why would I not be surprised if a major event happens today?
  10. Yep and supposedly are the most audited organizations in America due to the status... but they're NOT. Those are the tax status' that Lynch and the IRS withheld approval of in that scandal. If you were left, you got approval but conservative groups were punished with their power. When is the Clinton Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation or the Carnegie Mellon Foundation going to be audited? I'd guess never have been and never will be.
  11. This is one of the most important pieces of information posted anywhere. I hope everyone sees this! It's CLEAR what they did.
  12. LOL Deranking is just another word for BURYING them. Fn 1984, we're living it!
  13. There are many with NPOs who shuttle money all around and among themselves. They donate to each other, money laundering. They are legion! Keeping track of all of them is next to impossible. So many hiding in the shadows. I did some research and revealed that McCain and Obama also have "foundations" and many, many others. I posted a ton of info with connections in the Hard Core forum, but it's buried now. When they start to get too much cash a non-profit is necessary to hide it. That's what a lot of this is about.
  14. Smacks of CIA to me. And what a handy dandy excuse to declare them as they have.