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  1. Hey all you guests, join us!

    Hi Ric278, welcome!
  2. USAID is how George Soros got funding from the U.S. Taxpayers overseas. I hope the funding is never reinstated for this Communist supporting program. What Marxist propaganda!
  3. Since the House and especially the Senate is full of dual Israeli citz... I'm already feeling the betrayal. Too bad most Americans don't realize that their entire government has been subverted.
  4. I'm doomed, I've eaten a lot of bacon burgers.
  5. Shimon Perez... hmm I was wondering why he has a Latino sounding name.. now I know!
  6. Why is that? Those are my tax dollars, too and I don't want them to disallow boycotting of Israel. Israel is not the U.S.A. They are Israel and this is just insane to try to do this.
  7. I read that mad cow can be dormant in the brain for up to 20 years before affecting humans.
  8. You can't kill prions... not even with fire from what I understand.
  9. That's Rich... pardon the pun. No one is even going to notice this, except people who read ct forums...
  10. He'd be shot as a subversive and a traitor before he could do that evaluation.
  11. Maybe they should move in together... Obama, Jarret and Michelle did...
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